Kenny Wong Hopes to Start His Own Production Company

Having worked at TVB for 18 years, Kenny Wong (黃德斌) is excited that he is finally able to become the male lead in two dramas this year – Speed of Life <當鐵馬遇上戰車> and Please Spare the Prisoner <刀下留人>. The hardworking actor expressed that it does not matter what type of role he gets at TVB, because he is willing to do anything. However, his ultimate wish is to start his own production company with a few friends.

Before joining the acting industry, Kenny has worked as a film crew and assistant director for several years. He believes he has enough experience to make his dream come true, and aspires to open up his own production company in the upcoming years. Kenny has always carried an open attitude and never regarded competition as a threat.

Earlier, Kenny filmed an advertisement for GlamSmile3D. He expressed he rarely films ads, but it was good that all he had to do was smile into the camera. The filming process turned out to be quick and successful. In the past few days, Kenny had a full-packed work schedule. He filmed for Come Home Love <愛回家> and a new Hong Kong movie, Election <選老坐>. He also had to attend promotional functions for TVB’s Master of Destiny <風雲天地>. In the next half year, Kenny has plans to film in Mainland China. He exclaimed, “It hasn’t been decided yet, but the more work the better!”

During his spare time, Kenny likes to read about a variety of topics. “Books about schizophrenia, interior design, etc. I read about everything I’m interested in so that I can take in more knowledge. It’ll help me when I receive similar roles,” he shared. Kenny also loves to exercise and always works out at the gym, goes on hikes, or cycles around the city. He claimed he must keep fit in order to handle his crazy work hours.

Having dated his girlfriend Joyce Wong (黃美恩) for several years, reporters asked if they have plans to get married and start a family. Kenny simply replied, “Thanks for everyone’s concern.”

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  1. Kenny has always been fit but never got promoted. Glad he is finally getting a lead at TVB. He fits the cool, silent type characters very well.

    1. @funnlim Same here, except I don’t even have to see him. Just hearing the drone of his voice puts me right off to sleep.

  2. The Come Home Love that kenny has been busy fliming is the Come Home Love that has been showing in Hong Kong not the spin off one right ?
    Kenny looks great is he at least 50 ?

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