Kris Wu’s Case Starts Court Hearing

Alleged by nineteen-year-old influencer Du Meizhu (都美朱) for sexual assault of underage girls, Chinese-Canadian actor and singer Kris Wu (吴亦凡) was arrested by authorities in August 2021 on suspicion of rape. After ten months of imprisonment, the 31-year-old disgraced star stood trial in Beijing courts on June 5, Friday.

Secret Trial

An announcement made by the Beijing Court’s microblog account on the late evening of June 10 said that the Beijing Chaoyang court is commencing trial for the actor on charges of rape and “promiscuous behavior”, and his sentence will be announced at a later date. All court proceedings will be held in private due to the need to protect the victims’ privacy.

One of China’s most popular stars before his downfall, the former EXO member faced rape allegations initially, but the fresh revelation that he is also held on accusations of promiscuous or licentious activities caused recent uproar on the internet, with some netizens leaving comments asking for him to be punished for the full legal repercussions of his actions. With renewed interest in the scandal, terms including “Kris Wu’s trial begins”, “Kris Wu sentencing to be announced” and “Timeline of Kris Wu’s court case” surged up Weibo searches, hitting a total of six million searches and demonstrating the intense public interest in the matter.

Du Meizhu, who claimed to be one of the victims in the scandal and provided details in viral online posts, also posted a praying emoji in response to Kris Wu’s latest update. However she gets ridiculed by some netizens, who targeted her with nasty comments the likes of “Sleeping with Kris Wu is your fortune”, “Both are not good people, still pretending to be on moral  high ground” and “You aren’t a victim, so why are you posting Weibo updates”.

Source: ChinaPress

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  1. Finally, Time flies…it has been a year already… I hope the victims get justice and the law will punish the guilty… I do wonder just how much money China Gov managed to freeze from Kris Wu? I believe he must have moved alot of his money out of China over the years and China can reach those cash…

  2. Netizens who write comments like that are definitely his fans. It’s ridiculous that they’re still speaking up for this guy

      1. Yes same here, I was really disgusted with the comment from the netizen “sleeping with KW is your fortune”

    1. They’ve also already started disseminating the narrative that even if he’s found guilty, it’s because China’s government is corrupt and is out to get him. smh.

      1. your idol Kris is the one with corrupt morals. Trying to whitewash him as a martyred victim won’t do any good.

  3. More curious about the other initial speculations of drug substance and underage victims which are not mentioned. Are they not true or they didn’t provide the full allegation list?

    If DMZ didn’t consent or was in state to be in consensus of being intimate with him, why couldn’t KW be charged? Why should she feel honored to be the chosen victim? Why must she be spotless in character? Besides, if I am not wrong, wasn’t she being lured to meet him in the pretense of job opportunity? Netizens can dislike her for other things she has done but not for speaking up for herself as a victim. And did they forget that it was KW’s mother who has triggered the police to step into the investigation, thinking they could turn the table around but in fact causing the downfall of her own son.

    1. The Police did released a statement that Kris will be trailed with a additional crime but I did not understand what the additional crime was… the term is technical and my Chinese is not good enough to understand it. So it is for sexual abuse charges and one other…

      1. @Hohliu the first term that I could think of relating to 众聚淫乱 is o*gy (breaking the 4 characters into 2 words: mass gathering + behaving in a promiscuous manner).

      2. @BearBear Thank you very much!!!! I did not understand the term due to my limited language skill.. So it is also se* related. I was hoping he get charged with other crimes apart from just se*ual… I bet he has lots of dirt in his pocket…

      3. @Hohliu just saw SCMP indicating as “group licentiousness” which explains better. Nevertheless, like you mentioned, it’s still related to having being super intimate. It doesn’t appear that we will ever get to know if there are other male celebrities, wealthy and powerful 2nd, 3rd gen are involved.

      4. @BearBear I agree…I believe all the names he exposed are for information gathering purpose. We would not see the outcome of those… I bet they had agreements with Kris for snitching…

    2. It is very doubtful if DMZ although being a face is involved in his trial at all. As police stated last year in only statement she did it for traffic. However there are other victims albeit none underage. Don’t forget the legal age of consent in China os shockingly low it os not 18. US case does not exist it was play by American Asian attorney to gain visibility and she was fined for that. Also drug use was never actual case at all. If it was any he would be heavily sentenced by now. China is not soft on drugs. No need for lengthy case. I know there was a lot of media noise about this case and is difficult to know what transpires. He is being accused of rape but we do not know the victims hence closed trial, he was accused of wild parties and that stands but I wonder if others will be sentenced with him for them. If group s*x happened he was not alone in it.

      1. @Dee surprised there’s no drug since it is not uncommon in wild parties.if there’s drug, like you mentioned, there’s no escape for him from more prison life.

      2. @BearBear i know, it always goes hand in hand, strange. But as China is notorious for any drug related punishment they might have done everything else. If any drug was identified he would be sentenced within a month and punishments for drug abuse are huge. So may be they were cautious. Who knows? For the time being he is accused of only sex related behavior. Well, now we know that org*es are not welcome in modern China, I guess Kris now knows that as well. On another note I wonder what will happen to Sicong his bestie. He is not even mentioned and they we’re inseparable. I know Sicong’s father is super powerful but still. That guy always gave me ultimate crepes. If group s*x was a norm at these parties he for sure was not alone in that.

  4. Apart from the rap* charges, is he investigated for financial for tax evasion crimes?

    1. nope, even if he was that would be separate court this is criminal court. He had several cases in past few months for damages of various companies and brands. He won some and lost some but all in all he did well having in mind whole situation.

      1. Oh, he actually won some… So he is not losing much money currently… If he paid his taxes as he should, he is not in trouble with tax office either…

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