Roxanne Tong Wants “Forever” With Kenneth Ma

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Roxanne Tong Wants “Forever” With Kenneth Ma

The actress likes how Kenneth is able to give her a deep sense of security.

Since Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Roxanne Tong’s (湯洛雯) new romance came to light, he shared his sweet feelings in an interview, while Roxanne was also probed on the relationship when she headed to TVB City to film upcoming period drama Smiling Across the Mortal World <一笑渡凡間>. Being friends for sometime before officially dating allowed Roxanne to fully appreciate Kenneth’s wonderful qualities, and the 33-year-old actress was full of praise for her new boyfriend!

Both Roxanne and Kenneth are taking this relationship very seriously as they had already met each other’s parents. Bringing up how her parents were very satisfied with their “future son-in-law” that they were prepared to rate him over 100 points, the actress responded laughingly, “It’s so exaggerated! Because he was so very nice to my family thus was given 100 points, but if I need to deduct points, I’ll give 98! Two more points [so he can make] a slight improvement!” Roxanne was also surprised at her mother being very assured to have Kenneth take care of her, as Mrs. Tong often addressed Roxanne as her “precious darling”.

Roxanne Wants Relationship to Last

Asked if she and Kenneth have marriage as a common objective in mind, Roxanne said she took every relationship seriously. “Previously the timing was not right, so I was single for two years, during which I also got to know others and had suitors, but didn’t get to know them further as I felt that compatibility was lacking. As for Kenneth, we got to know each other better for a period of time before starting to date seriously. I felt [he is] a great match.”

While the couple did not lay out their future plans, Roxanne said, “I had told everyone that if I found [a partner], I wouldn’t hide. I also want [the relationship] to last for a lifetime, but I don’t know how [he] thinks!”

Praised by Kenneth for having a simple personality, Roxanne replied by complimenting her boyfriend’s five positive traits – filial, kind, calm, mature and steady. Besides both priding filialness to their parents, she revealed that they also shared similar life values. Both are homebodies and “zen-like” in their outlook. Blushing when she mentioned how she found Kenneth’s kindness very attractive, she also pointed out how he behaves differently when in the company of others versus in private. “He is very calm, mature and steady, and in many ways able to make me feel at ease. I appear to have an easy-go-lucky personality but actually get anxious and nervous pretty easily, but he is able to make me feel very secure.”

Not in Touch with Jacqueline

As Father’s Day is approaching, Roxanne revealed that both Kenneth and herself had chosen gifts for each other’s fathers. As her mother’s birthday is also upcoming, Kenneth had nervously asked Roxanne about her mother’s likes and preferences. “He’s thoughtful and would bring gifts and fruits when he comes visit, which is really likeable.”

When asked if she had been in touch with Jacqueline, Roxanne turned serious and said, “Many thanks for her blessings, but we had not been in contact since she went to the United States, so I’m not too sure about how she is doing lately.” Not worried about gossip that she had replaced Jacqueline in both career and romance, Roxanne explained, “It’s actually fate, I didn’t plan that both of us would get together. We only had conversations recently and [both of us] had never thought it would turn out this way.” Refusing to comment on whether it would be awkward to bump into Jacqueline, she answered, “I wouldn’t think about this at the moment. I wouldn’t answer this, (since) it hasn’t happened yet.”


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14 comments to Roxanne Tong Wants “Forever” With Kenneth Ma

  1. bubbles23 says:

    I think their blossoming romance is getting way too much exposure for what it’s worth. They’ve just begun dating and everyone is acting like they are engaged or married even. Okay I get how everyone is really happy that MaMing found a nice girl to date and same for Roxanne, but TVB is literally milking this for all it’s worth. Also stop giving JWong exposure!

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    • megrim replied:

      @bubbles23 omg Hahahah I thought so too !! I think it’s because everyone was feeling bad for Kenneth being cheated on before. So now what he finally found another girl, everyone is rooting for her over Jacqueline. I honestly feel like the news is too much them lately. Sort of getting annoying. Just let them date and test it out.

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  2. ricky721 says:

    Agree, stop giving JW exposure…

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  3. jcc10 says:

    Really does hope it lasts forever!

    ps. reporters, stop bringing up jw, she is no longer relevant! Especially since Kenneth has moved on and jw has already sent them her blessings.

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  4. jjwong says:

    How old is that pic of RT on the left? She looked slightly wide on the tummy… preggo?

    @bubbles23 ikr?!? Theyre just dating and really they’re a nobody. What’s up with all these hypes lol.

    Login or Register before you can reply to jjwong
    • pompidur replied:

      @jjwong Hasn’t she always been on the ‘bigger’ side to compare with all the other skinny, fragile looking TVB actress? I remember all those articles about TVB asking her to lose weight. To be honest, I think she looks fine and healthy, outside of TVB’s standard lol But I feel she does look older than her peers. I mean, she looks like an older sister of Owen Cheung in that Airport series.

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      • jjwong replied:

        @pompidur TBH, Ive never see RT as bigger or fat. She’s healthy weight. I know how HK and Asia are super obsess about skinny stick image though. Shame. RT just looks a little wide in the mid section in that pic to me. Other than that, she doesn’t look fat in that pic. Maybe it’s the dress / sweater or how the image is cropped or compressed.

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      • pompidur replied:

        @jjwong I know, right? She actually presents a very healthy and good image for younger girls. I can’t stand the stick thin images Asians admire so much. It’s unhealthy and hard to attain, unless you’re born that way.

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      • luye replied:

        @pompidur TVB made Roxanne lose 10 lbs for Forensic Heroes 4

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      • pompidur replied:

        @luye Yeah, I remember, and I think she spoke about the weight image problem too? I thought it was crazy at the time that they had to ask her to lose weight when she actually looks fine.

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    • m0m0 replied:

      i agree she does look a little meatier but a camera adds 10 pounds. while i don’t think she’s fat, she could tone up a bit to look less soft.

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  5. pompidur says:

    Now that the journalists had gotten every reaction they can get from all the people associated with KM and Roxanne, I hope TVB could let them go quietly with their lives. And stop asking when they gonna get married

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  6. bennyjr says:

    They just dated for 2 months and the news are just exaggerating about their future. Maybe TVB planning to salvage JW from this good news. I honestly prefer RT than JW, wish KM & RT happiness.

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  7. m0m0 says:

    she’s lucky, kenneth is such a diamond bachelor. gain for her JW’s biggest lost.

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