Kevin Cheng Crashes $800,000 BMW Car To Avoid Hitting Dog

Freshly baked triple-award-winning TV King, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), drove his $800,000 HKD BMW X6 car to work and suffered a car crash outside TVB City. His car crashed into the curb and fortunately, no bodily injuries were sustained. Kevin  informed the police that the car crashed in his attempt to avoid a dog on the street.  Two hours later, Kevin’s assistant responded on his behalf, “I am okay; thank you for your concern!”

The accident took place at 8:30 AM this morning. Wearing a t-shirt, Kevin emerged with an unshaven stubble on his face, similar to his “Law Ba” character in Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>. At the scene of the accident, it was observed that Kevin was not injured, but he did look slightly flustered.

Although Kevin was not hurt in the accident, his BMW car suffered severe damage. The front windshield was seriously damaged and the driving seat airbags popped. Debris was scattered on the ground.

On Monday night, 42-year-old Kevin Cheng was crowned the triple-award-winning Best Actor for his rogue lawyer  role in Ghetto Justice. This was the second time Kevin received the TVB Best Actor Award since his 2006 receipt of the same honor.

Jayne: Perhaps Kevin did not sleep enough due to late celebration nights and thus crashed his car?

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  1. It says he was avoiding a dog. I BELIEVE HIM! HE IS THE NEW SAINT! Where is the dog? Off with that dog’s head if Kevin has scars, anywhere on his body, anywhere!!!

    1. hahaha, funn, now you sound like his little fan. Finish watching bbxj?.

    2. We can have a party with dog meat if Kevin has a scar :P. Prepared by Funn.

      1. I’m not kidding, Masaharu :P. Hope the dog he avoided taste well and most important, not a chihuahua.

    3. Although I’m not a doctor, I wouldn’t mind examining his body for injuries. 😀

      At least he was dodging a dog and not the doggie reporters. I hope he has good insurance.

      1. In Malaysia, if you ever use your “car insurance” to pay up the cost of repairing, etc. You will lose the “rebate” offer which helps you to pay less in your next policy… I’m not sure how it works in HK but Kevin is definitely going to lose something if he ever decides to use Insurance to recovers the damage..but we’re talking about Kevin! a 2times winner for the best actor, and currently gaining popularity in is not a matter to him for sure.

      2. I think HK is also insurance of the same system perhaps but more on demerit as in points. Quite a serious thing.

    4. Funn, I didn’t realize that Kevin is your “bias”(favorite). I’ll keep that in mind heheh.

      1. No he’s not but I feel his pain, that dog, him, scars, 800,000 BMW (WAHHH SO EXPENSIVE). urghhh.

  2. Well he passed the breath test, so I guess he was feeling sleepy because of too much of parties recently?

    But does that mean his car insurance has no more discount/rebate in the next payment since I believe he’ll use the insurance to pay the damage of his luxury car? is it same as like in Msia’s NBC?

  3. There was another accident involving four TBB staffs too yesterday. A group of behind-the-scene staff were checking out a drama location when their vehicle sort of fell down a cliff, rolled over and hitting trees and bushes. Thankfully everyone escaped with minor injuries.

    Is TBB jinxed?

    1. Maybe didn’t bless the van or something. In HK their news is filled with accidents, mostly taxis and vans.

  4. Oh my, real men with kind hearts really do exist!!!!! I am shocked in a good way…..Some people’s comments on here really disgust me…I wish I hadn’t wasted my time reading the ignorant comments that ruined my mood, but as long as there are truly kind hearted people out there, our world has some hope. Thanks Jayne, I really liked this article. 🙂

    1. Miss China,
      Glad you enjoyed this Kevin article! Your efforts can change people’s perceptions and behavior. With the internet, we can flex our skills of persuasion to champion causes that we are passionate about.

      1. You always make me smile Jayne because you are so open minded 🙂

  5. Sorry I am going to add one more disgusting remark.

    I actually shudder when I read his car hit the curb to avoid the dog. Imagine if there is someone walking along there..unless Kevin is really sure he has total full control of the car.

    1. How is this comment disgusting? Unless you were trying to be sarcastic. Anyways your comment makes some sense but it is also understandable that in situations like that your mind blacks out and you try to act as fast as you can. Since no one get hurt, everyone should be happy. I don’t get it why some people are just too much…..

      1. “I don’t get it why some people are just too much…..”

        Not sure what this means…

  6. wait… the title sounds like he was avoiding dog, but article sounds like anothet driver crash into his to avoid dog. I’m confused lol

  7. Good that Kevin is alright. Car can be replaced easily, especially by celeb who makes lots of money like Kevin. Good also that dog and no one else was hit in all the commotion. Dog is man’s best friend. Kevin was avoising hitting best friend. So happy while trying to avoid hitting man’s best friend, no human injury or worse happen. Human life irreplacable. Fox, no dog meat, give me chicken, beef, porf and the seafood. Throw in some duck too, lol.

    1. LMAO Funn “wanna” chop the dog’s head down :P. Without a head, dog will be the same as pork :P.

      BTW, I’ve no idea of why some ppl seem to anti dog meat that much :P. Technically, dog is same to pork and beef :).

      1. You tasted a dog meat before? If no, then how do you know they taste like pork?


      2. Fox,
        “BTW, I’ve no idea of why some ppl seem to anti dog meat that much 😛 . Technically, dog is same to pork and beef”

        Since dogs are domestic pets, people grow fond of them and have deep emotions. If you have been closely attached to a pet before, it would make you shudder to think that your pet’s body has been chopped up and eaten.

        Pet owners also see their pets as their “children.” I had a cat before and would get offended if people were to talk about eating cat meat.

      3. @Veejay: Treat it, not taste it.

        @Jayne: In fact the dogs been killed are raised as pigs – one purpose: to be meat. Then these dogs are not pets. Some ppl are raising pigs as pet now, so we should anti pork as well?

      4. Fox,
        “Some ppl are raising pigs as pet now, so we should anti pork as well?”

        Our choices on whether to eat animals and which animals to avoid are highly personal in nature. Perhaps with more people raising pigs as pets, people will come into contact with more pigs and develop closer bonds with them, thus avoiding eating them. Perhaps watching documentaries on how farm animals are raised and maltreated in some cases may change people’s perspectives as well.

        One of my vegetarian friends said that she cannot eat anything with a “face.” Whatever dietary choice people make, it would be best to make informed choice, not only on the subject of whether to eat meat or not, but also be more informed about how such foods are prepared and the corporations behind them.

      5. @Fox,

        Ever heard of “man best friend” is a dog?

        Dog like Jayne said is treated like a family member to some ppl while some will just treat them like a pest. In some religious source, it have stated that human can eat pork, beef, chicken and fish but not dog, cat and other domestic animals.

        Also, try to look at those poor dogs that were caged in some rural areas in China, they were caged with minimal space to move around, some even infested with ticks and some are ills and the way ppl in china slaughter them are just too inhumane imo.. too bad, the Animal society faces too many probs in tackling this issue in China because “eating dog meat” seems to be like their rightful policy.

      6. In some religious source, it have stated that human can eat pork, beef, chicken and fish but not dog, cat and other domestic animals.

        Please state to me which religious source said so?

        Domestic animals, lol, then no chicken, har? Chicken are considered as domestic ones :P.

        Also, try to look at those poor dogs that were caged in some rural areas in China, they were caged with minimal space to move around, some even infested with ticks and some are ills and the way ppl in china slaughter them are just too inhumane imo.. too bad, the Animal society faces too many probs in tackling this issue in China because “eating dog meat” seems to be like their rightful policy.

        Then you should look at house they treat the chickens, pigs and the buffaloes before they kill them. Or even the sharks. Do you know how they kill the sharks?

        Even eat vegetables will harm the environment and destroy life.

        In my opinion, meat is meat. If you dare to eat meat, then all the meats are fair! Dog or pig or any other animals, must be fair to them. No need to shed a tear for the dogs or anti ppl who eat dog meat if you ever eat any kind of meat before in your life.

        You can choose to eat dog meat or not, it’s your choice. But say bad words to ppl who eat dog meats – it’s very unnecessary.

      7. Fox,
        With the modernization of society and how meat processing is removed from our vision and emotional thought, people consume foods but do not necessarily give conscious thought as to how they are prepared. It is the purpose of food corporations, particularly the meat industry to remove our emotional attachment from the meat we eat.

        If you were to go to a farm and kill your own chicken, struggle with a breathing body, slit the throat, draining the blood, pull out the organs, pluck the feathers and chop up the pieces, perhaps it might change your perception. Or perhaps if you had the ability to kill a bigger animal, such as a pig and there were more bloodshed… Somehow in the witnessing of bloodshed and another breathing life struggle, it evokes our compassion and may make people recoil more if they had to kill their own meat in order to eat it.

        “Even eat vegetables will harm the environment and destroy life.”
        Sustainable farming methods are possible to reduce harm to the environment. Unless we are willing to sacrifice our own lives, then food consumption is necessary.

        “In my opinion, meat is meat.”

        Is human flesh just another form of meat? What is your take on cannibalism?

      8. @Jayne: I don’t say about the choice. It’s our choice to eat whatever we want. I just feel it’s weird for some ppl who eat meat everyday but anti and say bad words to ppl who eat dog meat.

        Vegetarian also kills the life, in my opinion. Vegetables also have a life, eat it means you kill it. I’d like to mention of a scene in Avatar that I really like: Say sorry to the animal you’ve just killed. Yes, if wanna fair to all animal, should do that and not eat pork, beefs, fish, chicken, etc. everyday but bash dog meat eaters. Seem very fake.

      9. Fox,

        If I can remember which religious source ever stated that, I will definitely post it “source” here and I just can’t remember which.

        This will be a long discussion if we discuss this further why eat dog & cat is bad and why eat chicken, fish, pig is not considered bad..that’s mainly because we were never taught to eat dogs and cats from the beginning. We were taught since young that chicken cant eaten, so are pigs and cows. Simple as that..

        I also don’t think we need to have sharkfin soup in any wedding dinner, rather have herbal soup instead imo.

        Sorry but I don’t think human should ever eat dogs, cats, or any house pet animals if they’ve other option available.

      10. I don’t eat dog meat. I don’t even eat rabbit meat. I ate deer meat once and that was it. Increasingly eating less and less shark fin as well (like once every 6 years or so). Everyone can eat whatever they choose to eat but I don’t think dog, cats, those domesticated ones are preferred. My neighbour buys a goat every year and slaughter it a few days later in full view of everyone.That’s ok except the children will play with the goat for several days. I find that innately cruel.

      11. Veejay, one religion does specify what they CAN’T EAT though. You know, the one in our country. They don’t eat ducks because they can’t.

      12. Funn,

        I could have misinterpret this specific “religious source” thinking they forbid human to eat dogs and cats..

        But which of the “one’ religion u were talking that can’t eat duck? I really dont know about this one.

      13. @Funn,

        NOt only you find that cruel when “these” ppl in our country slaughter cows and goat during the “raya Qurban”, I also find that very disturbing. That’s why I rarely eat beef, pork and mutton cuz when i think of how they died, i’ll lose all my appetite.

      14. @Veejay: I have a belief that human is actually eating everything, even human, depends on their situation. Taught or not been taught, isn’t a matter. It’s option. You have pork, beef to eat everyday and not everyday you have dog meat to eat.

        I’m different to you, be fair to all animals. Pig, cow, dog, cat, mouse, etc.. Never say dog meat eaters are bad person.

        @Funn: Killing a goat is one of the most horrible killing type I’ve ever seen. The goat will be beaten until die before being killed/chop the head down.

        Do you ever seen how they kill chicken and bird? Skin their feathers when they are still alive! Compare to kill a dog, it’s more cruel.

      15. @Fox,

        The way you illustrate how your countrymen killing these animals, chicken, pig, goat is totally different compare to mine and Funn.

        Goats were slaughtered when they’re really dead by “slitting their throat” then only hanged up (like pig, let the blood to drain dry then only they cut open their body, etc)

        Chicken and duck here were slit at the necks until they’re dead then we throw them into a feather remover have all the feather removed.

        Ok I’m really curious of your country now..why so inhumane?

      16. @Jayne: I don’t look down on cannibalism neither bash them. They do wat their traditional rules teach them to do :). But they need to be careful with human’s meat as it isn’t clean :P.

      17. @Veejay: I saw they do that to the poor goat in Frace once. This country is humanity or unhumanity? I also saw a documentary of Msia ppl kill chicken alive like this. You are from Msia? So unhumanity there? It isn’t matter of country, it’s how ppl do that. And ppl, everywhere are the same.

      18. Fox,

        You got it all wrong lol, I’ve been to these markets numerous times and never have I ever see any ppl kill chicken in such inhumane way.. They usually slit their necks 1st (throw them into a bin and let them die out of blood there) then only they start plucking their feathers but ppl usually use a machine to remove these feathers (save the hassle of plucking each feather).

        As for the goat’s beating in France, seriously I’ve never seen nor hear of it before…

        however, i know some ppl in this world kill fox in such way though, they trap them with trapper, beat them to death and crush their legs.

      19. @Veejay: Maybe in your markets that’s so, but in other places it won’t be so, or even more cruel but you don’t know. You don’t see dun mean it dun happen.

      20. @ Funn

        I’m also curious. Which religion disallow the consumption of duck? I only know the one that forbid eating of pork.

      21. Kidd, same one. They themselves told me they don’t and is forbidden from eating duck. Have you seen them eat duck? I kinda remember year lor, never. I believe it was because duck can walk on land and go to water which is a big no no for them. Frankly all I see them eat is beef, chicken, goat, fish. But then they also eat crab. Aiyah so confused!

      22. Yeah some website said they can’t anything that lives in water and land. But crab how?

      23. FOX you are right when you say that we shouldnt differiantate any animal. I strongly believe that any person that eats pigs and cows has no right to scold someone who eats dogs and cats because they causing just about the same pain. I am a hardcore vegan, just like all of my close family and best friends, so I have the right to express my opinion on this topic. I would never eat an innocent living being that was once able to love, to breathe, to feel, to care of their children…I would never eat anything that once had a face and a beating heart, I refuse to eat meat when I know the pain and suffering these animals went through just for a person to be able to enjoy parts of his dead body in less than 10 minutes. From medical perspective, humans do not eat meat to survive, I have spent many months researching on the matter and translating major studies for Psychanimal as well as PETA. Because I am an active animal rights activist I have seen and felt the pain of animals first hand, and trust me if you had ANY idea about the pain, the suffering and the agony these animals go through, if you had ever held a dying animal in your hands bleeding directly on you, if you had ever heard their begging cries that break your heart in thousand pieces you wouldn’t be that cool writing this kind of ignorant comments. This is what you are supporting FOX and this is what I am fighting against, if you think that you are worth more than these poor dogs in this video, then you really need a huge wake up call to reality!

      24. @ Funn

        Yeah, now, I remember. They can’t eat animals that can move both on land and in water.

      25. @veejay:

        If there’s no sharkfin soup at a wedding banquet, the older guests will scold u.

      26. lol josie, they will understand. Maybe they will just think of you as someone poor who can’t afford any sharkfin for the guest..that’s all. They won’t scold me, they’ll probably say bad stuff about ya these couple must be really poor can’t even afford sharkfin.

      27. @ Veejay

        I thought our wedding dinner most use fake sharkfin liao? That’s what my mom told me.

      28. @Kidd,

        Cannot be..unless those big chef frm those famous restaurant/hotel lied to the guess about using genuine Sharkfin. This is a very serious allegation because it will ruin/damage their restaurants reputation and name.

        but a recent article says “Msia tourist who went to Thailand for cheap birdnest” have got cheated..and that’s true. Most of these cheap birdnest are fake, is a jelly but looks like birdnest. i wonder how are these tourist feeling now? after consuming this fake birdnest for a long time.

      29. Kidd, if they’re fake no one is advertising that. I suppose they’re cheap low quality shark fins soup. They still serve? Some wedding do prefer to take it out from the menu and replace with something else. The last time I had that in a wedding, and that was after some years not having shark fins soup, I could basically count how many strand. Basically I like the soup more than the fin so a “taufu kang” is as good as shark fin soup. I was never well off enough to have eaten like those mega type like those HK travelling shows like to show anyway. Nowadays don’t even have piglets.

      30. I don’t know what religion you’re talking about. In Orthodox Judaism, people don’t eat pork, but they do eat lamb, beef, and chicken. They don’t eat dog, cat, or other carnivorous mammals, though. Shellfish is also banned, but fish is often okay. I’m not Orthodox, but I am a Jewish American – and I follow general American practices rather than Jewish dietary laws.

        In America, generally, people eat lamb, chicken, beef, pork, shellfish, fish, and various fruits and vegetables, but they don’t eat dog, cat, horses, or other animals commonly viewed as pets. They do eat duck from time to time, they eat turkey, and frog and snail meat are not unheard of either. Bison is sometimes consumed in some of the restaurants out there, although it’s a bit unusual (at least to me). And, no, we are not cannibals. ^^

    2. I am sorry if I confused the names of the people I am reffering to in my last comment, but the comments are many and I didnt have the time to check, for any mistakes, I apologize, hope to see more people caring about animals.

      1. I would also love to answer any questions about vegetarianism and anything medical on it, as well as any animal rights issue so anyone feel free to ask me. I also want to add that I really agree with Fox that the one who eats pigs/cows etc is not that different than the one eating dogs or cats. That is all in our mind.

      2. A slight different: I’m a meat eater :P. From the bottom of my heart, I thank the animals for giving me energy.

      3. @Veejay Yes I have animal companions at home, they are all rescued animals. I became a vegetarian for ethical reasons of treating animals, for the animals, for my better health, for the better health of the planet. The story of how I became a vegetarian is truly interesting since I made the switch in 2 days after witnessing what happens in a slaughterhouse. @Fox, unfortunately your thanks message is not gonna do anything to the animals humans murder and mistreat every day for the super propagandized and brainwashing meat industry. But if you give me an open mind I would love to discuss this matter with you and anybody else here, if you are interested to see what really happens.!

      4. @misschina,

        Great to know that you’re an animal rescuer. I used to be one but I’ve stopped rescueing animals on street and instead of providing shelter to them at home, I relocate them to a proper environment which can accomodate shelter and food.

        I used to have 16 cats at home, most were rescued and I’ve them relocated to new homes now since my new home won’t allowed me to take many with me and I only keep 6 cats with me now..It was really heartwretching to let them go..I still miss them till now..

        I wont consider myself a vegetarian as I still eat meat but maybe not as much as Fox does since she’s a meat eater..while I eat more veggies than meat. I really wanted to switch frm meat to veggie but my body couldn’t winstand just veggie alone as i’ll get really weak if I eat veggie solely for a week.

      5. Miss china,

        “I also want to add that I really agree with Fox that the one who eats pigs/cows etc is not that different than the one eating dogs or cats. That is all in our mind.”

        Is this a case of a meat by any name is still meat? As an omnivore, I would like to say there is a difference. If there is no difference at all, then didn’t someone say cannibalism? Or killing veges? Something like that, all no difference, the society is free for all. I can never be a vegetarian though unless for health reasons and I feel a bit of meat is good for health rather than detrimental.

        That being said my meat selection is very very little. Just the usual. And I won’t eat dog since I do have a dog at home. I suppose it depends on how hungry I am, whether I feel anything for the origin of the meat and how it was cooked.

    3. @Veejay Your message warmed my heart 🙂 I dont normally do this, but if you have a Facebook profile I would like to add you as my friend. There you can see my activities about animal rights as well as get to know me better and we can discuss further about vegetarianism. You could email me at [email protected] 🙂

      1. No problem, I’ll write email to you now but I’m not very active in FB though and I only reply you prolly once a while when I’ve time to login as I’ve look after my 1 yr old bb 🙂

      2. @MissChina,

        I’m having prob logging to my gmail, is that your email in FB? If yes, I will add you once I get my connection back like normal later. If you see any FB’s user by the name of Rachel..then that’s me. U’ll see a pic of me n my bb 😀 lol.

        I’ll probably add you tomorrow though. Sorry for the delay.

      3. Oh no that’s not my email in FB as far as I remember. Maybe you can give me your email in FB and I will add you now 🙂

      4. @MissChina,

        I’d love to but the problem is the email addy I’m using currently is the same as I use to chat here. if I give it out, ppl will steal my gravatar and post as me.

      5. oh I understand. Ok, then tell me your usename in Facebook and I will find you quite easy this way 🙂

    4. @Funn, what do you mean by killing veggies and canibalism? I used to be an omnivore, I have perspective of both sides of course.

      1. Someone mention cannibalism and like another normal meat eater when you know it isn’t and the usual argument against vegetarian (and I think it is pure sarcasm) that vegetable feel pain also. That sort of nonsense.

      2. Yeah you are right, that’s the most ridiculous argument ever XD

  8. Poor dog, why everyone seem to accuse phantom dog when one is involved in accident? Hardly a stray dog in HK streets. Please God, I don’t wish to be a dog in my reincarnation…pleaseeee.

    1. then you’ve to do alot of good deeds inorder to reincarnate as human in your next life.

      1. You’ve just said that dog is man’s best friend, then why do bad deeds will cause to reincarnate as a dog in next life?

      2. Fox, because a human is the preferred reincarnation, animals are “chuk sang” and… why am I explaining? You probably know.

      3. Because in the chinese belief, animals are considered a lower rank life category as compared to Human.

        Lower ranking life doesn’t means they’re Pest though..Human and dog can still be friends in a rather “unique” understanding which cannot be explain.

      4. Bottom line is it’s a “dog eat dog world”. Humans are top dog so they can eat what they want.

  9. he’s 42…wow still looking good. very handsome. i have 2 cars and no where near the price of his bmw. they overprice cars in hong kong. so seems like you got to have a fortune to have one.

  10. Glad that he’s alright and true dog is a man’s best friend. So, no dog meat please. It’s normal, people will avoid hitting a dog if they see one. He might be driving quite fast considering the damage to his car. Never mind. He can afford any car he wants now.

    1. Well, even if it isn’t a dog but a bird, a cat, a pig or even an aligator in the street, should avoid :). Dog is an animal. If no dog meat mean you should avoid pork, beef, chicken, etc. as they are also meat!

  11. Kevin Cheng wins another award in Singapore; The Asian Television Awards 2011. He won Best Actor for Ghetto Justice. YAY!

    Other TVB artist who won….
    Rumor Kevin Cheng BFF, Charmaine Sheh won Best Actress for her role Can’t Buy Me CRAP Love.

    Evergreen Mak Cheung Ching for Best Supporting Actor in No Regrets.

    and Fala Chan for Best Supporting Actress in No Regrets.

    Poor poor Steven Ma could have win Best Host for Apprentice Chef…was “Highly Commended”


    1. Larry, thanks for the breaking news!
      How are the winners selected for Singapore’s Asian Television Awards? By popular vote? Small judging panel from people in the entertainment industry?

      Congratulations to all the winners! A big, big year for Kevin Cheng! He swept major television awards in Asia.

      1. Scriptwriter Yu Zheng also won an award for Best Screenplay at the same ASia TV Award from his work Gong. He made Yang Mi and Feng Shao Feng into a-listers.

        Congrats to Kevin for sweeping a lot of awards this year just by his work in GJ. His status must be elevated now

      2. TVB chose ppl to nominate to ata, not this ppl is chosen by ata themselves.

        HuaYi of course will take a part in the nomination. Yu Zheng didn’t do something to promote Yang Mi and FSF but HuaYi! If say Yu Zheng promote Yang Mi and FSF, it’s like to say 620 promote KC.

        The status after winning ata won’t change much. Myolie, LF, Bowie, all won the same awards with ata and after that, their status is still the same as before that.

      3. The fact that Gong won anything tells me the award is rubbish. Especially for best screenplay; triple the rubbish.

      4. Fox,

        But why would tvb chose bowie for the nomination last yr if they weren’t going to acknowledge him? I remember bowie felt slighted that it took a month for the celebration.

        BTW I’m curious, what role did myolie win for?

      5. I think the Asian Television Awards is a private event. Nobody in Singapore knows much about it. Maybe the local media does, but it’s like someone telling you how exciting his birthday party was when u were not even invited and nobody you knew were invited and you didnt even know it was his birthday, so u just think “whatever.”

  12. “Fox says:@Jayne: In fact the dogs been killed are raised as pigs – one purpose: to be meat. Then these dogs are not pets. Some ppl are raising pigs as pet now, so we should anti pork as well?”

    You are wrong on this one, in China the 95 per cent of dogs being killed for meat are strays and stolen. Not factory farm animals.

    1. I read this from some article before, it says An Animal Rights Party was trying to dissolve the practice of eating dogs/cats in China but failed to do so because some areas in China are “allowed” to eat them as like it’s legalised there.. that’s very sad.

  13. The discussion on dog-eating and cannibalism can never end because these subjects anre so debatable and inconclusive. So, best left alone.
    Wow! Kevin’s won again and this time for the Best Actor award from Singapore, the Asian Television Awards, 2011. I think that after this he should next aim for, to him, the Best Woman, for his wife! What do you think?

    1. Yes, but how will we agree on who this best woman is? Who is good enough for him (and his fans)?

      1. Can never resolve. You say meat, I say vege, then you say vege also feel pain, so in the end go on liquid diet????

      2. Funn,

        No, if meat eater wanna eat meat, they can cut their own meat to eat..Problem solved. (JOKING!) tHEN no damage/harm done on plant and animals..

      3. So I should send WELL DONE!! cards to my neighbour since they buy, rear for few days, cut themselves and eventually cook.

      4. WAIT! You mean cut OWN flesh? Very Buddha! May even get to nirvana although Buddha may ask (and may Buddha bless my soul) WHY THE HELL YOU WANNA DO THAT?!

      5. Veejay!! Your comment reminds me of Stephen King’s gory short story where a surgeon marooned on a deserted island with nothing but loads and loads of cocaine ate himself to death. Serious! Fascinating. Apparently can be done.

      6. yes just like buddha but can one really eat their own flesh when you’re suffering from the self inflicted pain??

        I can’t…i rather just drink water or starve to death if there is no more food in the planet.

    2. @P. Tan,

      Kevin won the SG asian tv award?? that’s great for him 🙂

      Is kevin in sg now?

      1. Probably left already. You think TVB will give him a few more days’ leave? Isn’t he busy filming?

  14. Why did TVB artists nominate in the award ceremony for Singapore and Malaysia entertainment?


    1. Because there’s not much entertainment in Singapore and Malaysia. i grew up in this region and i grew up watching TVB.

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