Lau Dan Shares Amicable Relationship with Daughter-in-Law, Yang Mi

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First-time grandfather, Lau Dan (劉丹), was reluctant in leaving his house on this morning to attend the promotional event for Come Home Love <愛‧回家>. Not wishing to leave his newborn granddaughter behind, he refused to step out the door until the last second. When Hawick Lau (劉愷威) and Yang Mi (楊冪) became proud parents to the little girl on June 1, Lau Dan was so touched that he was barely able to speak. Nowadays, he prefers to stay home all the time just to be with his granddaughter.

Nicknamed “Little Sticky Rice”, the baby currently does not have an official name registered yet. However, Lau Dan laughed that the entire family is collectively putting their creative powers to use in order to come up with the most suitable name. The name will likely be decided within a few more days.

Yang Mi was able to leave the hospital four days after giving birth via a Cesarean section, and returned home on June 5. Earlier tabloids claimed that she is a mean daughter-in-law who is strict and unfriendly. When asked if the reports were true, Lau Dan exclaimed, “That’s ridiculous! If it were true, I would be afraid of staying home! What’s the point of writing bad things about her anyway?”

Lau Dan further added that Yang Mi is nowhere close to being mean as reported, “She usually speaks in a soft and gentle voice, and only knows how to smile!” Although Lau Dan is an elder in the family, he and his daughter-in-law share an amicable relationship and are like good friends. Yang Mi declined a few job offers and now assumes full responsibility of taking care of the newborn girl, since Hawick will soon head to Hengdian for work.


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6 comments to Lau Dan Shares Amicable Relationship with Daughter-in-Law, Yang Mi

  1. aptos says:

    Lau Dan should be able to handle his own family issues as he is the patriarch of Come Home Love and has the “wisdom” to rectify any family issues just like in the series.

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  2. muse says:

    this son and father relationship is really giving good impression to us and we should indeed learn from them how to care for our own family members no matter how busy we are out there…love is more powerful than money…

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  3. llwy12 says:

    Honestly, I don’t understand why the HK tabloids find the need to keep making up stories about Lau Dan not getting along with Yang Mi. Do the tabloids really hate Yang Mi that much? Or perhaps the tabloids don’t believe that celebrities can have ‘normal’ family relationships where everyone gets along? It’s really starting to get annoying….

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    • Jenny replied:

      I know right, they always make up story… they do that to most celebrities couples and say they have bad terms relationships with their father in law or mother in law.

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  4. mi says:

    i didn’t know they were father and son. o.o

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  5. Hk says:

    The little baby girl is going to be so love. Lau Dan seems very proud and happy. The little girl is very lucky and will probably be spoiled by her grandfather. Wish them all the best.

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