Leehom Wang Vows to Sue Over False Accusations Against Wife

Since Leehom Wang (王力宏) revealed that he got married on November 27, the world has been eager to learn more about his wife, 27-year-old Columbia University student, Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾). With Leehom’s marriage has been the hottest gossip topic over the last week, speculations quickly got out of hand. From initial rumors that Jinglei may be already pregnant, recent reports bordered on tarnishing Jinglei’s reputation.

The media dug aggressively into her past, producing photos of a teenage Jinglei alongside Leehom ten years ago, hoping to produce a timeline as to when the couple first started dating. Although Jinglei had erased content from her social media account before getting married, photos of Jinglei at friends’ gatherings remained on the Internet. She was described as a “wild girl” and rumors also painted Jinglei as enjoying a nightclub and materialistic lifestyle, and claimed that she was engaged to another man in February 2013.

Leehom’s manager responded that the rumors are false and said they damaged Jinglei’s reputation and bordered on attacking her personally.

In a press statement released today, Leehom vowed to protect Jinglei against the slander. He will pursue legal action if false reports surrounding Jinglei continue to be circulated by the press or online: “Getting married is a joyous milestone. I received many well wishes from fans and friends recently. First, I have to thank everyone. Regarding the false rumors that have been circulating online or by the media, this has affected my family’s life. If these false rumors are reported before they are verified, my management company must seek legal means. Thank you.”

After getting married and celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with his parents, Leehom is currently in New York enjoying time spent with his family. Yesterday, he went skiing with his two brothers. The last week has been a throwback to his whirlwind music tours around the world, allowing the family bonding time that Leehom has missed for many years.

On December 3, Leehom returned to work and was in New York City to film a commercial for HTC mobile phones.

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Looks like Leehom is filming another video with WongFu Productions. Great for him! And also good for defending his wife.

  2. Such a perfect and lovely husband, who stands up for his wife. Stay strong and best wishes to Lee Hom and JingLei!

  3. Protecting his “wife” will make it seem that he is really with her and really loves her which helps to hide the COVER UP that he is GAY.

  4. this handsome guy is indeed “jewel” in the eyes of guys and girls…so all of the dreamers hopes are crashed…no wonder his wife is been written badly…similar to raymond and karena situation where so many hits badly at karena for taking up raymond

  5. that doesn’t make sense at all – is he fake defending her to drag her further into the spotlight?

    all those “accusations” were actually undoctored photos, correct?

    so why is he “vowing to sue” instead of saying she was trying out different fashion looks or saying she can do what she likes?

    It’s ODD and not typical to protecting a spouse like that Kimye music video.

  6. wow, lee hom vows to sue even after those proven photos are out? who is he lying to? himself?

    1. What proven photos? There are no proven photos, whatsoever. Just random pics of strangers with a colourful story to it. Added with “A friend of that friend said… ” and put together to a story. haha, what a joke!

  7. In my opinion, we should be happy for the newly wed couple instead of wondering what’s going with his wife’s.

    It’s none of our business except being supportive with his decision. Everybody have their own thinking and problem to solve.

    Life is so short to condemn others. We should be happy for people and be optimistic.

    1. I’m indifferent to this entertainer regardless except for the weird reported hybrid ancestry of his wife CONSIDERING he played a hanjian killer in that Ang Lee movie.

      It’s so simple even I noticed it!

  8. Well both of them should have seen this coming when they decided to go public. Come on he’s LeeHom. Of course people will dig up all the dirt they can find on his other half unless he marries the perfect girl or a saint.

  9. The tabloids are making up all these lies to sell their news rags. Of course he is Wang Lee Hom, a perfect man. He is not going to settle for less than the perfect girl, o a saint.

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