Linda Chung Expresses Admiration for Ruco Chan

Despite not winning any acting awards last year, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) described 2012 to be a fulfilling year, due to her filming opportunities and music achievements.

Linda was in 6 productions last year, the most prolific year in her 9-year TVB career. Although the series were all shown in the earlier part of the year, it did not stop the viewers from taking notice of Linda’s versatility as an actress. The role Linda played as Hailey in Witness Security <護花危情> was especially indelible. “This is one of my favorite roles yet. Not only was the role different, Hailey also suffered from a stress disorder and this really allowed me to challenge my acting skills. Even when she cried, she could not just bawl, it had to be a quiet cry that came from the heart. I know Hailey has also left a deep impression on the viewers. To some viewers, I’m not Linda, I’m Hailey.”

High Praises for Ruco Chan

Now in the midst of filming Brother’s Keeper <巨輪> with Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Linda is both excited and delighted. Brother’s Keeper, a drama which covers Hong Kong’s turbulent events from 1980 to 2013, will see Linda collaborating with Ruco for the first time. Linda said excitedly, “I really admire Ruco. He is an actor with extensive experience and one of the artists that I discussed acting theories with the most.  He taught me a lot of things.”

In the drama, Linda plays the role of Rachel, a fashion designer who was brought up overseas. As the show spans several decades, Linda will also play the teenage Rachel. The image of the young Rachel is almost an exact copy of Linda’s own teenage look. Not only that, Linda comfortably and easily immerses into the role of Rachel, who like herself, grows up overseas and speaks extensively in English.

Linda Wants a Fantasy Love Story

As for onscreen partners, Linda hopes to work with Wayne Lai (黎耀祥). “I know I can gain some acting lessons from him. But most importantly, I think we are pretty similar in character. Like me, he likes to keep to himself. He once told me that it is okay to stay true to one self, as long as we remain professional during filming.”

Even though Linda had the opportunity to play 6 different roles in 2012, she still wants to dabble in new challenges. She said excitedly, “Now that I have veered away from playing a sweet young thing, I want to play a villain! Or perhaps someone who is handicapped. That will surely push my acting to new heights!”

A romantic at heart, Linda has a dream love story she wants to act in. She said, “I love fantasy stories! I want to portray a whimsical role, like a mannequin. In the day, she’s a still and quiet mannequin and at night, she comes alive and falls in love with a man, just like the love story between Leon Lai (黎明) and Michelle Reis (李嘉欣) in Fallen Angels <墮落天使>, so unreal yet so romantic!”

Hopes for 2013

After 4 years and 4 albums, Linda also has made progress in her singing career, having just snagged the Metro Radio Hits Female Singer Award and her single, “Vaccine” <預防針> also secured a place in the 30th JSG Music Awards. Her next step will be a concert.

Voted 2012 Most Popular Commercial Queen by TVB Weekly, Linda has her sweet roles and clean image to thank. She joked, “I’m happy with this award because it enhances my wallet!” Saving up to buy an apartment, Linda would not mind more endorsements, particularly in a telecommunications or cosmetics advertisement.

Initially, there were plans for Linda to host a travel program at the English-speaking Pearl station but it did not materialize. Linda hopes that in 2013, she will be able to take a break from acting and try a hosting job.

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  1. I really hope that day will not come. Wayne is now TV King and everyone wants to collaborate with him. Her acting still needs improving compare to actresses who can actually act

    1. Agree. Why does every actress want to collaborate with Wayne Lai? Wayne’s acting is good in certain roles, but not in every role that he played. There are a lot of good actors in TVB, such as Damian Lau, and even some veteran “greenleaves”.

      1. Well, compare to the other actors in TVB, Wayne is the best. Linda is a person that is not yet qualified to collaborate with Wayne

      2. Well, Linda clearly said they were similar in character which is why she thinks it would be nice to work with him.

        And whether a person is ‘qualified’ to work with another person or not isn’t up to you. And FYI, they collaborated in that gambling series ‘Best Bet’.

    2. Linda’s acting isn’t that good yet? Well that’s so not true I mean Linda does act well. And she just wants to collaborate with him. No one needs to be that good to work with anyone.

  2. im happy that she is trying to explore new aspects in the entertainment world! These are called passionate celebrities…not the ones stuff doing one thing for the next 30 years of their life!

    good luck linda and all the best with your plans!

    1. it’s good to explore, but she should focus on one aspect first and be good at it before doing other things(i.e. singing). She is not even good in either one of those fields yet.

      1. Disagree. Linda’s singing is definitely really good. And acting wise, she has been receiving praises etc.

  3. Her acting is really dull and plain. Her roles are pretty much the same. Pure innocent girl and at the end she finds her prince charming. I don’t see any breakthrough in her roles at all. They suck

  4. “I want to play a villain!”
    She will not be able to portray a villain. She can’t act how could she play an evil role.

  5. Just by reading few sentences of the plot, I can say it’s just another boring drama with Linda. BOOOO!

    1. don’t need to come up with multiple identities to criticise linda.

    2. LOL. You sound like a really big hater if you actually change your name to hate on her multiple times.

    3. U dont have to criticize her that much eventhough u dont like her..and i find her acting not bad and her singing good… although she needs a change of roles sometimes.

    4. oh wow, what has linda done to you to hate her to the extent that you have to change to different identities to bash her? -.-

    5. Head probably in ur @$$ dats y u can’t c how competent Linda’s acting skill is!

    6. Split personality disorder detected… Interesting… Very interesting…

    1. Nancy Wu & Selina li are much better than her. However, they just don’t have the chance of being the lead

  6. I am a big fan of Linda and I think she did a great job with her “Miss Koo” character, but as far as being a villain character , I doubt she will do a good job… We already seen her villain role in Gem of Life and I didn’t think she did good.. Villain roles just aren’t suitable for Linda in my opinion.

    1. I thought she was great in ‘A Journey Called Life’ and ‘The Gem of Life’; very different from her usual roles (sweet, clean, vulnerable, etc.) and she did pretty well, in my opinion. Probably two of her best performances for me.

      1. Nope, sorry. :\

        I actually want to watch them again as well.

  7. linda is pure jade girl goddess with innocent clean image … whoever got her as lover, he is very lucky… she is so successful in acting, singing & advertisement…she is the mirror image of raymond lam (exclude the bad scandal of raymond)…linda still no negative scandal yet… she is the only popular actress left with such a pure heart in HK entertainment now… also she been blessed with good look, good skin and good body (no matter how she eats also she no need diet to keep slim)

  8. ruco chan is another ‘golden bachelor guy’ with a fit body, handsome, rich & very chok… whoever be his gf will be drooling & happiest…

    1. can i ask what’s ‘CHOK’? when i was watching tvb series, they say it w/o really explaining what it is exactly…

  9. Ruco is gorgeous!

    I think Linda should pair up in a series with Ma Ming. I’m getting bored of her and Bosco.

  10. Well, after reading all the comments, I would like to tell all “Linda haters” that you shouldn’t say bad things about her. Imagine if ppl say bad things of ur idols, how would you feel?
    Anw, I find the Ruco+Linda pairing new and fresh. It’s actually okay to want to pair up with someone good or better than you, like Wayne. She will be able to learn more things too, which may lead to her improving her acting skills. (:

  11. He’s always been good looking. When he was on ATV, it was such a waste for him so good thing he got some recognition in TVB now….

  12. Oh come on Linda, you too? Wanting to collaborate with Wayne Lai to gain experience….smh.

    1. Wayne Lai can be Linda Chung’s father, or at least her big brother.

      Everyone wants to pair up with Wayne Lai because he is a 3-time TV King. It is a shame that TVB does not have many good actors these days.

      1. i know, so weird these young stars want to pair up w/older veterans just b/c they are IN @ the moment.

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