Leehom Wang’s Baby Daughter is Born

Leehom Wang (王力宏) and wife Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) became proud parents to their newborn daughter yesterday. Named Wang Jiali (王嘉莉), the little girl was born in the United States one month ahead of its expected due date.

Shortly after Leehom and Jinglei’s wedding last November, the couple shared their love for children and intentions to start a family soon. Since they have known each other for a decade through their parents, Leehom and Jinglei’s relationship progressed quickly once they started dating. In May, the couple announced that Jinglei was five-months pregnant at Leehom’s concert afterparty.

The couple originally planned to spend the final weeks of Jinglei’s pregnancy in Taiwan, but had to change their plans when they discovered that the birth would occur one month early.  Witnessing his daughter’s birth, Leehom felt extremely blessed. He said, “There is really love at first sight in this world! Since I was young, I have always wanted to have my own child. Today, my dream became reality.”

Through his Facebook page,  Leehom shared a photo of his daughter’s feet. Perhaps because Jiali was born before her due date, her feet appeared to be a smaller size than most newborn feet. To preserve privacy, Leehom declined to provide additional photos of his daughter’s face and her birth weight.

“I’ve been waiting for you all my life, And now…here you are ,early bird! Mother and daughter are both well! Thank you all for your blessings and best wishes,” Leehom said.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This is all spin to cover up a shotgun marriage. The baby was born on time.

    1. Tipoff is the refusal to release birthweight of the baby.

    2. I also suspected shotgun too after reading this.

    1. All babies are born wrinkly. If you feel that way about the feet I suggest you not to look at your newborn until they are at least a week old when they start to plump a bit.

    2. Get use to it if you’re planning on having your own children.

  2. Wow, one month before due date, the baby girl must be pretty small.

    Congratulations to the new parents!

  3. Welcome to the world little girl! Congrats to the family!

    1. welcome to the cruel world, little baby. you’ll be hearing snide remarks about your parents and innuendos about your conception.

      1. It is just so sad that a new baby has just entered the world just to hear so many rude,mean and evil remarks about her parents. It just sad that some just can it be happy for others but must blast them at every chance that they get. There is truly something wrong with some people. What a sad world we live in.

        Anyways, congrats to the new parents! May they all be happy and healthy!

  4. So was she born on July 9th or July 10th?!

    Congratulations to the new parents! Raise her well.

  5. I guess the doctor told them that the baby would have to be delivered one month early, cause how else would they “discover” that the baby would be delivered early. Also the doctors would only take the risk of delivering the baby early if there were complications to the baby or mother or both. Jinglie never looked pregnant, even at the concert when it was announced that she was five months pregnant. If anything, she was wearing a prosthetic tummy. She never had that pregnant look. There is something fishy here. Wonder if there was someone carrying a baby for them. Just another ploy to make people believe there is hot sex happening with them. Like I said, something is fishy here.

    1. There could be another simple possibility.

      What if she was already pregnant (Sept-Oct) and it was marriage spawned of convenience?

      He saved her from being a single mother, she saved his reputation.

    2. Some women are just lucky. They never look pregnant even when they are.

      1. Yup,my sister in law was 8 months pregnant but most people hardly noticed. I wonder why some cannot just be happy for others but instead are speculating about how they had the baby. How sad is that?

      2. To HeTieShou,
        Some ppl are blessed to have small bumps and thus easier for them to shed off the weight after child birth. There are many ppl whom are bitter when they see others happy. Try to ignore them ya.

      3. Hi Bloom,
        You are right and yea, some are blessed to not look so big when pregnant. My other sister in law had 3 kids but is still really skinny. I can tell you that I am not a fan of Leehom but of course,I have nothing against him. Honestly, even IF he was gay(but who knows for sure besides himself), he still deserves happiness and to have a family of his own and to have kids. What is wrong with that??

      4. Hi HeTieShou,
        Yes, those are really blessed. But to me one has to be thankful as long as you can still go back to your previous body after delivery. As most ppl aren’t able to shed off those excess fats, I really dont know why.

        I’m like you, I’m not his fan but one of my nieces is. I only like the late Leslie Cheung, to me he is talented, good looking, can sing, dance, act, so I’ve always like him even when I knew that he’s a gay, I still like him. It’s honestly none of our business.

        Yes, it’s not new to hear that he’s a gay. Whether or not, we’re listening to his music and why do we care of his sexual orientation? I must admit that we asians are still not so accepting of gays. I try to put myself in his shoes, if he’s really a gay, he may find it hard to admit it, it’s always the fear or uncertainty that we’re afraid. Not knowing how would the ppl i.e. public, his friends or even his families would look at him, accept him and so on. So, he may want to cover up, if so, that’s really because he’s a celebrity, you know as always when you do good things, news dont travel that fast, ppl dont talk about it so much. But if it’s something bad, wow, it travels like bullet train. This shows ppl likes to talk bad things and gossips, I’m not saying all, but majority of the ppl.

      5. Yup. Lots of bitter haters. Cant be happy for others. Feel sorry for them.

      6. hi Bloom,
        You said everything that I wanted to say. Very well said. Yea,some are lucky to still be thin after having kids. I have 2 aunts who both had 5-6 kids each but are still as thin as ever.
        I remember my cousin once asking me if I knew who Leehom was and I said I did,but I do not know how he sounds. She said that his singing was pretty good. Maybe I should try listening to some of his songs just to see.
        It honestly is none if our business if he is gay or not. Even if he was,that does not make him a bad person. I admit that I do not like it when celebs lie,but if they have many good reasons to,I can understand,especially in these cases as you mentioned. However,we honestly do not know for sure if he is or not because it is not our business.
        You are so right they good things are often neglected but when bad things happen,everyone knows and gossips about it. As you can see with the articles here,all of the scandals and bad news get sooo many comments.while the positive ones do not get many comments. Strange isn’t it?

      7. Hi HeTieShou,
        Thanks for agreeing. Human beings are honestly funny, that’s why to me it doesnt really matter if you’ve a religion or not. Just imagine if I’m of certain religion, I always do bad things, yet I go to the temple/church/mosque to seek forgiveness and after doing so, I felt whatever my wrongdoings have been forgiven or in other words erased. But to me it’s not. I’ve seen various ppl from various religions preached about their religions that they’re really staunched but yet they’re still greedy, talked bad things, do bad things etc. Then they claimed they go to worship every week. I find all these ppl are just hypocrites.

        Coming back to WangLeeHom, yes, he may be gay or he may be not. A lot of ppl write as if they’re saint, as if they never once lied in their life. I’m sure all of us lied in some ways, whether it’s white lies or not. We learn from our mistakes, everyone makes mistakes am I not right because we’re human beings. If we did something wrong just say sorry and ponder about it and try not to repeat the same thing. Try to improve, I noticed a lot of ppl really write like they expect all these celebrities to be flawless, hey common they’re human beings, they’re not perfect, they’re not God. The only differnece is they’re celebrities and most of us here are ordinary citizens. Give them a break, if he’s a singer, you just listen to his songs, if you dont like move on, no one forcing you. His personal life has nothing to do with how he performs as a singer.

      8. I agree. It’s really none of our business what his preference is. It’s also possible that he might have experimented before but decided that he wants a family now. I have a female friend who is dating another woman now but she said if they were to breakup, she would probably go back to dating men.
        Anyways, congrats to them.

      9. hi Bloom,
        You are so right and wish that more people were mature and open like you are, yes,humans are strange and you are right about the religion part. I know many who are religious but are not good people at all. Who said that we all need religion to be a good person? Many go to church or to the temple every week but learn nothing and are their old selves and do bad things. But as humans none of us are perfect as you said. Who has not lied in their lives? It is good to move on and forgive instead of just continuing to condemn anyone for the same old things over and over again.

        I totality agree with you that we do not know if the is gay or not. Honestly,even if he is,so what? Does that make a very bad person? But if he is and lied about it,I can understand for many good reasons. Besides,who us perfect and never lied? For what I feel he is not a bad person. Just like the late Leslie,he was gay or bi or whatever,so what? People loved hi for who he was,not his sexual preference. But sadly,someone keeps going on and on saying he was gay for sure and claim to know for sure and blah blah… But I just said big deal if he was. However,that idiot kept on repeating over and over again that he was but claimed to like him. I personally did not feel that person did and did not care. But I got annoyed how they kept pressing that he was gay. Basically,they claimed to know celebs personally and stuff. Sorry but to me it rakes a lot to really any person not just a few meetings or whatever. I used to have a close friend that I knew for 14 years. I thought I knew her well but in the end,I finally found out that I did not know her at all…

      10. Hi HeTieShou,
        Thanks for a agreeing. Most ppl tend to want to potray that they’re very nice, they’ve fear if they admit their shortcomings ppl may not be able to accept them. But I myself feel true friends will stay through thick and thin no matter what.
        I’m not sure why some ppl are lesbian/gay, were they born like that or they choose to be like that. I’m not sure, but we’ve to be realistic, all these celebrities are like us. The only difference is they’re celebrities so there’s nothing difference. But as you may agree a lot of ppl who reads and comments at jaynestars here are some quite fanatic fans. I always hold on to my own principle that is I like that person or respect that person for who he/she is, his sexual orientation I wont really bother. As for Wang LeeHom’s case, I think the persons that rightfully should be of concerned should be his parents and siblings. Not his fans or ppl like us.
        I’m happy to have found another person like you who thinks like me 🙂 thanks a lot HeTieShou.

      11. Hi bloom,
        I just want to say well said again and glad to find someone open minded like you. You are so right that his sexual orientation should be a concern of his parents and siblings,not anyone else who sadly are vindictive and prejudice towards certain people but yet are in denial about it.

    3. i think the pic up there showed her in a pretty wide top, and developed boobs. you dont call that looking pregnant?

    4. Hum, my friend’s water broke 2weeks early (she said 2weeks from the calculated date, but I swear it felt like 1 month early)… Sometimes, the baby control when it want to come out >_> in my friend’s case, they have been married for 2yrs, no shot gun wedding to hide pregnancy here lol

  6. Congrates to the new parents. May baby to grow up healthy and happy.

  7. I wonder why some cannot open their eyes and see that these idols really know how to play them for fools? real pregnant woman has a certain look about her even if she is not carrying a pregnant looking tummy. Jinglie lacks that, big time.

    I guess these idols really live up to, and take full advantage of the title IDOLS. They know they are worshipped by these blind fans. How sad is that?????

    1. Feel pity for you. Your comment makes you sounds bitter and full of hatred

    2. Hi Trini,
      Sorry, I’m a little blur here, I’m don’t really get what you were trying to say here? Do you mind explain a little?

      1. @Bloom

        I have nothing against what two men or two women do in the bedroom, or whatever room. As long as they are not doing it with a n underage person. What gets me mad is the fact that Chinese think that their idols cannot ever be gay. They will crucify and attack anyone who say an idol or some idols are gay. Look what is happening to me, haha.

        I also can’t understand why these idols have to marry these women and use them as a beard, unless the women are informed about what they are getting into.

        All these men and women have to say is “I am not” or “I am” and these fans will kill anyone who disagree.

        I remember when it was said that Andy Zhang was gay and the fans wanted to kill anyone who said that he was. I was crucified for agreeing he was gay. Andy even married a woman and the fans were saying that he cannot be gay cause he got married. Shows how they believe their idols are always telling the gospel truth. Are they that naïve and gullible???.


        Andy Zhang recently got arresting for raping his boyfriend during a three way sex orgy, with his boyfriend and another man.

        Another gay guy who claims to be married is now HIV positive, not from sharing needles or anything like that, but from his sexual lifestyle.

        Things do have a way of coming out, though unfortunately some things don’t.

        I am not trying to be holier than though, nor am I asking anyone to accept what I believe. Some people will lash out because they want to stay in their idol worshipping bubble world.

        Bloom, I too like Leslie. He was indeed a very versatile performer. He could sing, act and dance. Not even a handful of his peers can do that.

      2. Hi Trini,
        Ah, thanks for explaining now I understand what you were trying to write.
        Yes, some ppl are very ignorant. Like I write it earlier, quite a lot of ppl are really fanatic. I think it’s the girl’s fans usually. You dont really see boy’s fans in concerts say. It’s usually a bunch of girls, maybe there were boy’s but I’m sure it’s only a handful.

        Like I feel, all these ppl who adores their idol are going overboard. You can like them just like I like the late Leslie Cheung. I like him because I personally find him to be talented, I find him to be good looking, he sings well, he can dance and he can acts, so to me he was all rounded. When news of him came up that he was a gay, I was a little sad, but then again, he choosed his own sexual orientation. I just like him, I didnt go and imagine that I could be able to marry him say.

        I agree with you that a lot of ppl (whether gay or bisexual) gets marry in order to cover up. Like I wrote earlier, they know they cant be accepted especially if they’re a celebrity or they’re a politician say for example. Family especially parents may feel very upset why their son/daughter is like that. The gossips from relatives that they had to endure. Friends and fans (if they’re in entertainment) may criticize you, so you may lose your fans, means lose money. It’s because of fear, they prefer to cover up, do you not think they’re suffering too as they cant announce their own sexual orientation just like some ordinary ppl?

        Wheter or not WangLeeHom is a gay or not. We dont know, it’s honestly none of our business. I hope everyone can be more accepting of their idols as they’re human beings too. If you like them for their songs, for their acting, for their face continue to support them (but not to imagine that you’re able to marry them) and do not judge them just because they’re gay or lesbian. They may have been born like that.

      3. To Trini,
        Sorry, I missed that part where you wrote you like the late Leslie Cheung. Yes, to me there’s no one else could replace him at least in the HK. The only thing is he’s not that tall, else everything is nice in my eyes 🙂

      4. Gay or not, I find their body language strange; something missing, like so close but so apart.

      1. Yes their body language is so stiff and wooden. There is definitely something missing in that marriage and a lot of the Asian folk know what is missing.


        Yes there is none like Leslie. I spent many weekends at his house in the British Properties, in West Vancouver. I have always known that he is gay. I know a lot of Taiwanese and Hong Kong celebs who are gay. I do not go around assuming anything. I know what I know.

        There iis nothing wrong with me. There is something wrong with the fanatics who cannot, and will not accept that their idols could be gay, smokers, drug takers, cheaters, gamblers, wife or husband beaters, girlfriend or boyfriend beaters, controllers of their partners, haha!!, or involved in racketeering, money laundering, child and slave labor, partner swapping, three way sex or picking up prostitutes and the list goes on and on. I mentioned years ago that Andy Zhang is gay and I got cursed out. He too married a woman, and he recently got exposed as gay. He is still married to his wife. It was purely a marriage of convenience to shut up the gay rumors. I havenot heard anyone comment about that. Instead I get cursed out all the time. Maybe no one comment because they cannot accept the situation with Andy Zhang, and they choose to attack anyone who dare to call a spade a spade. It is such a bubble world.

      2. To Trini,
        Thanks for sharing. I understand what you mean. You were just trying to share what you knew all along but ppl are judgemental and they accused you of tarnishing their idols. I agree that a lot of ppl who reads all these entertainment news to be very fanatics. They somehow look at these celebrities differently, they think they’re different. I dont know why just because they’re celebrities that doesnt mean they are spared to do wrong things. They’re also human beings like us. Some ppl worship their idols, whatever their idols like or do, they’ll follow, that’s why all these ppl are easily followed the wrong things. Just example, some fans may like Joey Yung for example, if she smokes, they feel smoking is okay, just because their idol smokes.

        I still feel that celebrities are celebrities, whatever we see may not be their true identity, they may want to potray a very healthy image when the camera rolls. So, we should only like them for their song, for their acting etc and not really their personal life like gay or lesbian.

        A lot of ppl try to potray that they’re saint here, they never lied and so on. I wrote it earlier that a lot of ppl will find every opportunity to bash someone whenever they can. Bad news always travel fast but vice versa not. That’s the ugly side of human beings.

    3. Blind worship of idols is indeed sad, but sadder is that some have too much time on their hands engaging in an endless crusade to promote their self-righteous opinion about someone else’s sexual orientation.

      From his many interviews, Leehom seems quite levelheaded and down-to-earth, stating he would prefer not being classified an idol. Naturally, someone blessed with looks, talent, intelligence and heart would arouse envy in those lacking such complete attributes. Making potshots and innuendoes is a form of compensation for the envious.

      1. Well said Msxie and some who have some sick obsession with male celebs who they think are gay think that people who defend any singer/actor means they are a fan/fanatic. Honestly,those fanatics are annoying but at least they are spending time on someone they like rather then someone they hate or promote hatred. That is not just sad but also very pathetic!

  8. Something is indeed wrong with some people, especially when they cannot step back from the bubble they live in and wake up. OOOoooooh YES!!!. It is indeed a sad world we live in.

    1. Only thing wrong here Is you, trying to force your own little theory onto others. Only your little world Is sad, it’s fine for the rest of us.

    2. Since when is telling it like it is a sick obsession?. You and those like you are the sick ones who cannot believe or accept that your beloved lord and saviour andy lau or lee hom do not have skeletons buried waaaay down in their closets. You are a huge fanatic, not me. So many people saybad things about celebs I like and I do not attack them the way you and others go after me. That is what sick, obsessive fanatics like , looks like you. If you have a problem with me saying your idols are gay, or whatever, too bad. You cannot accept the truth because you are stuck in the dark ages too, and that isnot only sick and sad, it is pathetic.

  9. I just want to say that I am not a fan of Leehom nor do I idolize him or anyone. I have gotten past that crazy idolization stage ages ago. I honestly do not even know how his singing voice. However, I just get so disgusted with some evil and cruel people who just continue to spread hate and blast everyone that they hate at every chance they get. This is supposed to be a happy occasion but yet some just try to make it sound like a curse. How sad that some cannot accept it when others are happy.

      1. Hi HeTieShou,
        He’s quite a talented guy, if I’m not wrong, he can plays guitar, piano and writes songs too. I’ve heard his voice, not bad, but I still like the late Leslie Cheung so I guess so far no one really replace him in my mind.

      2. Hi Bloom,
        Yes,I know that Leehom is a talented and intelligent guy. But I have never heard him sing before so I am not a fan of his. However,I really admire his humbleness and talents. Just because anyone defends an artist does not mean they are fans or idol worshippers. Sorry but I am way last that and at my age,it would be strange for me to be an Idol worshipper because I am way too old.

    1. Some ppl are so miserable that they cant be happy for others.

  10. http://youtu.be/P8AT7TaQGKE
    ^ this is a reuploaded video (the real video is privated) of his speech at oxford, last year in April. You can see his wife at 0:11 seconds. So I’m pretty sure they’ve known each other way before the wedding..
    People just keep trying to find reasons that their marriage is fake, and that he’s gay and so on.
    Why can’t people just be happy for them?

    Other than that, Congratulations to their new born child! (:

    1. Thanks for the video. Some just have some obsession with celebs that they suspect are gay or whatever.

  11. Leehoom is so talented and his wife is also a medical graduate I am sure their baby girl will be very talented and smart congrats to them. The Chinese believed baby delivered one month ahead of due date is a smart baby.

    1. um…From what I’ve read she’s a graduate student, nothing in the medical field. And it’s clear that the baby wasn’t delivered “one month ahead of due date,” it was a shotgun marriage so she was already pregnant but they told the public a later date so it doesn’t ruin his reputation.

  12. Her feet look really small, looks like she is premature baby. Congrats you just receive greatest present ever…

  13. If Leehoom is a gay, He has diagnosed with HIV long time ago or other illness he looks healthy as at today. God has never approved gay this world that’s why these ppl will suffer HIV or Aids sooner or later.

    1. Your God is so funny and narrow minded. Most of ppl infected by HIV are straight, what do you explain this fact?

    2. Sad to know that there are still people living in 1980s.

      soo, if you follow western news (be it american, european, canadian or australian), there are many gay public figures from politicians to athletes from singers to actors who are actually as at today much more healthy than those of straight ones who actually do drugs and prostitution in RL secretly and silently. And please don’t let me get started with those pedophiles from churches.

    3. If a man is gay, it does not always mean that he is going to be diagnosed with HIV .What a thing to say. There are a lot of infections that gay or bisexual men get that does not make tor look frail or ill, but they suffer discomfort in many different ways.

      One such infection or STD is called LGV or Lymphogranuloma Venegrem It is a bacterial infection that is common amongst gay men in Asia, the Caribbean and Europe. It is treated in the early stages with antibiotic medication and does not show signs of physical unrest in its carriers. @Soo, your comment makes no sense. The famous American basketballer got the HIV virus through sleeping around with so many different women. It has been around 23 years now since he publicly admitted it. He does not look ill at all. In fact he looks robust, and instead of losing weight, he has gained weight and looks as healthy as a horse. He has the money to contain it. He has it still, as there is no known cure yet, but he still has the HIV virus

      I am not saying Lee Hom has Aids or HIV, but what your comment makes no sense.

    4. Your bigotry and prejudice is clear, as well as your ignorance. Who are you to speak for God? Let God be the judge and others to live their lives. HIV is a transmitted disease among everyone: gay, bisexual, and STRAIGHT. Being gay does not automatically mean he would have HIV/AID nor would people with it will look ill. Medicine have come a long way. Your lack of intelligence makes me want to believe in natural selection.

      1. @LV

        Your ignorance knows no bounds. You need to learn to read. Did you not read and understand. I said that not all gay people have Aids or are HIV positive. I was replying to a comment that said that AIDS and HIV are infections caught only by gay men. The person went on to say that having these diseases make one look frail and sickly. If you read my comments, you would see that I made a reference to someone who is not gay, who is HIV positive and who is looking quite plumpish and healthy. Everyone knows that HIV and Aids is, can can be carried by gays, bisexuals, and straight people alike. I went on to mention one of several infections that can be carried by gays while they still look healthy. Do not let your anger and vile hatred towards me make you look like a bigger ignorant jacka… donkey than you already are. Let someone read and explain the comments to you cause you obviously can’t read, and your certainly lack understanding. YOUR bigotry, prejudice and top notch ignorance is beyond clear.

    5. As I said, there are still people living in 1980s. End of story.

  14. @Bloom

    A lot of these fanatics here think I am bitter, but nothing could be further from the truth. I am flabbergasted that a lot of my fellow Asians are still stuck in the dark ages and are living in this delusional world that they’ve created for themselves. I am sad that they worship these idols and think that they are so perfect.

    When I go back to Hong Kong or Taiwan, I see and hear all the craziness. I live in Canada and I see it hear it still.

    Bloom, I work in the ER and several years ago, a young woman was brought in with her wrist slit. Her white Canadian friend found her. This young woman was holding a picture of Andy Lau. Her friend explained that for years, she was so obsessed with Andy that she thought he was the saviour of music and acting, gag me, hahaha. She thought he was the most honest, sweetest and loving man on the planet. She believed everything he said and worshipped him. When she found out he repeatedly lied to her and his fans about not having a girlfriend, furthermore a wife, she tried to kill herself.

    Now this foolish woman is such a fool. She did not want to see the truth, as a lot of fanatics do not want to either. I knew for years about Carol, even when he was saying he is not married, and was threatening others with lawsuits, I knew he was married. I also know a lot more. If this silly woman was not shutting out the truth like so many others, she would see that there was a connection with Andy and Carol. There was posted evidence that Andy and Carol made a joint donation in their names to the temple as they both are Buddhist Andy is not going to let that happen unless there is some connection to Carol. He would have sued her. Also, they were spotted separately wearing identical watches, wearing identical T shirts, carrying the same bag and even in identical cars. That should have told a lot of his sheep that he is with this woman, but nooooooo…, they did not want to accept it, and chose to believe his lies, because these idols cannot and will not lie. There have been a few ER suicidal attempts over him that I know of. There have been suicide attempts and suicides over him and other idols that I personally know of. There are lots in Asia that happen, but they are not talked about in the media. Yes these fans go way overboard. They do it because they live in their bubble, and when the bubble is burst, they either hurt themselves or attack others physically and verbally.

    1. Hi Trini,
      Thanks for sharing about the cases you encountered when you were with ER.
      I honestly find all these fanatic fans to be too obsessive. While all these fans that worship a male celebrities and I feel almost 99% are women. These ppl are really fanatics.
      Trini, I’m not trying to justify for Andy Lau, but as a celebrity (you know his fans are mostly women that likes his looks). In order to keep his fans, he doesnt want to disclose this personal life. Yes, we can say it’s selfish, but try putting ourselves in his shoes. Why these fans are so interested to know if he’s married or not? If he’s not married, they think they get a chance to marry him is it? This is really stupid.

      I think a lot of ppl somehow knew about Andy Lau with Carol Chu. They were together for so many yrs. I remember one of my ex-colleagues told me she saw them together with Carol’s family having lunch or dinner at Shangrila. That was definitely more than 14 yrs back. All along they were together, these fanatic fans are just ignorant put it this way.
      If they want to commit suicide for their idol they can do so, who is going to pity them? They can like Andy Lau for his looks, for his songs, for his acting etc but day dream to be married to him is impossible.

  15. Actually, there is one female here who tried to suicide when she found out that Raymond was dating Karena Ng.

    1. Hi Trini,
      All these fans have some underlying psychological problem in my opinion. I’ve always like the late Leslie Cheung, but it’s like only, I dont go to the extend like commit suicide etc. I cried when the news of him committed suicide, I was feeling sad. The same thing happened when I heard the news of Michael Jackson because all these ppl are very talented. That’s all but I wont go crazy over them. I hope all the fans out there wake up, dont waste your time over all these celebrities. You know them, but they dont know you for sure, they only want money.

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