Linda Chung: “Don’t Settle and Get Married for the Sake of Getting Married”

In early 2016, actress-singer Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) tied the knot with chiropractor Jeremy Leung after 10 months of knowing him. Although the sudden marriage raised eyebrows, Linda found happiness with him and they had two children together. In fact, the 35-year-old knew Jeremy was the one after just four days.

A Perfect Fit

She attributes their relationship to fate. “It’s like seeing a glove that looks really beautiful and when you put it on, it’s a perfect fit,” Linda expressed. “It feels good – it’s a perfect fit. It was just like that with him.”

Don’t Settle

Having lived in Hong Kong for a period of time, Linda understands Hong Kong girls tend to marry at an older age, and are ridiculed for being single after a certain age. However, she urges them not to settle. “Don’t get married just for the sake of getting married. Don’t let your biological clock tell you when to get married, and don’t get married just because other people are getting married,” Linda said.

She continued, “Social media causes people to make comparisons, but life was so much happier before technology came along.”

Follow Your Own Path

Linda advises everyone to follow their own path and the right one will come along. “Marriage is forever,” she said. “You can’t make such an important decision in haste. I hope everyone can find a suitable partner and not let the outside world affect their decisions because it’s their own lives.”

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  1. Don’t think she is being truthful in what she said esp this —> “the 35-year-old knew Jeremy was the one after just four days.” Don’t believe what she said.

  2. Basically i agree with the statement/advice. But i question the credibility when it comes from someone whom i suspected that she also got married because she needs to (probably due to the unexpected pregnancy).

  3. I actually think it’s impractical advice. Everyone settles. There’s no such thing as a perfect partner.

    Obviously don’t settle for someone who doesn’t meet your most important criterias, but settling for the most part means compromising. And everyone compromises

  4. I didn’t read the article but the title tells me she’s a hypocrite or she’s regretting it.

    1. @tencents Or she’s delusional. Or she was mistreated so badly from her previous relationship, that this one seems like a boon. Everything’s relative.

      1. @babycakes This pic he already looks a bit more decent. When she first got married I was like in his 40’s only?? hahha. Got to be kidding me!!! He looks so damn old and the style is just older than most fathers/uncles you know. hahha…I think her point is she is extremely happy w/her current life. That she has found the perfect partner of everything. Not sure if $$$ plays a part as the hot Philip Ng is really the total opposite of this dude. haha….So I guess in a way she is giving ppl lectures that you have to marry w/THE ONE? ahahaa.. I mean it’s fine you find your Mr. Right but you don’t have to gush how perfect he is every chance she gets. In all the interviews after her marriage and kids all she does is praise how perfect he is. Sigh…We get it…Next!! lol

    2. @tencents she is talking rubbish. how can she possibly know HE is the one after 4 DAYS??? he just happened to be there after the split with Philip.

  5. If Jeremy truly is the love of her life, good for her. But she keeps saying she knew Jeremy was the one on day four or whatever… it seems like she has doubts and regrets, and now she’s trying to convince herself he wasn’t a mistake.

    And she’s a hypocrite. She can deny all she wants but she definitely had a shotgun wedding – so didn’t she get married for the sake of getting married?

    1. @redbean

      She was already pregnant when she was married therefore she had to get married for the sake of being married.

      This entire piece is rubbish coming from her.

      Ive lost more respect for her.

    2. @redbean her marriage was definitely shotgun…complete hypocrite saying husband is the one after knowing him for just 4 days! what crap.
      she got married quickly because she had to.

  6. Is she qualified to dish out such advice? Coming from someone who knows that “he’s the one ” after only 4 days? Takes time to know someone. We all know that she got married in a hurry cos there was a bun in the oven. Her hubby is creepy, look at how his hand was caressing her butt when they attended a certain public event together.

    1. @passingby2 I totally agree with you. even if he is the husband, there is no reason to be caressing her bum when taking pics in the public. he can touch all he wants behind closed doors. anyway, I find him creepy, even the pic above.

  7. My parents met and married within 8 months, and they have been happily married for 42 years already. My dad is 8 years older than my mom. Neither of my parents came from rich families so I think it is still possible.

    But I think in regards to Linda, the husband showed up right after her split with Philip Ng so maybe she did get married just for the sake of getting married. Who knows?! haha I personally don’t know if I would know someone is the one that quickly though.

  8. I definitely feel like Linda’s not really telling the truth here in that she pretty much settled because she was rushing to start a family. I know this sounds really superficial, but if judging by looks, her husband definitely punched above his weight class with Linda Chung. I mean, there’s really no sugar coating it. And I definitely don’t think there was enough time for her to just fall for purely his personality. The continuous gushing about how perfect he is for her sounds kind of like her trying to convince herself that she didn’t settle. The more she gushes, the more it sounds fake, to be honest.

    That being said, I do think her husband looks like the type who would dote on her and their kids, while Linda totally looks like the controlling type. So in the end, even though she settled, it probably worked out for the best for her.

    Just wanted to add, if Linda wants to continue being in the spotlight with her husband, she really needs to hire a fashion consultant to give the guy a makeover. I know he’s already shown some improvement in the photo, but dude really needs to get a new hair style. And did no one point out he needed to fix his collar before taking that photo? lol

      1. @kuks i don’t think wealth is the primary reason why she married jeremy, although it’s convenient to think so. philip wasn’t rich at all, and she dated him for a while.

        i think what she wanted was a family. she’s specified this pretty publicly and vocally to philip. my guess is that philip wasn’t ready and wasn’t financially secure enough either to make her dreams a reality. so when she found jeremy, he was the “perfect fit” for what she wanted. but still…had she broken up with philip sooner and she was younger, she would’ve found a lot of better candidates than jeremy.

  9. You learn a lot when you date someone for over 5 years and find out he’s not the one. What COULD have happened with Linda is that she knew what not to look for again after Phillip, but didn’t necessarily knew what she was looking for, perhaps not even Jeremy. Jeremy just happened to appear at the right time and was extremely different from Phillip. Given, that doesn’t mean Linda doesn’t love Jeremy. Like y’all said, she can do a lot better. Didn’t Raymond Lam go after Linda? Ain’t Raymond younger and wealthier and more handsome? Did she still reject Raymond, yes. Linda could have found herself a much wealthier sugar daddy in HK around Jeremy’s age that didn’t require her to do long distance. So I do think she loves the guy, but there’s no way she doesn’t know she has the upperhand in the looks department. Remember what Ali Lee said recently “I like a stable relationship. I don’t have a lot of confidence in them so I rather not go challenge a handsome or wealthy man. I rather have a man waiting for me at home and gives me assurance.” It’s not settling when there’s give and take. Ali knows she’s more successful and better looking than her partner, but also needs a man who adapts to her schedule and her stubbornness. So, with Linda, the trade off might be……

    1. @jesspepperwang Did they ever confirm that RL went after her? I thought all along the shippers just love shipping them and a rumor as they love their on screen presence in that Moonlight series? I never ship them or any on screen couple actually. She strikes me as someone who speaks good English as even thou she’s good in cantonese she always mixes english w her replies to reporters so to me she sounds like she will be better w/her CBC counterparts as that’s how she prefers. PN no doubt speaks fluently as well although he’s probably nowhere financially stabled as this dude.

    2. @jesspepperwang I pretty much wrote what you did and i agree. jeremy was the ‘perfect fit’ after philip because he fits all the most important criterias she needed — ironically, to start a family and settle down. but had she looked a little longer and been more patient, she could’ve definitely had better candidates than jeremy. she probably knows, deep down, that she had settled…although not in terms of goals, but definitely in terms of qualifications.

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