Kris Wu’s Rumored Girlfriend is Using Him for Fame?

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Kris Wu’s Rumored Girlfriend is Using Him for Fame?

After Kris Wu (吴亦凡) was photographed holding hands with Internet celebrity Luna Lu (鹿依), many fans were shocked. As the media gathered information about Luna, netizens found videos that implied Luna is using Kris for fame.

Released Videos

Last night, a netizen uploaded a video of Kris in a video call with a girl. Though the girl did not show her face and provided an excuse that she wasn’t feeling well, netizens can see Kris happily chatting. In the chat, the two showed concern for each other; the girl reminded Kris to drink hot water and Kris urged the girl to take a break after watching television.

In another voice recording, Kris directed the girl to meet up, “You will see my car and you will see me. Get into the car when you know it’s me. If it’s not me, don’t get inside the car. Do you want [censored] to pick you up?” The girl responded saying that she is going to cry.

The video sparked a heated conversation among the netizens. Many thought that the girl had an ulterior motive, “Who would have a video chat and ask someone to record it?” Due to the suspicious videos, many fans felt sorry for Kris and called him naïve.

Luna is Using Kris?

Many netizens have doubts on Luna’s character. Netizens discovered that Luna signed with a studio on August 17 and two weeks later, the two were photographed holding hands. Many netizens believed that the photographs were deliberately arranged by Luna.

In response to the accusations, Luna’s studio immediately issued a statement to advise that the video is fake. Luna also responded on her social media “I always respected Teacher Wu.  Not dating. No video. No stories.”

Was Kris Talking to Another Girl?

As netizens try to understand the story, some netizens suspect that the girl is Han Qiyuan (韓其原), a student from Central Academy of Drama.  The netizens were able to find videos of Qiyuan in an interview and her voice and accent appear to match with the girl in the video chat.

Some netizens are realistic about Kris’ personal life and argued that it is unlikely that he is naïve after being in the industry for so long.  Although Kris has a clean image, many netizens believe it is due to his public relations team.

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