Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong at “Demon-Conquering Taxi” Blessing Ceremony

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Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong at “Demon-Conquering Taxi” Blessing Ceremony

Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), and Moon Lau (劉佩玥) attended the blessing ceremony for their new horror-thriller series, Demon Conquering Taxi <降魔的> earlier this week.

Hoping to bring some fresh ideas into the studios, TVB initiated the project of having its own employees give ideas for storylines. Demon-Conquering Taxi is TVB’s first approved series from this initiative. To encourage employees to come up with great ideas in the future, TVB Executive Felix To (杜之克) showcased his support by compensating the winning employee $10,000 HKD.

When asked if Kenneth will be giving some of his own ideas, Kenneth revealed, “I thought of a story previously. It was about a grandparent and their grandchildren. I can’t play the role of a grandson; maybe I can be the grandpa instead.”

Mandy, who loves dancing, said she wants to suggest a dancing-themed series to TVB. The actress even laughed and said she hopes to see Kenneth pole-dancing in front of the camera.

Moon’s Cryptic Message on Instagram

Sparking romantic rumors with Philip Ng (伍允龍) while filming A Fist Within Four Walls (城寨英雄), Moon recently posted a photo on her Instagram with the captions, “Missing you”. Although fans speculated that the message was meant for Philip, Moon explained that she was just trying to express some emotions she had at that moment. Moon said, “If your friends are in their own hometown, sometimes you’d miss them too.”

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5 comments to Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong at “Demon-Conquering Taxi” Blessing Ceremony

  1. dramadrama says:

    I am waiting for Kenneth and Nancy to be the leads together…

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  2. siro112233 says:

    If TVB want some ideas mayne they can open a forum for amateur storywriters.

    I also have one in my head. It called
    “A brother Sister Story”

    Its about a big brother and his little sister how they help and support each other in different times and how they succeed in this big HK society.
    But every greatness has his own sad histories.

    The brother and sister living in with them father in a small apartement. Them father is a gambler and a alcoholist. So the childrens has to take care of themselves. When the sister turns to 13 the father wants to abused her, but was stopped bij the brother who stabbed his father to dead.
    Because he is a minot he has to go to “youth jail” 5 years the sister get in to a fosterparent. But they still keeping contact with letters. In the youth Jail. The brother get to know some small potatoes rascals. In those 5 years the become good friends and help each other. One of them have a uncle who is a big triad leader. After the 5 years the brother has study a degree in youth jail specialized in Economie. The day that he got released. The fosterparent from his sister has sent her to university in England.
    So he joined the triad from his friends uncle and in 4 years time he create his own status and amount of money. He opens a investmentgroup and get further away (thanks to his wife that he met) from his triadbackground. Same time he also fly to england and meet her sister. They keep contact in those 5 years

    After 6 years the sister has turned in to a woman. With a cum laude Degree in finance.

    She joined his brother company and together they build a big empire for themself… Everything went so great. Suddenly a woman came by and say to her:
    “I know it was you”


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  3. siro112233 says:

    If they let me cast:

    Brother: Steven Ma

    Sister Eliza Sam

    Brothers wife: Charmaine Sheh (if she is available)
    Second: Nancy Wu or Mandy Wong

    Brother admirer 1 CFO:
    Ali Lee

    Brother admirer 2 daughter from a competitor company:
    Leane Wong-Li

    Brother admirer and love interest/assistent:
    Nancy Wu/mandy Wong

    Sister boyfriend/cop: Mat Yeung

    Sister love interest/brothers good friend: Louis Cheung

    Sisters admirer 1/broker:
    steven Cheung

    Sisters admirer 2/Lawyer:
    Benjamin Yuen

    Sister admirer 3/uncle Triad boss son:
    Vincent Wong

    Uncle triad Boss:
    Hugo Ng

    The 5 friends from brother in youth jail:
    Louis Cheung/triad leader
    Joel Chan/Ma righthand
    Tsui Wing/cleaner
    Hugo Wong/executive spy
    Max Cheung/PR manager

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    • hannah replied:

      @siro112233 wow great story!

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      • siro112233 replied:

        Thanks!! Its still a plot and can be improved But there are many writers at TVB who can do that.

        I dont know much about the law in HK. So the juvenile must be rewrited.

        I want to write the path from the sister. So manny imagination how she walked her life.

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