Leehom Wang and Jinglei Lee’s Trial Sees Delay

Since their divorce announcement in December 2021, Leehom Wang (王力宏) and Jinglei Lee’s (李靚蕾) have taken their public attacks on each other to court instead. While he sued for child visitation rights, Jinglei claimed Leehom cut off financial support.

Jinglei alleged that Leehom froze bank accounts, and did not cooperate with the sale of their joint real estate property which was against their divorce agreement. She also claimed that Leehom “was reluctant to pay even the most basic child support, and appealed to the New York court to make us pay for his legal fees.”

The divorce and ensuing cheating allegations cost Leehom’s career, as he was dropped by all brand endorsements. Since last December, he temporarily stepped away from his entertainment career and has not updated his social media in the past five months.

Fans Still Miss Leehom

On his 46th birthday on May 17, Leehom’s official Weibo account automatically issued a congratulatory message at 12:30 a.m. Although it was issued by the platform, the post amassed 140,000 comments and shares from his fans who promise to wait for his return.

His management company shared a message thanking everyone for their support, “Leehom is feeling emotional after seeing all the well wishes from his fans. His birthday wish is for his children to be healthy and happy, and for the trial to be over soon.”

Cautious that their public gestures may affect the outcome of their court case, Leehom and Jinglei have largely avoided social media controversies since their litigation started. Jinglei’s last update on social media was on Mother’s Day to share a handmade card from her children.

Since March, there has not been much progress in the litigation. The hearings barred the media in the courtroom, and details were not publicized to ensure the children’s privacy. Leehom’s management company stated that they have been working hard at accommodating and waiting for trial dates.

Source: World Journal

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

Leehom Wang and Lee Jinglei’s Divorce Heads to Court

Divorce Battle between Leehom Wang and Lee Jinglei Continues

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  1. Staying low and quiet is definitely the best move now… I hope both will reflect on their marriage and move forward. I really hope it is a fair trial…

    1. Thankfully they stopped with the public accusations so it won’t degenerate into an ugly debacle like the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard divorce case.

      1. I dont follow Depp/Heard case closely as some of the content is way too shocking for me to handle….I personally feel Heard brings out the demon and devil in Depp. Both are equally bad for each other.. Both have have so much underlying issues to deal with. This couple’s story will definitely be made into a film if both are willing to sell rights to it…

      2. I beg the difference, if JD don’t go public, then the public will continue to blindingly listen to AH’s lies, and the mainstream media is still taking her side and her narrative. It’s already an ugly debacle the second she accused him of an abuser, it’s only now when he blasted it open that the public knows she was the abuser. I think if anything, LJL should go public just like JD, only then the court of public opinions have the right information to judge them for who they truly are

      3. @LittleFish I do agree with you it is good the case is out in the open. I was not aware just how much both can hurt each other… he is not innocent but her victim story no longer hold true either… I read a few headlines of the case but do not get into details…
        As for Leehom and Jinglei, I dont think they will get heated in court…Leehom file the case in US… Jinglei is not likely going to travel there. I just hope she has a very good lawyer.

  2. Hope they both get this case gets resolved soon. anyway off topic, but this reminds me a little of johnny depp’s case, wonder which side will win lol

    1. I dont know who will win the case but in the public’s eye, I feel both have lose their case.

      1. Hohliu, you need to follow the case, as I can tell you JD don’t lose the public at all after this trial. Only because you haven’t followed the case that you think both lose in the court of public opinions, when AH literally fool everyone, and even now when the trial almost over, the mainstream media is still AH’s side. If anything, this case actually highlight why we should hear both sides with evidences before jumping into conclusions

      2. @LittleFish i follow the case and I am utterly disgusted with JD. He is an addict and ill behaved human. My opinion of AH was never great and she just confirmed to me that she is worse of all. But there are so many people like me. Even if JD wins in the court his name and everything he has ever done is tarnished forever. He will never get his career back and even his children will suffer. I wonder if paying off horrible AH was better. Never forget that he married AH not only dated her so he has really really deep issues. I know I will never again watch his movies with the same eye. His legacy is killed and he is exposed for what he is. I really hope I will never need to see anything like that in public. They are both vile and ill behaved privileged people who lost their way and there humanity and for once I really don’ t care who wins in the court. That became mute point for me.

      3. @dee what did he do that make you feel so disgusted about him? The drug use? Or the bad mouth (/cursing)? Because drug use isn’t the end of the world, it’s his choice, so long as he doesn’t abuse ppl when he used drugs, I don’t see how that’s bad? And tbqh, he has been using drugs for years, and he’s being late to work, etc has been for years as well lol. Not saying it’s good, but seriously, if that’s the worst he do, he’s a lot better than other actors who can’t act lol

      4. @LittleFish interesting. My reading of the whole situation is different than yours. What I see is a wrack of human being. Someone who had it all and wasted it. Someone who lacks gratitude on every level. They seem to me like compatible pathologies. Healthier human would run away from her after the first fight. He comes across as self centered, like someone who enjoys in their fights and distorted view of reality. I cannot hold respect for people like that. He did not seek help or in any way tried to sort out his demons that made him an addict and be better part of the society. He has full disregard of society and his children. That’s how I see it. On the other side there is no way that people around him are not suffering. He may not beat his assistants or he may and than pays them off to silence them but trust me everyone around an addict suffers. Unfortunatey I have seen it (I work in industry never worked with him but have witnessed unfortunately escapades of some drugged celebs on the set). Think of all these people cleaning his mass, the feces on the floor, blood, vomit and for what because he really does not care. He showed me the face I suspected is there. I am truly disgusted. He is the face of our times, glitzy on one side and rotten inside, falling apart, constantly dissatisfied and disconnected in search of next numb, the face that does not try to be better or improve or see faults, the face that will put all in fight just to prove that he is right and not even try to find solution as it is always about him and only him. Sorry for the lengthy post i really tried to express what made me personally disgusted. I don’t want to praise someone or even respect someone for just ‘not being as bad as some others’. In my eyes he lost tons when he even got hooked up with AH. She always came across as vile. I appreciate that people have mental health issues but you cannot ask me to hold them in high regards unless they make a step up and solve their issues. I have people who have done that and i keep them in high regard.

      5. @dee uhm, not sure if JD ever made ppl do anything like that for him? Like he might wee in public when he’s drunk, but he doesn’t poop or anything at inappropriate place, can’t comment on his vomiting. But again, celebrities get drunk and do that normally anyway. He get drunk and use drugs, but he doesn’t disrespect ppl. As a matter of fact, he has been kind and generous to a lot of ppls, to his employees, to random no name artist, etc. he doesn’t abuse anyone, at least no one apart from AH accuse him of such things. Just because 95% of drunk ppl can be violent, doesn’t mean he is. And so far, there is no evidence that he is the violent sort of person. She was the one that do the poop and the abusing lol.

        Uhm, there are a few things I need to mention though. 1 – AH is very good manipulator, she was literally Stephord wife at the beginning, all sweet and stuffs to hook him in. 2 – the reason why they record their conversation is because he try to salvage their marriage. He doesn’t just run at first sight of trouble, maybe he should in hindsight. But he believes he love her, and he wanted to work it out. Their recordings are also used for therapy. So it’s a bit harsh to look down on him for trying to work it out with his wife. It’s only after so many tries, he knew he couldn’t change her, she’s an abuser that he wanted to walk away. He wanted to divorce her, but she did it first and the whole temporary restraining order and leak to TMZ to destroy his reputation. 3 – unconfirmed but many speculated that his addiction and drug used got worse after being with AH, in the trial, she even testified that her sister taught him to do cocaine >_> and he’s trying to get cleaned, during AH and after AH. She actually made it hard for him to quit, and with the amount of abuses he went through, if the guy went further into drugs and alcohol usages, do you really blame him? And yet, he still didn’t turn violent, he run away, even with his finger being chopped off >_<

      6. @LittleFish hey I was just expressing my personal opinion and feelings I do not try to convince you into anything or change your mind. All this tells me that you are capable of passion and attachment and that is commendable trait! see you have it for JD. Kudos to you. I’m not going to engage in lengthy discussion, all good if we agree to disagree. JD is long time addict and substance abuser like 30years or so, his career went down the drain because of that before he met AH. She is not worth any words so skip that one. JD often got into fights and throwing objects on the set on ppl (know that firsthand, close friend was paid off) his manager left him as he is unmanageable due to substance abuse. It is not that he was ‘late’ to the set, he was late for days, and yes he would do all sorts of things on the set. etc He wish its’s only cox it’s much more. His brain is so fried that he cannot remember one single thing, he has to wear earplugs to be fed lines. He is amazing talent but his addiction ate him, his talent, his life, his family, his children and his fortune. Check his former manager testimony as well, she gave a bit of the feeling. AH was only one in line of many wrong decisions. May be I am really too hard on drug addicts but I find it difficult to have too much empathy for them. May be I am too narrow minded. But this is only about my personal opinions nothing else. Please do not feel this as attack on you, your opinion or your attachment to JD. All good on my side.

      7. @Coralie hahaha I feel like we would all enjoy great cup of coffee if we knew each other and tons of hot tea. But biggest part of this tea is coming from his ex and ex manager. Let me tell you another tea, I accidentally crashed Hu Ge interview in Cannes in 2019, everyone started screaming at me but he was so sweet, not a word, just a smile. I literally died.

      8. @Dee , I am a huge Hu Ge fan!!! You are so lucky.
        On the case, both are abusers… I really dont think after this case, they would have a career in Big screen… But who know, Hollywood is very hypocritical…

      9. @dee wasn’t looking to change your mind, just making sure you know all these other stuffs lol. As long as you are informed, and that’s your view, it is what it is.

        Question: how did you know about the ear piece thing?

      10. @LittleFish all good! I work in the industry for like 20y, but not on set. I know a person that sued him in 2018 for being hit and insulted on the set. On top of it, it was mentioned in the trial as well I think. Again it does not excuse violence towards him. He needs treatment, he is not functional, and he is not bad person.

      11. @Dee You must keep long hours in this industry. One must really enjoy their job to stay in this industry for so long.. You are right, there are so many dark side to these celebs we do not see. They are very well packaged. Thanks for sharing your experience.

      12. @Hohliu thank you! not really that difficult but yes we work long hours, and there are many ‘old’ people like me behind the scenes. We work on project basis and I have luxury after so many years to catch longer breaks between projects. It can be stressful but i am now on the side of well funded production and that is so better than working under too tight budgets. Many people are doing magic really, in theater actors are everything but nowadays on the screen not so much. I cannot share much but occasionally I do, specially if it finds way towards the legal battle and becomes public knowledge.

  3. Maybe I’m terrible because I just like to eat popcorn and see how this all plays out in the public eye. I hope, of course, to see Lee Jinglei win, but whether she wins or not, if there is dirt somewhere, let there be light to see it all!

    In this Johnny/Amber debacle, everyone is looking like a loser, but at least they have a chance to air their laundry and reveal their true selves, not hiding behind a pretty facade to deceive the audience. Maybe this is even relieving for them. IMO, drama-aside, it’s good to have a reminder every now and again, that these celebrities are not grander than life and really are humans with flaws just like you and me. We should accept them as such.

    1. I fully agree with you… the celebs are really no different from us…some fans hero worship them too much and too intensely.

      1. actually celebrities are often worse than average Joe. Don’t forget that many were misfits, school drop outs with a pretty face and lose morals. Once they manage to land solid agency their past has been washed out. Many of them did not have time to shape up themselves into decent human being and get any decent education and upbringing. They just land their face and emotional spectrum to the director and team of experts who makes movies and dramas look good and interesting actually. There is too much focus on pretty faces and not enough on real creators behind.every solid celeb has min 20 people making them thatgood from ghost writers, social media managers, PR etc Everything they do is scripted and they act as xyz celeb as well. I wish that real creators would get more visibility, I really do.

      2. @Dee I mean the public can speculate how much of an awful human being these celebs are, but like you said, there are hordes of professionals working behind the scenes to erase those negative images. so all we see is the shiny and clean layer on the outside. This is why I highly support gossip rags lol, entertainment value aside.

    2. Lol, at the beginning, AH wanted to make JD appear the loser. He didn’t want to expose her: in a recording, he even appealed to her to do a public statement and resolved this quietly. But she was greedy and vindictive, and refused to do so, and she doesn’t like to play by anyone’s rules but her own, and that lead to today. Tbqh, this trial is good because not only it shows the world who AH truly is, but it make sure no one will want to be involved with her. She’s the one case of celebrity that deserve cancelling

      1. I think they both showed really crappy (no pun intended) sides of themselves. The only thing different that this trial did is it showed AH wasn’t as much of a victim as she proclaimed – she did a lot of sh1tty things too (pun intended.) But her accusations was that she was a victim of domestic violence, which is showing to be true, even if it was mutual. He should countersue that he was also a victim of domestic violence lol, but you can’t say he didn’t do something wrong.

      2. @coralie Uhm, so you think AH is being mutually abused? Because JD cursed at her? After got his finger chopped off? After being gaslit by her? After being called repeated by her that he’s a mummy boy? A deadbeat dad? Like he didn’t control her career (he got her the part in aquaman, she claimed she got the part by her own merits, but she can’t even cry, nor can she act lol, the trial shows that much lol). He let her and her friends stay rent free, being incredibly kind to her family, so I don’t see how he’s being abusive to AH? Like everything she claimed he did to her has zero evidence to back them up, all her friends’ testimonies don’t match up with each other nor with hers, nor with the police body cam, and most of them are hearing from her or other’s accounts. None of them see JD lay a finger on her, the only person claimed she saw something violent was her sister and her testimony make no sense as well?

  4. @LittleFish uhm firstly severity of abuse does not equate to no abuse. Like person A hits person B with a slap vs person C hits person B with a car. You want to make the argument that person A is innocent because it’s a small offense relative to getting hit with a car? (JD getting a finger cut off vs AH getting slapped.) Because that doesn’t make sense.

    Or you’re trying to say that person A hit person B with a slap but there was no conclusive evidence for it? Allegations on AH’s side that her testimony doesn’t line up? I mean, there is circumstantial evidence that JD is not cogent, so it is possible he could’ve abused AH without him either recollecting or acknowledging.

    I think they were both abusive towards each other, although severity of it differs.

    1. i too agree with that…both brings the worst of each other…AH is more capable of triggering the buttons of JD..he reacts..

      1. @Hohiu I too agree they bring out the worst in each other. Johnny is an angry man, an alcoholic and a drug user, as most of the Hollywood clan are. I am following the case very closely, plus getting tips from people in Virginia and Los Angeles. Let’s just say that am image can be a beautiful thing. It is because of the images these celebs portray to the world, the fans have gone delusional nutty and worship these men and women. I would not wish Amber Turd, I mean Heard on anyone though. She makes Johnny look like a good chior boy. I cannot find words to express the heights of lies and vengeance to destroy JD. She might be charged with perjury in Australia and England too.
        It is about time these fans see beyond the image and stop creating fan wars when anyone says anything negative about their gods. I mentioned things and was called all sorts of words, and insults were hurled at me. I can write books about these men and women in Asia, Hollywood too. I have had countless front row seats to their shenanigans. I still smile when I think how two boys are presumed to be so sweet and innocent. They starred in a drama together and fell in love. One of the caretakers of one of them has the hits for him. She is not even afraid to write how well they match, travels everywhere with him, controls his diet, his devices and all social media accounts, his cell phones, decides where he goes, with whom, what he eats wears etc. She is slogging him, she is married, and he has a wife. He also fell in love with his male costar, and she set out to destroy that costar, and his fans . They make cruel jokes of their fans and use the fans to stay relevant, and in the money. The old buddy even teaned up with the ^gitlfriend^ of the costar so that *she* can keep * her* man away from her stud boy. She is old and withered, and can hardly walk. Then again, when a granny type buddy is serviced by Yui Ting Long Johnson, that can be expected, hahaha*. Yet these boys can do no wrong. They are revered as gods. I have not even scratched the surface of their indifference. Image is a thing to hide behind. I am hearing many say that the trial shocked them about JD. It did not phase me. However, I belive he was verbally abusive towards AH, but not physically. She was the one who shared blows, not JD. With all the shocking realizations coming to lihgh from this case, time for fans to get real.

  5. @Dee, do you know a woman who is in the Hollywood ebiz named KS? I guess you might. She claimed to work with Michael Jackson, Chow Yun Fat and she worked with Johnny Depp on Pirates Of The Caribbean. She was around 23, 24ish in 2009, yet she said she dated debonair, sophisticated men from England that went to school with Sean Connery and Prince Charles father. She has the hots for Andy Lau, to the point where she harassed Andy’s wife Zhu Li Liqian. She said she did some acting, has a villa in Italy, a place in France, a flat in England, a place in LA and a condo in Vancouver. She said she modeled back in the day. She wants to be a famous director one day. She shouts about all these old men in their eighties and nineties who she dated, yet KS…Z is only in her mid thirties NOW, as I type , haha. Do you know anyone with that description? Just wondering if you knew each other seeing you both are in the industry

    1. Hi @Renren No I don’t know such person and to be honest she sounds exactly as someone I would avoid by all costs. I would not be of intreat to her at all, I am professional working behind the scenes now for production companies. I am neither celebrity not powerful person in industry. I did start my career on the set but moved on. I rarely comment with details but I do sometimes get triggered with huge gap between real person and perception of public persona.

    2. and in regards to this particular person unless she has top notch education and line up of awards in different area, debut director, being in mid late 30s with no work done, I wonder which studio or production house would stand behind her. We would not for sure.

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