Koni Lui Announces Divorce with Dickson Wong

In the early hours of March 9th, Come Home Love: Lo And Behold <愛·回家之開心速遞> actress Koni Lui (呂慧儀) took to Instagram to announce she and husband Dickson Wong (黃文迪) have called it quits in 2018 following seven years of marriage. They tied the knot in late 2011 after dating for 10 years and welcomed the birth of their four-year-old son Anton in 2014. The sudden announcement came after Dickson was recently caught behaving like a couple with another woman by the media. However, Koni stressed their amicable split up did not involve a third party.

The 36-year-old star wrote on Instagram, “We reached the consensus peacefully, and we also want to avoid unnecessary speculations from friends of all walks of life, so today, we want to make a one-off explanation to everyone. In 2018, we decided to go back to being friends. A third party was not involved when we made that decision. We chose to keep a low-profile to avoid affecting the growth of our son.”

Koni said they will share custody of their son, and will take care of him well, so friends do not need to worry. “Four years ago, we had our son. His existence gave us a lot of family satisfaction and happiness,” she expressed. “The thing that’s not going to change forever is that we are still the parents of our son. I hope that everyone can give us and our child space so that he can grow up peacefully like ordinary children without being pursued.”

She broke the news after the media recently confronted Koni about Dickson behaving intimately with a woman on the bus. They sat like a couple with their heads touching each other, and they went the same way after getting off.

“In a different time and space, two people can meet, from knowing to loving each other, and getting along for more than ten years – it is not easy. We know each other better than ourselves,” Koni shared. “Although we are now friends, we still understand and care about each other, and hope that the other person can live a happy life. Thank you for your concern.”

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This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wowza, this news came outta the left field! I always thought they had a happy marriage.

    Well, at least they took care of their divorce amicably and took a united front on this.

    I don’t think they’re divorcing due to infidelity…probably more due to Koni’s busy schedule. I mean she is part of an ongoing sitcom for a few years now. Between that and taking care of her kid, there’s probably not a lot of couple time.

  2. It usually happens when both start off as nobodies at the time that they’re married and then one spouse (mainly the wife) gets more successful than the other. Wife starts to get dissatisfied with hubby while hubby starts to feel inferior. Never heard of Dickson Wong btw. They will also usually deny that a third party is involved. Doesn’t mean that no third party is involved. Feel sorry for their kid.

    1. @passingby2
      True!! She was and still is not popular to me either but at least we have seem her in some series. Honestly, never heard of the guy but seems like an ok looking couple. Oh well! Celebs…happens all the time. One minute it’s lovey dovey, next minute it’s bye bye land.

  3. it’s a good thing to be able to call quits to something you’re unhappy about but are forced to carry on just b/c of baggage. it must had been a hard decision but luckily she’s in modern day and has the option to divorce. she’s still young so still time to find new love.

  4. Koni and Dickson’s divorce is a shame. They dated for 10 years and were married for 7 years. With 17 years of history together, it is sad to let go of a marriage. They met when both were models before entering the entertainment industry. Koni encouraged Dickson to join the 2008 Mr. Hong Kong pageant (the same year that Joey Law got placed), but his career at TVB never took off.

    I think they broke up while dating, and then got back together because they realized they’re the ones for each other. Having their son likely put new stress in their marriage, and they finally couldn’t work through their differences.

    Read some Hong Kong netizens’ reactions towards their divorce. Some are being quite sarcastic, saying Koni should not pick a handsome and poor man next time.

    1. @jayne
      Koni gambled on the wrong penny stock then even after giving him a push to make it. It ended up with Koni coming out to pick up paychecks. She is lucky to still belong in the Entertainment industry herself tbh. Her acting has been annoying in every character she has played over the years…

  5. He looks like the guy that played Kate Tsui’s dead bf in Guardian Angel.

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