Lin Gengxin to Pay Management Company 1.95 Million RMB for Breaking Contract

After being mired in contract disputes for a year, mainland Chinese actor Lin Gengxin (林更新) and his management company have finally reached an agreement, which will lead to the termination of Lin Gengxin’s contract and his forking over 1.95 million RMB as compensation.

In February of this year, Lin Gengxin sued his management company, Chinese Entertainment Shanghai, for failing to fulfill their end of the contract, which had been signed in 2010. According to the terms of their agreement, Chinese Entertainment Shanghai was obligated to allocate a manager exclusively for Lin Gengxin, and to assist in furthering his career in the entertainment industry.

Although Lin Gengxin’s popularity soared after Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心>, it was rumored that he was discontent with his company’s over-promotion of leading actress Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩). As a result, in December of last year, he submitted a request to have his contract rescinded. When the company rejected his request, Lin Gengxin filed a lawsuit, hoping that the court would verify the termination of his contract that month.

Chinese Entertainment Shanghai then issued a counter-claim, requesting Lin Gengxin to continue carrying out the terms of his contract. The company also requested that he pay compensation for any related losses, since he had begun attending product endorsement activities of his own volition, thus violating his contract. Under their agreement, Chinese Entertainment Shanghai has the right to demand 30 percent of his revenue to cover any monetary losses.

After conducting two investigations, the First Intermediate People’s Court in Shanghai concluded that Chinese Entertainment Shanghai had not violated any of the contract’s agreements. As a result, Lin Gengxin possessed no legal reason to request an end to his contract.

The court ordered Lin Gengxin to pay Chinese Entertainment Shanghai a total of 1.95 million RMB as compensation. In order to avoid further conflicts between the two parties, his management contract will also be terminated.


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  1. i have no idea who he is but poor guy. he might have to end up selling himself to some rich person….

    1. Actually, he is doing quite well. Getting all the blockbuster projects and movies (on his own, without the companies help), which is more than any of his collegues at the agency have gotten.

      Even Cecilia haven’t starred in a major box office and his series with Ruby Lin did quite well. So NO, he is not burying himself at all. He is BETTER off not being in the company.

      1. @babe: i think so too, he better leave TR

        i have the feeling that he might know he would lose in this case but definitely he will get out from there

      2. Love him in drama go go go, how I wish they could be together hahaha

  2. Sigh. I really liked him in BBJX.
    Anyways him doing this is like setting himself in a grave.. I’m sorry but he’s stupid for doing so. Good luck finding another management company.

    1. His smartest move was leaving Shanghai Entertainment. That agency is going downnnnnnnnnnnnn.

      1. As of now, it looks pretty decent, but going off bad terms with his management office (who has offices in 上海,於北京、横店、香港、台湾) doesn’t seem to be favorable to him. And I think you can value his matters in different ways such as
        1. being smart by leaving and finding himself his own series to film.
        2. It could be seen as disrespectful, not thankful because it was this company who led him to stardom in BBJX.

        But it may be too early to judge :p

      2. I think as long as you have a good fan base, and continually churn out good popular series, you will be fine. So maybe he will be fine

      3. As long as you have many fans,good coonections,etc… Then you will be fine. But as to whether leaving is a good or bad decision, time will tell.

    2. I’ve read a year ago that he got offered by Huayi Brothers, the biggest management company in China and company that’s making big stars and mega box office.

      All the projects he’s doing was his own doing because of the reluctant of his company helping him. Yes, indeed disrepectful, but it appears that the only artist the company cared to promote was Cecilia. If you’ve seen, most of the company’s resources was following her.
      I guess who would want to stick around?

      Cecilia is okay as an actress, but she wouldn’t be considered great. She’s a very limited actress IMO.

      1. thanks for the information (:
        And I agree that Cecilia is an okay actress. I am just waiting to see her performance in the sequel to BBJX since she’s portraying two roles and the trailers were interesting! =)

      2. frankly said, even i like cecilia, she really is just okay. i like her gentle look though

  3. is this mean he is not in good condition with shishi too? aw that’s bad, i love all BBJX behid the scenes, the interaction between Ruoxi and the 9 princes..

    one should not blame cecilia on this, IMO their management not doing a good job in managing their artists.

    shishi is improving and still, only now she got the opportunity to play as the leading role where before this almost 6-5 years she only playing as the second lead/minor role …

    anyway, good luck LGX

    1. I don’t think the artists themselves are on bad terms, I’m pretty sure they are still friends. Nobody is putting blame on Cecilia, just the company not doing their job for ALL their artists. Yuan Hong (13th prince in BBJX) left the company the same way and he is so much better off with his new management.

  4. RMB1.95 million for his freedom? Worth it. He can gain it back by taking two or three filming projects.

  5. Wow, that’s indeed no small amount to have to pay and I wonder if that was a good move for him to leave Shanghai Entertainment then. After all, he is still so young and should have been patient to finish off his contract. I think he acted a little too rashly.

    1. that’s how I feel too. Is always better to leave the company in good terms. I mean he is still young and there is always opportunity in the future. In a way, he may be a bit arrogant

    2. @P.Tan
      I think he have about 7 years to go with the company. With the way he’s been treated, no reason to stay any longer. He was wrong with taking projects not approved by the company, but why were they holding him back? The projects he was offered and taking was with big names in the indstries making big bucks.

      He did offer to film BBJQ in exchange for his freedom, but they refused to make that agreement. He clearly was not happy being with them.

      1. Well said Malya! If a company treats you badly, why stay? Unless you honestly have no other choice. As we can with how TVB badly treats their artists but yet some still endure it for several years because they have no where else to go and no other choice. However, if you do have other choices, why endure the bad treatment?

  6. If 30% of his revenue is 1.95 million RMB, Lin Gengxin is still making ALOT of money! He ain’t gotta worry. He’s actually doing fine without the company’s help and is getting his name out there without their help. I actually don’t like this company because I think they’re too restricted with their artists. I like Shi Shi, but I don’t think her career will grow far by staying in the company. If you look at Hu Ge’s career. It’s kinda also stagnant right now and he still haven’t really grown out of his old image yet in the viewer’s eyes yet.

    1. wish Hu Ge could get a breakout movie role. But he’s probably more pre-occupied with his Japanese restaurant
      and doing stage plays.

      1. I am sure Hu Ge will be fine and sooner or later he will get a break through role in a movie.

  7. I think he will do fine with out Tangren. If all fails he can join Ruby’s company! She is doing pretty well too!

    1. Yea, he can join Ruby’s company since they already know each other and she recruited him before to act in that one series. However, I must say that so far I do not like a single series produced by her.

      1. haven’t watched Go Go go yet but I really liked 倾世皇妃 (:

      2. I actually enjoyed the one with her and Wallace. People say her costume selection are tacky in in that series, but I like it. She is in the new series with her and Yaun hong and I must say she has good taste in clothing designs !

      3. I have watched GoGo and Qing Shi Huang Fei and did not like either of them. I thought they both had a good beginning, then it started to drag in the middle, and they really rushed the ending. I noticed how that seemed to be a trend in her series. Her costumes are ok and while some are nice but some were a but tacky.

      4. The clothing design was far more elegant than any Qing dynasty costumes, particularly those for males. Tacky best describes bright red and turquoise with shiny yellow so common in Qing male costuming.

      5. Drama go go go was a bit draggy, but it was not bad lol. And I quite like it still, maybe draggy, but it leave you guessing since all of the male leads could give you a sense that they will make her happy. I quite like that series lawl. It’s not as draggy as other Chinese drama, and her series always very eye candy with solid acting, unlike ally of other Chinese series where the male is fugly, and the girls are all ducklip >_> where they constantly try to create humour (but it’s actual cringe worthy) and actually draggy with support cast filler that make you want to punch the tv. Her drama are quite solid, very little tacky moment to stress it out. Also a lot of time, her drama feel rush at end is because of the require length, aka can’t exceed certain length? Qshf met that problem

  8. The price isn’t that much worry to Lin Gengxin. It equals to at max 5 series. It’s up to the opportunity he has with the new company, if they won’t promote him, then he has bad decision.

    1. It can’t be that bad of a decision, if the old company didn’t do anything for him either.

      Like I said, he’s been getting wonderful offers in movies without the help of the old company, so nothing to lose really.

  9. It is better to pay know while he is still in demand for films. He is still young and has plenty of time and opportunity to earn that money back. But if he continues to be dragged down by TR’s bias, it would ruin he career.

    Good job LGX!!! Love 14th!

  10. wow im glad for him. it’s definitely unfair to him. but i believe he will do fine without that company, and i am sure another company will pick him up and treat him better. they seriously need to grow their actors and actress better. yes Hu Ge need a different image too. There’s nothing wrong with his smart and witty image but i would like to see a different image of him too.

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