Kenneth Ma On Working with Patrick Tse: “He’s Very Easygoing”

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Kenneth Ma On Working with Patrick Tse: “He’s Very Easygoing”

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) made an appearance last weekend to promote TVB’s OTT service, myTV SUPER, which officially launched on April 18. Kenneth’s mini film series A Time of Love 2 <愛情來的時候2> will be one of the first original programs for this streaming service.

The launch of myTV SUPER came about after on-demand streaming services like Netflix opened in Hong Kong earlier this year. TVB dramas like No Reserve <巾幗梟雄之諜血長天> and Come With Me <性在有情> are expected to air exclusively through myTV SUPER.

As myTV SUPER content is currently only available on set-top box or mobile via paid subscription, viewers would not be able to access the shows for free. Regarding this, Kenneth said, “It is possible that A Time of Love 2 would rerun on [TVB’s free-to-air channel] Jade, but I’m not sure. I’ll ask around.”

Is Kenneth worried that he’ll lose viewers? “Of course not. The way how the audiences watch television has changed now. It’s true that those who don’t have the box won’t be able to see it, but if the show gets good reviews and word-of-mouth, I believe people would see it once it airs on TV.”

Kenneth is currently shooting the new Wong Jing (王晶) drama, Casino Heroes <賭城群英會> with veteran actor Patrick Tse (謝賢), Nat Chan (陳百祥), and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼). “I just got back from Shenzhen this morning,” said Kenneth. “I’m going to go back tonight and then start shooting the first thing next morning.” Kenneth shared that principal photography will last until mid-June.

On working with Patrick, Kenneth said, “He’s an extremely easy-going person. I really wanted to ask him how he can still be so cool after so many years.”

Kenneth said Patrick isn’t difficult to work with at all, adding, “He even told us that he’s now a rookie actor at TVB and asked us to look after him. It’s quite embarrassing for us, but we all respect him a lot.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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