Kenneth Ma Was Never Upset at Andy Hui; Wishes Him the Best

Due to the overwhelmingly positive reaction to his new romance with Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯), Kenneth Ma (馬國明) was seen in a great mood filming for TVB drama Plan “B” <BB大晒> today. The cast filmed in the streets and many locals were excited to see them, especially praising Kenneth for being tall, handsome, and polite.

In an interview earlier, Roxanne had shared the five traits that she liked most about Kenneth, but revealed that she was a little afraid of him because she also idolized him. Kenneth laughed and said that she was only joking, “When we’re together, I don’t feel that she is afraid of me. When you’re dating, there shouldn’t be an element of fear. We must support each other instead.”

Officially dating for only a short period of time, Kenneth said that they did not expect such a big reaction from the public and thanked everyone for their well wishes. The couple has been openly sharing meals together at TVB’s cafeteria, and never tried to hide their relationship. Kenneth’s philosophy was to just act naturally and if they were seen by paparazzi, then they would admit to their relationship.

Kenneth Was Never Upset at Andy Hui

The reveal of Kenneth’s new romance coincided with Andy Hui‘s (許志安) comeback on ViuTV. Over 14 months have passed since Andy was caught on camera cheating with Kenneth’s then-girlfriend, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎), in a shared taxi ride.  All involved parties are ready to let the past stay in the past, including Kenneth.

With Andy making his comeback, Kenneth was asked for his thoughts. He said, “I hope he’s okay. It has been awhile since the incident, and everyone needs to look towards the future. I’ve never been angry at him or Jacqueline. After the incident, my anger disappeared very quickly so there is no point in further talking about the issue. I hope that Andy and Jacqueline can have a new start. I don’t know how she is right now, but I hope that she can find her other half and also improve in her career.”


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Cheating Scandal Made Andy Hui Into a Better Person

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  1. No doubt Kenneth’s calm reaction to Jacqueline’s cheating improved his image in Roxanne’s eyes too, which laid the foundation for their relationship to eventually develop. His good qualities and high EQ really shone through in the aftermath of the scandal.

    Dating Jacqueline also probably made Kenneth realize he can’t be too passive in a relationship…he seems to take a more active approach this time with Roxanne.

    1. @jayne Going from passive to active is good.

      As for the first part, I think Kenneth is naturally calm as Roxanne praised him. When you are angry, you react. But when you are in pain, you can’t even talk.

      JW was recorded touching and kissing; it wasn’t like Jackson and Ashley where it was “just” eating cake.

    2. @jayne Roxanne did said they both have more of a ‘Zen-like’ approach to life. And from Roxanne’s interview, the way she handled the reporters seemed more mature. Looks like Kenneth finally found someone who is really his match. I really hope this is the one for them.

      1. @pompidur Roxanne seems really into Kenneth by the way she answered reporters’ questions. It’s a big commitment to say she wants a “lifetime” with him so early on in the relationship. I’m eager to see how their relationship continues to unfold, as Kenneth really deserves to find happiness after last year’s cheating scandal.

      2. @pompidur Sometimes ‘zen-like’ also translates to boring or doing things without any feelings/passion I.e. laid back and just taking things as it comes along. Probably one of the reason JW seek excitement by doing something she shouldn’t.
        Since KM and Roxanne claim to share similar traits, hope their relationship lasts.

  2. In the end, the scandal did KM some good. It got him a BA, all these exposures, and a new GF. If he is as calm in private as he is in front of reoorters, then this is definitely a blessing in disguise for him.

  3. Well Andy scandal exposed the Bit*h JW really is….No need to be angry with him.

  4. I think the reason Kenneth got over his anger quickly was because he realized JW was not the one. If he was that much in love with her, I don’t think he would have gotten over it so quickly.
    It also ended out working out for him in the end because Roxanne’s personality and character traits seem more in line with what he likes.

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