Kenneth Ma Renews TVB Contract, Leads “Conquering Demons”

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Kenneth Ma Renews TVB Contract, Leads “Conquering Demons”

Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), Moon Lau (劉佩玥) and more attended a costume fitting press conference for their upcoming TVB drama Conquering Demons <降魔的>, a modern supernatural horror produced by House of Spirits <一屋老友記> producer Dave Fong (方駿釗). The drama centers on a taxi driver, portrayed by Kenneth, and his supernatural abilities of communicating with beings from different dimensions.

Kenneth Renews TVB Contract, Buys Million Dollar Home

After year-long negotiations, Kenneth finally decided on extending his contract for a few more years with TVB. The 42-year-old said he is satisfied with his upgraded contract, sharing that he is now allowed more freedom in choosing his projects.

In addition to his renewed contract, Kenneth has also purchased a new luxury apartment in Hong Kong Island’s Tai Koo Shing for $19.6 million HKD. Though the new home is still under renovations, he and his family should be able to move in by year’s end.

Kenneth said, “The apartment is a penthouse style, so there is a large sky garden. There is plenty of space for my father to plant things and for my mother to air dry clothes. It’s a comfortable size to live in.”

Asking if his contract renewal was the reason behind his home purchase, Kenneth said, “There is no relationship. My family and I have been talking about buying a new house for several years now, but they could never find one that they all like. It really is fate that we’ve come across this one.”

Asking if he had payed his new home in full, Kenneth said, “Of course I didn’t! There’s a mortgage! Even male escorts don’t have that much money in hand!”

Mandy Says Kenneth Has High Standards

When talking about Kenneth’s recent home purchase, Mandy laughed and said Kenneth has always been a “diamond bachelor”, but added that he’s very picky and choosy when it comes to girlfriends.

Asking Mandy if she will “reintroduce” Kenneth to her pal Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Kenneth’s ex, Mandy said, “No. That will just be embarrassing! I don’t plan on introducing anyone to him! He’s too picky!”

Source: Oriental Daily, HK01

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  1. abcd says:

    I wasn’t sure if it was just the other picture. But after seeing this, I must say, Kenneth am really lost a lot of weight. Not that he needed to in the first place.

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    • happybi replied:

      @abcd He does look like has gotten a lot skinny. Hope he’s OK.

      Congrats on the new house for sure! Everything is so expensive in HK these days! Mandy looks good with long hair.

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  2. hannah says:

    Haven’t seen kenneth on tvb for a while or maybe i don’t watch as much tvb as i use to. Good on him renewing and get more freedom.

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  3. conan2209 says:

    can they now broadcast the show he collaborated with Niki?

    I soooo do not like Mandy

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    • went replied:

      Me too but TVB has no one left so what else can they do? hahah lol..I never like this Mandy girl either not just her looks but just not very lead material but then again the lack of talents or ppl left in TVB they have no choice but to promote anyone. At least that’s the way it looks now. When the new Ms. HK’s comes, perhaps then they have more new promoting faces? haha lol…So sad they have to rely on straight from pageants to get actresses. So funny and sad for HK TV land. lol

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