Lin Gengxin: “I Won’t Tell When I Get Married”

Thanks to Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心> and Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon <狄仁傑之神​​都龍王>, newcomer Lin Gengxin (林更新) is enjoying a rise in popularity that has made him one of the most popular up-and-coming actors in mainland China. He recently starred alongside actress Zhou Dongyu (周冬雨) in My Old Classmate <同桌的你>, which opened in theaters on April 25.

Though his character in My Old Classmate is a fun-loving youngster who will go all-out to chase the girl of his dreams, Lin Gengxin himself is more low-key when it comes to romantic relationships. He shared in a recent interview that, like in My Old Classmate, he fell in love for the first time at age 18, despite his parents’ disapproval. However, he and his girlfriend grew apart after graduation and eventually broke up.

“A lot of my close friends were like this,” said Lin Gengxin in a very matter-of-fact way. “We got into college, which was a new beginning but also the end of a love.”

For Lin Gengxin, many things in life seem quite straightforward. When the news leaked that he had broken up with his ex-girlfriend last October, some people suspected that the split was because Lin Gengxin wanted to pursue his costar, Zhou Dongyu. Since then, he has not divulged any information to clarify the situation, though he did note that he and Dongyu do not see much of each other apart from promotional events.

“Even if I really were with Zhou Dongyu, I wouldn’t share about it with other people,” he said. “I won’t even tell others when I get married.”

Free to Create Own Public Image

Lin Gengxin’s straightforward take on life also appears to extend to his career. Rumors began surfacing in 2012 that he was on bad terms with his management company, Chinese Entertainment Shanghai. Last year, he officially terminated his contract with the company, and though he had to pay 1.95 million RMB as compensation for breaking his contract, he seems to have made the right choice.

“I didn’t break my contract,” he said when asked about the issue. “It’s just that the company’s demands and my expectations were not really the same. I think this is very common – it’s like when you’re working for a company and then you switch jobs.”

Perhaps it is because he is no longer under a specific management company that Lin Gengxin can be so free with his thoughts and actions. He often posts silly photographs to his Sina Weibo account, and admitted straight out that he is a male chauvinist, though he is working hard to change. In the middle of the interview, he even stood up and asked, “Can I use the restroom?”

“I don’t want a fixed public image,” he explained. “If they seem me as healthy, or sunny, or a good man, those are all okay with me.”


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  1. Seem like a straightforward person, I quite like his interview 🙂 another plus from the upcoming new star! Can’t wait to see his new movie/drama

    1. If he keeps his beard secret, that is his business. I agree with you @JennieN, he is becoming an arrogant prick as his star is rising.

  2. I prefer him with his head shaved. Anyone?

      1. I forgot to add, specifically from the front view. I totally forgot about the tail! D8

  3. I like him the most in Young Detective Dee. He is cute.

    It is a right decision to keep secret about the marriage.

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