“L’Escargot” Ending Spoilers Revealed!

Many Hong Kong people work their entire lives in order to chase after the dream of buying their own houses, which was the theme of TVB’s currently aired hit drama, L’Escargot <缺宅男女>. In the series, Michael Miu (苗僑偉) and his siblings nearly became enemies due to property disputes.The 30-episode series was especially popular among housewives and the young generation. Last Thursday’s episodes averaged ratings of 29 points, with approximately 1.85 million viewers.

The plot for L’Escargot thickened and approached an exciting climax recently. In last Thursday’s episode, greedy pregnant “Kwan Yi So” Mandy Wong (黃智雯) gave birth. On the other hand, wealthy businessman, Michael Tse (謝天華) and his wife, Joyce Tang (滕麗名) experienced marital dispute. Michael had an affair with his subordinate, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣). In a desperate attempt to raise quick cash for her boyfriend, Ron Ng 吳卓羲 (who incurred vast financial debts due to losses in the stock market), Linda slept with Michael Tse.

Although L’Escargot’s ending will not be broadcast until February 12, 2012, ending spoilers have already leaked. It was known that Ron refused to reconcile with Linda Chung, who had betrayed him in love.  Discovering that Linda slept with Michael, Ron was unable to swallow the betrayal. After heavy drinking, he became entangled with Michael Tse’s younger sister, JJ Jia (賈曉晨). Bent on seeking revenge, Ron started dating JJ. Later realizing that Linda had “sold her body” in order to help him repay his financial debts, Ron was very apologetic. Drinking heavily, Ron suffered a car accident and rushed to the hospital, he entered into a coma.

Never giving up on her old love, Linda frequented the hospital to take care of Ron. Although Ron was full of regret and guilt, he could not put behind the fact that Linda had an affair with Michael Tse. Ron refused to reconcile with Linda, who ended up being single and lonely. Although netizens have not watched the ending yet, the majority did not appear to be sympathetic towards Linda’s predicament, instead hoping that Ron would pair up with JJ instead. As for Michael Tse, he was moved by Joyce’s love and loyalty; thus the pair reconciled their marital differences.

Aside from Linda and Ron’s complicated love relationship involving several people, the audience was also concerned as to whether Michael Miu and his wife, Sonija Kwok (郭羡妮), will fulfill their dream of buying a house. After mother-in-law, Lo Yuen Yan’s (盧宛茵) death, Mandy Wong secretly changed the status of the home ownership for [her husband and herself] in the will, turning the siblings against each other in anger.

The kind-hearted Michael Miu could not withstand Mandy and Oscar Leung’s (梁烈唯 ) actions and retaliated, finally recovering the house ownership. When Mandy and Oscar finally realized their wrongdoings, they were forgiven by the family and moved to the new house that Michael Miu built in the village. The family came to an understanding in the finale.

Although Michael Miu and Sonija’s marriage was threatened by the appearance of third party, Wong Chi Hung (黃子雄), Michael and Sonija settled their differences and their marriage survived. Him Law (羅仲謙) and Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) had a happy ending together.

Producer Cheung Kin Man (張乾文) remained tight-lipped about the ending for L’Escargot. In a telephone interview, Producer Cheung said, “The ending is very surprising.” He may have referred to the outcome of Linda and Ron’s relationship, in which the former lovers did not get back together. Asked whether he will film an alternate ending, allowing the audience to make a choice, Producer Cheung said, “That is best; however the looks of the actors have all changed now.”

L’Escargot A Favorite Among Viewers

The entire cast had ample opportunities [to display their acting chops] in depicting their characters in L’Escargot; even the child actors had their crying scenes. However, the character that stood out the most was Mandy Wong’s pregnant spitfire role. Her greedy and dominant behavior was scolded vehemently by netizens. When Mandy was slapped by her husband, Oscar Leung, netizens cheered.

L’Escargot was also closely watched by numerous celebrities in the entertainment circle, including G.E.M., Felix Wong (黃日華), and Viann Zhang (張馨予). G.E.M. appeared to be excited by the love development between Ron Ng and Linda Chung. Felix Wong praised Michael Miu’s performance in the drama, writing on his blog, “The biggest pleasant surprise did not come from Linda Chung or Ron Ng; it came from Michael Miu instead! Michael left behind his chok look and approached the role from a practical standpoint. His expressions, stable attitude, and firm voice were right on mark! Personally, I think that L’Escargot is Michael Miu’s best representative drama since his return to the entertainment industry!”

Despite refusing to reconcile with Linda Chung who had betrayed their love in L’Escargot, Ron Ng was very accepting of the bold actions of girlfriend, Viann Zhang (張馨予), in real life.  Currently filming Loyalty of Yue Fei <精忠岳飛> in mainland China, Viann expressed happiness that Ron’s performance was praised in L’Escargot. Asked whether she had been watching L’Escargot, Viann said, “Yes, I did.”


Excerpt from Apple Daily

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  1. How surprising can it be when it is revealed?! I was hoping Linda ending up with Michael. Never expected Michael to go psycho for a while. I am also hoping Ron ending up with the timid rich girl. What a bummer from what I read.

    1. I was hoping for Linda to end up alone. I am one of those mentioned in the news who didn’t feel anything for Linda’s predicament. She brought it upon herself but is trying to convince everyone that she’s a victim. I don’t buy it. I also don’t buy her relationship with Michael. Something is lacking between them as characters and actors.

      1. Ron is the most sane character in the series and he deserves to end with a good woman but not JJ.

        Onto JJ her character and acting made me cringe. It can be one of the worst newbie acting in TVB now.

      2. JJ Jia’s not really a newbie, though. She has filmed for some mainland dramas in the past.

        I haven’t seen much of L’Escargot, but so far, I think she’s alright. After all, she is portraying an autistic person.

      3. She looks like a mentally challenged person ie Myolie’s role in GF instead of autistic.

      4. Autistic? Really? I just thought she is a very quiet loner with some social deficit whatever but autistic? I don’t think so. I don’t think this series has ever mentioned that, just that she is very quiet, too protected.

      5. And definitely not mentally challenged whatsoever. Just a person who has never mixed around her age, terribly shy, that’s all.

      6. When any of your family members owes a huge amount of money and couldn’t pay off, it’s reasonable you’ll seek for solution even sometimes risk your body just to settle this debts since its not that simple to deal with loan sharks.

        As for Linda, I could understand why she felt victim but what puzzled me she was crying and looking so sad when thinking Michael’s plane crashed and etc..

        I thought she only loves Ron and why feeling so sad towards Michael’s plane crash like he’s her lover?

      7. @Veejay
        Linda was crying over Michael’s plane crash cause it happened right after she learned about all the things Michael did for her. She thought he was dead before she even got to thank him or repay him. Don’t think it was love.

    2. Totally expected MM to go crazy. It was building up to him having a break down from the beginning.

      Although, I’m not sympathetic to Linda’s goody girl character (yet again), I’m rather annoyed that Michael Tse’s character needs to be “moved” by his wife’s loyalty, while Linda’s character gets dumped for trying to help her BF (however contrived that plot is).

      Although the writing for LE is not very original, I think they got a good, well-rounded cast for the characters and that’s the show’s strength.

  2. Is this series still airing? If so, then why are they revealing the ending?? I find it strange how they are revealing so many of the spoilers for many series lately?? Do they think that would make the audience become more interested?? Or what is their purpose?? I personally don’t mind knowing the ending in advance, however, I know that many people don’t…

  3. Not sure if these spoilers are true or not. If someone wakes up f/ a coma, the typical tvb style is that all is forgiven. I doubt they will have Linda end up alone.

    Anyway, I hope Ron doesn’t hurt JJ. If he uses her for revenge, then he is way worse than Michael.

    Hee, I was surprised by the PK bomb Michael miu dropped on Michael tse in Friday’s episode. But the throwing money part was a little over the top. Like hello, that money means nothing to a rich guy. The deed is already done too.

    BTW, I think sonija is really convincing as the long suffering wife of MM. It’s amazing that she can put up w/ a husband who keeps sacrificing their life for his side of the family.

    1. Miu and Sonija are among those characters I find insane and unbelievable. Miu mostly I find his actions unbelievable and stupid most of the time.

      1. Not quite. Big brothers in asian family without fathers tend to be very very much like Michael Miu’s character. Very frustrating but not insane or unbelievable.

      2. it is insane. i just dunno how the wife can put up with him.

  4. Linda is getting typecasted into crybaby and naive characters and I also found that she’s starting to cry in a formulaic way. I think she was overrated in YSSS and I’m getting tired of her crybaby characters. I suggest TVB to give Linda something with less crying . She was more enjoyable in her cheerful cahracter in Twilight Investigation.

  5. I love this series and I am hooked to it! I can’t wait to see the development of the story and each pair’s fate. And I love Ron’s role here. Great improvement on his part. What a great boyfriend he is! Feel so bad for him! However, I do think Michael Tse and Linda’s scenes are quite interesting to watch even though I know that their relationship is not appropriate.

    1. I don’t know but I think something is lacking between Linda and Michael as characters and actors. I don’t get excited by their romance.

      1. The most exciting aspect is that their relationship is forbidden. U don’t expect the good girl to do something so wrong.

      2. I know that their forbidden relationship is supposed to be exciting and engaging, but I think it’s irritating and lacking the electricity. That’s why I said the characters and actors are lacking something to sizzle their relationship.

    2. However I agree with you about Ron. He gives me a very pleasant surprise with great improvement on his part! I give him 2 thumbs up 😀

      I also like his character. He’s easily the most insane and believable character in this series among the sea of unbelievably irritating characters who keep making unbelievable stupid decisions and making trouble!

      1. But u have to admit, dai ding is not too smart either. Borrow money f/ loan shark and trust your loser coworker for a stock tip? Then later, actually believe that this billionaire wants your stock advice when u are nothing but a small bit broker.
        In the words of Mr. T: I pity the fool!

      2. Ron might be not that smart in business and investment, but his situation is not rare in real life. Many people have been losers and fools this way.

        but compare Ron to others such as Miu and Linda. I just want to smack sense into them over their mind boggling actions and stupid self victim excuses.

      3. @josie
        Well people don’t think properly when they are under stress or undergoing a critical situation. They just do whatever comes to their mind first to solve the problem.

        And I have always liked Ron’s acting. I think he’s very natural and cries very well. In this drama he did very good too. Liked how he was so sweet with his GF pretending to be that Randy guy and then not wanting to seperate with Linda and go home (the scene on the stairs right before he saw Linda and Michael).

    3. @lol @Aly

      Agreed! Ron improving so much! Super love Ron here I almost cried with him!:D The series is getting better too and getting more dramatic!

      1. well done, ron is a excellence actor but his singing quite crap

      2. I actually cried out (as always or at least most of the time) with both of them. They did the crying scene really well especially Ron. He really brought out the feelings of his character with his crying.

    4. i do feel the same. The series stop at episode 14…Grrrr…Love Michael and Linda role even though it is inappropriate. Love is great but in real life if you in the desperate situation, you just have to do what you have to do to survive and escape the life/death situation….

      As for Michael Miu role, it’s true in real life…but you will have a slim chance of married to a very patient and selfless wife…I don’t think TVB make Miu and Sonjia role insane and unbelievable.

  6. Everyone is praising Linda for her crying in this drama, but what about Ron? No one metioned his good crying in this drama.

    1. Really? That sounds like a double standard is going on. I feel bad for Ron is he’s being underrated. Honestly in my judgement he is better than Linda so far.

    2. @YanYanKong

      WTF? It must be because Linda is another one of 620’s darling.

      Ouch Ron got mistreated. Sick TVB 🙁

      1. If he didn’t get these chances we wouldn’t be able to see him crying until snot coming out of his nose last night. What a great leaps and bounds in improvement.

    3. really??? i thought this is one of her worst performance. It is like she went back being an amateur….

      1. Yes this is not one of Linda’s better performances. It’s quite perplexing that Yanyankong said she is still praised.

  7. I don’t buy Linda’s story as Michael did not force her to do anything..heck he even paid for everything etc already BEFORE she offered herself up to him

    And, why did she have to cry so much if it was just a ‘boss’ who was purportedly in a plane crash AND this may sound mean but it’s very human..imagine if it’s some guy who ‘helped’ u this much and you don’t like him AT ALL…won’t you be a little relieved on the off-chance that he may not be back..although of course you won’t HOPE for him to be actually dead BUT seriously I don’t find her a victim at all..very stupid excuse.

      1. Exactly Jasmine,

        Linda is starting to develop some feelings for Michael but deep inside she still loves Ron since they’ve been together for years. I think Linda just started to feel for Michael since he helped her so much.

    1. Yes agreed. I do think that Linda was confused at first… she wasn’t sure if her feelings toward Michael were genuine or if it was b/c she felt she owed him, probably a little bit of both. But after she slept w/ him, I think she realized that Ron was who she was in love with… and is in denial about why she did it, thus playing the victim. I don’t feel bad for her.

  8. personally, i think when linda’s character slept with michael tse’s character, it was more or less of an excuse to say that she slept with him to repay her debts. she was crushing on him prior to what happened in the office..

    1. I agree. She was flattered that he would do so much for her. If she didn’t like him, she would’ve told Ron about it instead of the dog.

      It’s just that she felt guilty and regretted it afterwards.

      1. josie,

        you say the correct word..exactly that’s how Linda felt..guilty and regretted after sleeping with Michael..I bet she’s flattered by Michael’s action too.

  9. One thing, I’m glad Dai Ding decides to break up with Lok because it’s obvious that Lok does have feelings for Jim, even though she is also very much in love with Dai Ding.

    On the other hand, I’m a little disappointed that Dai Ding decides to end his relationship with Lok just because she cheated on him once. If this was the other way around, would Lok forgive him?

    1. dai ding is especially sensitive to cheaters because his dad was one so he did not tolerate what lok did.

      1. Yes Ron’s dad being a cheater is another justification for his action to Linda after the betrayal.

    2. What Ron did was justifiable. Linda slept with another man behind his back and betray him. If you’re in his place you might do the same too. Anyone who has been betrayed in love can understand his action more. It’s also clear that Linda was crushing on Michael as she keep reminding herself that Ron is her boyfriend. I never bought Linda’s excuse to make herself a ‘victim’ in the betrayal. She puts her foot in the situation by herself and later trying to make excuses by using the debts to justify what happened between her and Michael. It’s insane.

    3. DISAPPOINTED???ADDY i guest you’ve cheated on ur bf b4 toO. ONCE A TRAITER ALWAYS TRAITER

      1. lmfao, I was trying to comment on the double standards. Basically, when the girl cheats, she’s automatically labeled a sl*t and cannot be forgiven. If the guy cheats, it’s nothing much, and he’s easily forgiven.

      2. And I’m not saying I don’t agree with Dai Ding dumping Lok! I agree, and I’m glad he did what he did. Lok’s excuse for sleeping with Jim was stupid anyways, because she obviously had feelings for him.

  10. How overrated was Linda’s acting? When Ron Ng started screaming at her for sleeping with Michael Tse, she started crying, fully mincing her face, but NO TEARS came out until the very end of the scene. Meanwhile, Ron Ng had snot running out of his nose. And everyone thinks Ng is crap…….

    1. @sushiroll

      Overrated max!!! ROFL at your description:
      “When Ron Ng started screaming at her for sleeping with Michael Tse, she started crying, fully mincing her face, but NO TEARS came out until the very end of the scene. Meanwhile, Ron Ng had snot running out of his nose”

      1. Ron look like an oscar holder next to Linda but compliment only given to 620’s little jade girl???

    2. I seriously think that Ron did well in this series – his expressions on his face when he heard everything between Michael and Linda were really good – quite heart-wrenching actually. Linda’s crying sometimes is quite uncomfortable to watch e.g. when Him Law was getting married…her crying was really fake I feel.

      I think Ron Ng has officially IMPROVED! haha yay!

      1. Correct! Ron’s crying is heartfelt and improved but Linda’s crying is fake! ROFL

      2. Yah Ron improved a lot. His expression when he heard Michael and Linda are tugging at your heart!

      3. WOW, after years of being a lead, Ron Ng has finally showed some acting chops.

      4. yay! Finally he is not as wooden..even before the crying scene I already thought he improved in this series hehe maybe Laughing gave him some tips haha

        Linda’s mouth is what makes it fake like I have to mention again during Him Law’s marriage registration, she was trying to portray a crying/ smiling/ touched expression but it just came off as a little girl shedding crocodile tears because her request to buy a toy was refused haha

      5. @kixbaby

        Ron is following Gallen Lo LOL. Gallen was wooden before he suddenly show his marvelous acting chops.

      6. @Jasmine

        ROFL definitely something about Linda’s crying that made her tears look fake crodocile tears LOL

      7. @Jasmine

        I heard so but similar to Ron’s journey Gallen grow up to #1 top siu sang in TVB

      8. @Vivien..thanks for the info haha

        Although Ron has improved..I hope that he stays consistent and improve further – I heard that he got a lot of acting tips from Damian Lau while filming Prominent Family hehe

      9. when he heard everything at the stairs, the reaction and hurtful expression on ron’s face absolutely ripped my heart out.
        i felt so bad for him. great acting, very convincing and real.

      10. Agreed. Ron was brilliant at the scene of him hearing Linda and Michael. You can see from his hurtful expression that his heart is ripped hearing their them!

    3. I loved Ron’s acting during the crying scene. I’ve mentioned it so many times already, but that’s cause I really did love it so much.LOLs I’ve watched that scene over and over again and I still feel so touched when I watch it.

      1. Also, I really wish Ron could win or atleast be nominated for best actor award from this series, but I’m sure he won’t be. Most commenters here say he’s good, but the news and TVB isn’t really saying anything about it. He’s worked really hard though but for some reason, he’s just not that famous anymore. =((

      2. YanYanKong,
        Ron already won Best Actor Award for “Pretty Maid” from I-Cable.
        It is good that Ron has an acting breakthrough in “L’Escargot” and hope he continues to do better in “Prominent Family.”

  11. There should some sacrifice and forgiveness in true love. Linda’s one night stand to pay off debt; if Ron really loves her, he should forgive her & move on with their marriage. Why is it such a big deal that women can not have sex men but men can with many women?

    1. who says men can have sex with many women, and they won’t get dumped?

      on another note…

      linda’s excuse for having sex with michael is quite forced. as several people mentioned above, linda seems to have a little crush on michael otherwise she wouldn’t have been so worried when he was potentially dead. michael didn’t rape her nor asked her to repay him with her body, linda just somehow went along with the makeout session and ended up sleeping with him — that’s only HER one directional unspoken offer of repaying mike, he didn’t even expect the sex was for repayment. he probably thought linda had feelings for him, they were “making love” not just sex for repayment.

  12. oh, and honestly, as a female…

    no matter how thankful i am, and how much i feel i owe someone, i would never willingly have sex with a man i don’t have feelings for.

    maybe that’s just me, i would probably try to find another way to repay that person. like study super hard and work extremely hard to earn the money and repay the person back. or just be available to help whenever that person ever needs my assistant — not by giving him a bj and spreading my you-know-what…..

    1. Yeah i totally agree with you, it seems she does have feelings for Jim. Her excuse is plain stupid if anything else repaying debt by sex would in my eyes be classified as “prostitution”

      I like Linda however her crying is not that convincing and im glad “Ron” dumped her for cheating on him. I intially thouhgt Linda was the one to do the dumping.

      This series gets a little boring and i don’t feel following it anymore.

      1. @exoidus

        I salute you for not defend Linda’s acting although you’re a big fan LOL. Ya she’s hardly convincing. She should take some pointers from Ron who did brilliant and hurtful

      2. @Vivien

        Im trying to be objective and I do agree that “wooden” Ron has improved. I suppose it’s natural to imrpoved being in the business for so many years with so many chances. He knows as well that he needs to play less plastic dolls and work harder otherwise other newbies will surpass him easily.

        Let’s see if he will be stable or revert back to his wooden face once more. Still I don’t consider him as anything special.

      3. So having gf/bf = dun work hard anymore? And having gf/bf with nice body = lazy?


  13. Didn’t mean to offend anyone. But thought life is too short & they shouldn’t be too rigid. Regardless, thing (sex) is already happened. Why making everything complicated and be more sorrowful. They should move on, forget about the past if they really live each other.

  14. On comparing Ron Ng to Gallen Lo, I really thought Gallen Lo’s career took off after Old Time Buddies (comedic range) and Cold Blood Warm Heart. So if Ron is on similar trajectory, I thought he excelled in A Chip off the Old Block. Now he just needs a true villain/anti hero role that does not make him get into spastic rage or dumb rich boy redemption (like how I was rooting for Bosco’s Bico all the way).

    Linda Chung has way reverted back to few years ago for me. She has starred in many shows as 1st or 2nd lead (real age 27) and yet she acts like naive little girl. I thought she was horrible rich spoiled brat villain in Gem of Life, but its rediculous to go back to 20 yr old ingenue princess.

    I cannot watch her cry about Michael Tse or recoil in terror when he tries to hug her.

    1. I never considered Linda a really good actress, but watching TGOL changed my thoughts on her. She was absolutely irritating and despicable in TGOL, which meant she did the job well. But like you said, she seems to have reverted back to her princess roles, which was what made me disinterested in her the first place.

    2. It’s uncomfortable to watch Linda in this character and her crying hardly convincing but I don’t know why the press keep writing about her so called brilliant crying? Are the press tipped off by TVB and 620?

      1. I think too much of crying can really make ppl to feel annoyed..

      2. Yea, too much crying, whining, or anything of some sort gets annoying…

      3. Sometimes not crying is superior to crying like a baby. Still Linda’s crying skills is better than 95% of any other artists in TVB.

      4. lol. The reporter who wrote the article might be Linda’s subjective fan? 😛

      5. While Ron’s crying is moving and hurting, Linda’s crying and whining feel more like a nuisance that you just want to fast forward. Something is unconvincing.

      6. Just because Linda has “some” crying skills, the audience does not need to see more than one whole episode of her just crying in every scene.

        She should be truly portraying guilt, sadness, anger at herself – I see this more as needing time alone, talking to herself, numbing herself by alcohol/extreme exercise, overworking, putting off wedding.

        She (and the directors) opts for crying, helplessness, punishment, rushing to get married, covering things up.

  15. I agree with Felix Wong. I really like Michael Miu’s performance in this series compared to the ones he has done in the past.

  16. Actually haven’t seen this as I was and still ‘turned off’ by the English title. What is L’Escargot?? Sounds strange and doesn’t give any hints of the storyline.

    1. “L’Escargot” means “the snail” in French. This drama is based on a Mainland drama called “Dwelling Narrowness”, and the Chinese title of that show is called 蜗居, which translates to “Snail House”

  17. The show is good. Michael Mui’s character reminds me of my brothers, always thinking about family. Ron is not bad, he’s definitely improved big time. Linda on the other hand makes me want to press the forward button. Btw, Ron did try to go back to look for her, but unfortunately he saw Michael Tse helped Linda getting in his car, which ultimately made him break it off with her for good. I actually like JJ’s character, her acting doesn’t bother me because I know people who are painfully shy like her in real life, even though they do annoy the &$@! out of me sometimes Lolz. As for Oscar and his wife, I’m not surprised at all by their characters…very typical hongers.

  18. I also thought Sonja’s advice to Linda about lying to Ron about the affair forever was bogus. He might not want to hear about it, but based on Linda’s personality the secret would either eat her alive or come out via third party (which was what happened).

  19. Does anyone think that Lok Lok (Linda)was a virgin before sleeping with Gao Wan Tsim? Do you think that he took away her virginity? I think that annoys me more than her excuse. I am surprised that it did not come up in the story line, nor did anyone mention it.

    I am assuming that she was a virgin based on her character’s personality and the fact that she doesn’t know how to drink alcohol (the scene when Jim got her a margarita).
    I know that Lok Lok and Dai Ding were very much in love (and have been together for years) and they spent nights together in lamma island, but her character does not seem like she would have sex before marriage.
    So, I think that if she really did lose her virginity to Jim, then, yes, it would be impossible for Dai Ding to forgive her.

    1. No, she’s not a virgin? Because when she wanted to get married urgently, Dai Ding asked her if it’s because she pregnant. Just because she doesn’t drink alcohol on a recreational basis, shouldn’t assume she’s a virgin? Nowadays, sex before marriage is so common.

      1. Are u sure it was dai ding that asked that? I thought it was one of her brothers.
        Anyway, I’m pretty sure they don’t play cards all night when they go to lamma island.

      2. I’m like 95% sure, as I just watched before I posted the comment. It’s not the scene where she said she wanted to get married, but one of the night scenes afterwards.

      3. oh, i think i remember now. when lok lok asked dai ding to marry her after fixing her shoes, and one of the brothers asked that when they announced it at home at dinner. I always thought that was more like a teasing joke though. I know that sex before marriage in common, but like Josie’s comment, ” I’m pretty sure they don’t play cards all night when they go to lamma island.” Her character just seems like they would not have sex before marriage. She just seems obedient in that way. She wasn’t even allowed to move out with Dai Ding, because her mom or older brother didn’t want her to “seet dai”.

    2. I don’t think she is a virgin. And I am getting tired of watching these 2 lovebirds playing with other people’s hearts. I am beginning to pity the Gao family actually. At least Jim and his sister truly loved these 2 idiots, respectively.

      1. Actually, only JJ is innocent. Jim wants to have his cake and eat it too.

        Hehe… I have to say that Michael is rather lucky to film those bed scenes w/ Joyce tang.

      2. Unfortunately, any pity felt for JJ’s character when I have to watch her speak on screen. And end up forwarding all her scenes as she’s so bad.

      3. Actually I even thought Jim is sorta innocent. He genuinely loved Lok Lok but now Lok Lok is sorta using his affection to get back at our hero. Our hero is using poor stuttering girl to get back our heroine. Messy because these 2 makes it messy. I do feel in his own way Jim is an innocent party. He never asked Lok Lok to sleep with him. She felt indebted to him, he never asked he to feel indebted to him. Of course in all the anger, etc one question never pop up from Lok Lok to Jim; like “Hey dude, you’re so married! Leave me alone!!”

    3. And dai ding is not angry she is not a virgin but rather she lied to him. He thought she was materialistic. I do think in real life someone as innocent as Lok Lok will fall for someone as attractive as Jim. He is older, wiser, richer, more worldly, experienced, he can give her the life and experience she wants. In real life Jim would have divorced his wife who was an actress and not some rich man’s daughter and married Lok Lok and Lok Lok would become a society lady in charities.

      But this being TVB, as with the spoilers revealed, sadly it won’t be that way.

  20. How is this show? I watched 3 episodes and found it awfully boring with a boring plot. Should I give it another try?

    1. Yes. Or you can just skip to the crying scene and see if you start crying. I’ve watched that scene a billion times and still get touched by it.

    2. I find it boring too after a few episodes, so not watching. Wish and Switch was good for the first 8 episode, then became crap.
      The best show TVB is airing atm is the sitcom with Kiki and Joyce.

  21. Why Ron has to cover his face all the crying scenes?

    A small question: Do this series done by Lau Ka Ho? I found the concept is very similar to HOG and MR anyway.

  22. I also think Ron did a great job on the emotional scenes. You can see a range of emotions that he was hurt, betrayed, angry, and sad and he did so, so handsomely. 🙂 He should deserve more credit and his acting has improved a lot. Hope he continues to get better.

    On the other note, I don’t like the pairing of Linda and Michael. It lacks chemistry and I don’t understand how he can just fall in love with her by a few glances, especially when he has his wife and act all lovey dovey with her. Why does he think that he can go and just ruin another’s relationship like, even when Linda has rejected him many times?

  23. How can this be… A TVB series without a tragic death in the ending? I’ll believe it when I see it!

  24. I actually sympathize with Linda on accepting this role. I thought she had initially rejected this role however maybe not able to do so ,due to management’s upper hand.The character Lok Lok is really lousy and I thought she was supposed to be smart and learned and for gods sake resign from the job and get out of Jim’s company.

    1. What I pity for linda is she has to kiss Michael many times in L’Escargot!! hehehehehe

      Lucky michael..;)

      1. Why pity her, Veejay?
        MT looks like a good kisser. Experienced, ya know.

        MT is quite lucky in this series. Not only get to kiss jade girl Linda, also have bed scenes w/ Joyce. He got more action in this series than w/ fala in LoO.

      2. hehe, cuz I think MT was a bit too old for Linda but is ok since MT is quite “chok” in his office looks.

        and yeah, MT gets lot of actions hahahhaa~

        I enjoyed watching how they kiss too not like CPR, Funn & Josie.

    2. Yep, he is supposed to be a bit older than her since he’s an established businessman and married man! I know their relationship is definitely wrong and inappropriate but I actually enjoying seeing their scenes together!

      As for the kissing scenes, it was probably necessary for the script and was not overdone like Kate and Bosco kissing in almost every other episode in LOO. As a fadan at TVB, she probably expects to need to do kissing scenes, right? Michael is not too bad. I’m sure she would rather kiss him than kiss someone even older like Damien Lau. I heard Tavia and him will have kissing scenes in Prominent Family. Now that’s kinda pushing it.

      1. I wonder if tavia is being punished for hooking up w/ Him Him.
        I can understand her playing the younger wife but is kissing “daddy” really necessary? Can’t they just do camera angles or fade out of the scene?

      2. “I wonder if tavia is being punished for hooking up w/ Him Him.”

        Really? By punishing she can be leading actress in the upcoming series? Damien Lau is not a bad guy to kiss. He is a veteran, very good actor, probably can kiss also.

      3. Well, they can’t demote her to supporting actress just yet. But will have to see if sire, Rebecca, or JJ will steal any of her scenes.

        Bottomline, tavia doesn’t want to kiss the veteran and the audience doesn’t wanna see it either.

      4. I like their scenes together too! A lot of people are rooting for Dai Ding but I think Lok Lok looks better with Jim. Plus I think she looks a bit haggard.

  25. I have been watching till episode 25th. I dont think ka lok doesnt’t like Jim at all!!

    At 1st I watch the drama because it felt its so much closer t reality. Like our daily life. But TVB as always only one to make up happy / perfect ending.

    As for me, I would prefer an ending which is closer to reality. So I make up my own ending

    I taught the end of the drama should be like this. Ka Lok ended up be the mistress to Jim. Man Wah couldn’t accept but she miscarriage and Ka Lok was pregnant. Ka Lok family have to accept and so do Man Wah. Dai Ding got into accident and Joyce willing to take care of him and they leave happily in their own world.

    If Ka Lok ended up alone than the whole world wouldn’t have mistress. I dont mean to accept that Mistress is a good thing or i supported Ka Lok this character but in real life there are so many Mistress. So why dont TVB make it more cruel. More into our real society.

    Life is about ups and downs. Everyone have to continue their life and accept the mistake they have done. Looking forward.

    Moral of the drama every action u take u have to know and think first so there is regrets.

    1. Reality is if Ka Lok got pregnant first, Jim will divorce his wife. Dai Ding won’t end up with Joyce because her brother will have him die first before letting him marry his sister who will end up marrying with a richer family.

    2. i think if pregnant ka lok also can become mistress… like Stanley Ho, his mistress also bear him children…

      1. who knows story can goes upon imagination! :)it mustn’t always be the happy ever after ending/ near to perfect ending. A bit too fake i feel.

  26. totally agree with your comment…in reality mistress comes in all forms, good, sultry, bad, bit**y. And rich man usually has plenty of mistress…

  27. Saw the last episode and I feel it was an apt ending. I like the ending.

  28. Just finished the series!

    I agree with a lot of the statements here about Linda’s character. I do think that she had a crush on Jim, so trying to justify sleeping with him the first time as ‘gratitude’ was a cop-out. One thing I can’t understand though. What was so attractive about Ka Lok that she had two (interesting/intelligent/handsome) men vying for her heart?? Sure, she’s kind of cute in an innocent way. She’s loyal to family and friends. But… she was indecisive at best, she rarely made a strong opinion regarding her life (until the very end), and she seemed to always need a man to bail her out of her problems. I just don’t see how both men would be so crazy about a character like that.

    I also wished that the viewers got to see Ron’s decision at the end. It seemed like he ended up with Joyce by default. In addition, the actress who played this character laid it waaay too thick with the innocent act. She came off almost like a young teenager, and almost gave me the creeps to think of her having adult relations.

    That being said, this was one of the more enjoyable series I have seen in a while, and well-acted for the most part. When the mother character died, I ended up in tears myself. And although the ending came about way too quickly (and too neatly resolved), I enjoyed that it was very much like real life… no huge villian to overcome, just selfish people making good on some selfish decisions.

    1. Ron and Linda are first love so of course she’s special.

      I think Jim was infatuated w/ Linda’s soft and innocent personality. It made him feel manly to protect her and rescue her all the time.
      Anyway, he paid dearly for his hero lust.

      1. Ugh. I can agree with you there. In this day and age, it is depressing to still see the ‘helpless female’ characteristics be considered attractive though!

  29. Another TVB lame ending as usual. TVB writers need to get fired. Everything starts off good in a TVB series, then it climates then falls down hard like the writers scrambling to cram the entire ending in an episode for the sake of ending it.

    These characters are just stupid. Need a job? Sure, go out and start a business and it’s all good. Need a mistress? I can’t divorce my wife for some odd reason. I mean who thinks up this sh*t?

    The entire series was about trying to buy a home in HK – then it became a love triangle and then a pile of dung. Absolutely horrid.

  30. I also need to comment on some of these “reality” tvb series: We live in 2012. Where in HK do you see girls depressed because they slept with a rich man?

    Not only is this series stupid as sh*t, it is just unrealistic. One night stand with another married man and it’s like she is going to prison forever. Who the hell doesn’t cheat on their wife this time and age? The story was meant to be about the hardships of living in HK and the hardships of buying a house.

    Then it spins off into some love triangle bullsh*t and that Ron Ng character is just really stupid. So he is poor and works his ass off but somehow he is able to instantly gain millions of dollars because of his GF’s cheating habits, he motivates himself to the top. If only this was true in reality in HK.

    To push out the mom in the series, she just dies. Nice ending for her. Then you throw in the useless characters like YOYO chen and him law for no good reasons just to look as though there is a great huge family to look after.

    I mean seriously, TVB is just one big fail. They re-use these people for other TVB series back to back. Look at the upcoming hypocritically 36 hours on call show – recognize the characters?

    TVB actors have NO RANGE. It’s quite sad to see Michael Miu have to resort to doing more TVB series – he is an old school legend and deserve better than the TVB writing. It’s not that the story ending like a pile of dung, it’s the fact these TVB writers think the audience are stupid.

    There needs to be more competition towards TVB – it is not how it use to be the series these days – most of the contents are just utter crap.

    1. Besides the points u mentioned, the most unrealistic part was MM’s retinal degeneration being magically cured by the knock to the head. Like a cartoon!

      1. Could happen! Read some woman being sick and then when recovered spoke with a french accent or something!

  31. Linda should pick roles that doesn’t require crying all the time. Her crying ability is pretty cool and all, but it gets annoying.

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