Linda Chung’s Kids Look Just Like Her

After completing filming for TVB drama Kids’ Lives Matter <星空下的仁醫> last year in Hong Kong, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) rushed back to be together with her family in Canada, where she is now lives with her family. Active on social media, the 36-year-old actress habitually shares festive greetings and family photos on special occasions.

Easter Family Portrait

During the Easter holiday, Linda shared an outdoor family portrait taken with her husband Jeremy, 4-year-old daughter Kelly, and 2-year-old son Jared. The heartwarming photos showed rosy-cheeked Kelly and Jared having grown up quite a bit.

Appearing to have inherited her mother’s facial features, Kelly was dressed in a matching dress and coat like Linda and resembles her closely!

Jared has the same long tresses as Daddy and wore an all-denim suit, looking adorable with his hands tucked into his pocket in in the photo. Unlike his sister who looked ready for the camera, Jared appeared a tad shy but still every bit the child model!

Linda’s friends love the photos of the adorable children. Nancy Wu (胡定欣) commented, “Sister looks so pretty. Little brother has grown up so much and looks so stylish.” Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) also pointed out Kelly’s resemblance to Mommy, “Your daughter looks just like you.”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. Really? I’m going to have to totally disagree with the headline. They look just like the husband, and hardly like Linda at all.

    1. @theyenman right?!??? When they say “her” do they mean the husband? They are carbon copies of the husband’s face. Stupid headline. They just want to suck up to Linda who is in the industry.

    2. Totally agreed. Whoever wrote the title for this articles needs an eye check.

    3. @theyenman the only thing that her daughter does that looks like her is maybe in the last photo, that’s a very Linda pose/look. But yeah nothing else, they are both exact replicas of her husband

    4. @theyenman for the most part, I think you’re right. But on the pic where both kids are standing by themselves, the daughter’s smile kinda reminds me of Linda.

  2. LOL…I know right? Anyone has eyes can see they are the spitting image of the husband.

  3. Jesus Christ..,
    Linda’s husband’s needs a haircut for god’s sake.
    If the man gets a nice fade haircut, he’ll look 100X better..

  4. Jesus Christ..,
    Linda’s husband’s needs a haircut for god’s sake.
    If the man gets a nice fade haircut, he’ll look 10X better..

  5. Lol. That’s right uncle Jeremy does needs a haircut big time it seems like they all have the same hairstyle. How can Yoyo Chen said Kelly looks like Linda? Both of them looks like uncle Jeremy.

  6. Jeremy looks pretty homely in the photo. But he’s not in ebiz, so he doesn’t need to look the part just because his wife’s famous. He could try a little harder though lol.

    I actually do see Linda in her daughter; her son definitely looks like her husband though.

  7. I mean, he has every right to have his hair however he wants. But he can’t honestly look in the mirror and think that hair style looks good or suits him? I know he’s not in the ebiz, but Linda continuing to want to be a public figure and her releasing these photos herself, she’s gotta expect people to react to them. Again, props to him if he has the confidence to rock that look. I wouldn’t be able to pull it off lol.

    1. @theyenman yeah, but you know, I’m not going to fault anyone for their style this year (outside of the entertainment industry). I myself haven’t gotten a haircut in a year because of covid. Maybe he’s been staying in for the kids, and doesn’t like home trims. Eh, I’ll give him a pass.

      1. @sasamii
        I think you are right that there are no haircuts because of the pandemic this whole year. It looks like it applies to him and the children. My husband and I became each other’s hairdresser this past year. We learned it from YouTube’s videos. 🙂

        Also the children look just like him – especially the grinning on their eyes.

    2. @theyenman – i mean, agreed. even pre-covid, he didn’t look the trendiest lol. this covid excuse just gave him a good excuse, but he can definitely up his game a lot more. maybe he’s not the type to care about this aesthetics, though. i know some guys like that. if linda cares, then she would make him put some effort in. so don’t think she cares.

  8. Lol…hahhaa I don’t know if anyone look at their wedding pictures? If you did, he already looked like s*** there as it’s kind of the most uncle look and oily? hahahaha lol…So if she overlooked that when taking beautiful once in a lifetime pictures and now after having 2 kids you think they care about how he looks now? haha lol..I actually find this long long style looks a bit better than those wedding pics. It’s true that styling whether it’s the apparel or hair makes a TON of difference but some people just do not care. You have to hand it to her/him as she doesn’t mind posting them.

  9. The comments on Jaynestars do not disappoint. The daughter is a carbon copy of the father.

  10. Their daughter’s eyes resembles Linda but that’s about it. The kids look exactly like their father. Dude must have all the dominant genes lol. Also he’s been wearing a mullet since their wedding so I don’t see him cutting his hair anytime soon haha

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