Kenneth Ma Parodies Himself in New TVB Clip

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Kenneth Ma Parodies Himself in New TVB Clip

TVB’s online video channel See See TVB dropped a rather strange clip of Kenneth Ma (馬國明) last week, which was basically a three-minute video of Kenneth playing himself. The TVB actor, who takes pride in being the city’s “best deal,” is also known for having a “boring” personality, which Kenneth himself doesn’t mind admitting to.

In the clip, titled Ma Kwok Ming’s Day Off <馬國明放假一天>, Kenneth stares at himself in the mirror and tries to clean off the muck for a good twenty seconds. He then boils some water and the mindlessly waits for the water to boil. After pouring the boiled water into his instant noodles, he sits down again and waits. He stares at his garbage can, pulls it out, and flattens an empty water bottle. Afterwards, he picks up his noodles and sits on his bed. As he opens the flap, he drops his noodles to the floor.

Netizens had a good laugh at Kenneth’s awkward scene, and some pointed out that the clip seems to be inspired by a scene from 1990’s Days of Being Wild <阿飛正傳>, where there was a two-minute long scene of Tony Leung (梁朝偉) dressing himself.

“I actually do think Kenneth Ma’s day off would be pretty boring. Poor Jacqueline BB,” said one netizen. Another added, “Jacqueline did say that sometimes being quiet is a good thing!” One said, “This is hilarious! He really has nothing to do!”

“Ma Kwok Ming’s Day Off”


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4 comments to Kenneth Ma Parodies Himself in New TVB Clip

  1. rucofan1100 says:

    probably most inspired use of kenneth ma since tiger cubs

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  2. Hilarious concept but the execution is lacking. They mentioned ‘days of being wild’ well, they should’ve done it in one take like the scene in the movie. Use a steady wide shot. It would allow the viewer to feel the mundaneness, boredom and just a tad bit uneasiness because of the voyeuristic quality. Editing in the close up shots kind of ruined that.

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  3. jjwong says:

    @rucofan1100 Agree. Wonder if KM has already hit his high. No other hit really after Tiger Cubs and On Call, which were around the same timeframe.

    @peanutbutterjelly That’s TVB for you. Always one step off. They don’t push the envelope. They go to the edge and look down, never over. But to them, it’s already a milestone. I agree if it was all one take, it would be more effective and like DoBW. Then again they probably didn’t even think about DoBW. The comparison was boight up after the fact.

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  4. anoninhk says:

    Honestly I really do like Kenneth but he is not a good actor. If it was any other actor doing this scene, I think they would have nailed it and it would have been funny. Kenneth always overdoes his facial expressions when he is acting that even his resting face in this video looks exaggerated. And surely he could have done something more natural like squeezing a blackhead or looking up his nostrils in the mirror rather than wiping it so slowly and staring at his reflection like that. Not a naturally talented actor at all – especially comedic acting – but he seems quite charming in interviews.

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