Li Chen Chased Fan Bingbing for One Whole Year

Since going public with their relationship in May, actress Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) and actor Li Chen (李晨) have seen their dating history and every movement fall under public scrutiny. It was recently reported that Li Chen romanced Bingbing for one entire year before she agreed to date him.

During the one year in which Li Chen strove to gain Fan Bingbing’s approval, he held fast to one conviction: he wanted to give her a sufficient and firm sense of security. Although Bingbing is known for her independent personality and aggressive image, Li Chen refused to use that as an excuse to slack off as a boyfriend.

“Women who are more capable will feel more like they want to be protected,” shared Li Chen. “Don’t let her be so independent that people will feel sorry for her.”

He added that the most important thing is that “when other people mistreat her, I will be by her side. When she is lonely, I will accompany her.”

Li Chen has certainly remained true to his word, as shown when his ex-girlfriend, actress Viann Zhang (張馨予), accused Fan Bingbing of being the third party in their relationship and causing their breakup. At the first opportunity, Li Chen jumped up to defend Bingbing by explaining the entire story and denouncing any rumors.

“Although [Fan Bingbing] is very strong inside, I am still not willing to let my past bring her harm,” Li Chen said. “From now on, I will protect her, to the very best of my ability!”

Though Fan Bingbing has mostly remained quiet when asked about her relationship with Li Chen, she did share a tidbit about her outlook on romance at a recent promotional event. In her eyes, true love is “being able to sacrifice one’s own life for someone else.”


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