Linda Chung Has Only Dated 3 Times in Her Life

Linda Chung‘s (鍾嘉欣) reel love life has little in common with her real dating experiences, as the 37-year-old reveals that she has only had three relationships.

In an interview with her Kids’ Lives Matter <星空下的仁醫> costar Niklas Lam (林正峰), who is an experienced host and known for his bold questions and making guests’ open up about their private lives, Linda disclosed that her first love was when she was 18 years old. The relationship lasted for two years, which was her shortest.

After getting married, Linda bumped into her first love at the supermarket. “We were both buying milk for our children. I didn’t feel awkward, but his face was all red.”

Although she is still friends with her two ex-boyfriends, her husband Jeremy Leung is not jealous. She joked that he is very confident in himself.

While Jeremy does not prohibit Linda from filming kissing scenes, he chooses not to watch them. To respect his feelings, Linda will try her best to not accept these scenes unless they important to the storyline. “Kissing the hand or cheek is okay, but definitely no tongue!” Niklas immediately asked if she had to film a French kissing scene before, and she explained that she had one but she did not use her tongue. “I was scared! If my coworker French kisses me, I’ll be shocked.”

Finally, Niklas boldly asked Linda if she had tried having a one night stand before, and she immediately denied and exclaimed that she did not and would never do so!

Source: Sky Post

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  1. The heck, kinda awkward question to ask if she had one night stand before, especially considering she’s a married person and a mother now.

    1. Exactly my thought! People have no Boundaries these days. Who asks these questions when they’re married? And with children??

  2. 18-20 one boyfriend
    TVB 5-7 years with Phillip Ng
    After TVB, Jeremy Leung 7+ years and married
    People, you don’t need a lot of relationships when they 3 you had lasted so long.
    S*x also gets better with time if you are with the same person
    If you area going for person to person, you are not streamlining but spreading yourself thin
    For that reason, the one nigh stand question was unnecessary, out of line, and added nothing to the interview

  3. the sad truth is that there is no one left at tvb so if they have to say something anything about tvb, her name will be attached to it. she might actually win best actress this year b/c she “deserves” it.

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