Lee Min Ho and Lee Seung Gi Go on Camping Trip

Lee Seung Gi cooks steak and gives Lee Min Ho the first taste.

In a series of YouTube videos titled Lee Min Ho x Lee Seung Gi, the Korean stars are documenting their interactions and plan to create a music video together. The latest episode feature the friends on a camping trip in the cold weather that left Seung Gi flabbergasted over Min Ho’s lack of camping knowledge.

Starting their day early in the morning, Min Ho rolled off his bed to get ready to pick up  Seung Gi. The friends bantered in the car, and Seung Gi teased Min Ho’s driving skills and asked if he is able to comfortably sleep in the car. The two stars passed through the picturesque countryside landscape and made stops along the way to take pictures and eat at the local food stalls.

Once they arrived at their camp site, Min Ho and Seung Gi started to have disagreements over the tent’s setup. While Min Ho stubbornly insisted entrance of the tent should face the lake, Seung Gi soon grew frustrated and said, “Min Ho, don’t treat the tent like it’s your house, okay?”

Min Ho retreated to the side for a break and left Seung Gi to build the tent by himself. Watching as  Seung Gi tirelessly hammered the stakes, Min Ho appeared defeated and asked if people go camping so they can relax. Seung Gi replied, “It’s because everyone helped you with everything, so you can relax.”

After finishing his tasks, Seung Gi grew hungry and asked Min Ho to grill something to eat. To his surprise, Min Ho confessed he was not prepared and had to look up how to learn how to start a fire on his phone. With a big sigh, Seung Gi resigned to start the fire himself, and wondered out loud if Min Ho scammed him into doing all the hard work.

When the sky turned dark, the duo gave a moving performance of “A Dreamer’s Dream” by the fire. While the camping trip did not start out smoothly, the duo ended the night on a high note that is worth remembering.

Source: Korea Star Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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