Kong Wah and Wife Mak Kit Man: Happiness More Important than Exchanging Gifts

By on December 25, 2006 in NEWS

Ex-TVB artist, Kong Wah and his wife, Mak Kit Man took their son and daughter to a singing competition 「妙韻金曲跨代情」in Happy Valley on Christmas Eve. Kong Wah was one of the judges for the singing contest. Their son agreed to pose in a family photo for the press.

What did Kong Wah buy for his wife for Christmas? He said humorously, “I always buy her gifts on an everyday basis, whether they are holidays or not!” (So what did Kong Wah receive from his wife?) “She already gave me her whole self!”

Kit Man also said, “It’s unnecessary to exchange gifts. The most important thing is that the family is happy together. Actually Kong Wah always buys gifts for me, producing frequent surprises. Earlier, he bought me a stationary bicycle to hep me lose weight!”

Mak Kit Man said that they will not lavishly celebrate Christmas. She is afraid that the streets will be too crowded. “Our house maid will be off in the next few days, so I will be home cooking.”

This is the first Christmas since Kong Wah and Kit Man became Christians. Last night, they prayed at the church and then went out to dinner with their church friends. Although their son and daughter attended the church ceremony with them, they are not Christians.

Reporters pointed out that Kong Wah seems very attentive to his family’s needs. He said, “The Lord gave me such energy.”

Kong Wah admitted that since becoming a Christian, his way of dealing with people and life have changed. He has also become a more patient and tolerant person.

Source: Wenweipo, Takungpao

Jayne: Good to read about Kong Wah and his family. Didn’t know his son is already a teenager and that he has been married for so long! After Kong Wah left TVB, does anyone know if he has been acting in China or elsewhere? Or just taking a break from acting for some time?

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  1. Susan says:

    Kong Wah is so charming to me I like the way he acts in every dramas in particular the miao chui fa, look forward to hear more of his news. Very happy for him to have such a wonderfull family.

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    • margaret replied:

      Kong Wah is more suitable in ancient drama like as emperor, rich man in the ‘Miao Chui Fa’, monk in Journey to the West.

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