“Line Walker: The Movie” Begins Filming, Charmaine Sheh May Still Appear In Web Sequel

The movie version of TVB’s hit television drama Line Walker <使徒行者> has officially commenced principal photography in Hong Kong. The crime film, which is directed by Line Walker producer Jazz Boon (文偉鴻), sees the return of Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) as the undercover Ding Jeh, as well as the introduction of new characters portrayed by Louis Koo (古天樂), Nick Cheung (張家輝), and Francis Ng (吳鎮宇).

A press conference to commence the film’s shooting was held earlier this week, attended by the main cast and crew. Aside from Hong Kong, Jazz revealed that the film will also shoot in Macau and Brazil sometime in February. Louis shared that most of their scenes in Brazil will be action sequences. While the actor is looking forward to traveling overseas, he is not looking forward to the 30-hour flight. Nick, on the other hand, expressed that he is more worried about losing his luggage. “It always happens to me,” he said.

Louis and Nick’s appearances in a TVB sequel movie have led to rumors speculating that the former television stars are planning to make a return to TVB dramas. Asking if they’re interested in filming a TVB drama again, Nick said, “That depends on Louis.” Louis, who still owes TVB about 20 episodes, said, “I’ll consider [coming back] if I get the right script and can find the right time.”

There are sources reporting that both Louis and Nick were offered astronomical prices for the film. Nick declined to elaborate, expressing that it is not in his right to do so. Louis also refused to comment. In regards to the reports that Louis have earned a whopping $400 million HKD last year, Louis said, “It’s just gossip. Don’t take it so seriously.”

Unlike Louis and Nick, Francis and Charmaine will not get the luxury to travel to Brazil for their scenes. The onscreen duo, who will be portraying cops, will focus their story in Hong Kong and Macau. But Francis said he does not mind missing out, because he looks forward to seeing Charmaine’s sexy appearance. “She’ll have scenes wear she wears a bikini and a thong,” he disclosed.

Charmaine added, “It’s probably my most sexiest appearance yet.” She then asked Francis if he wanted to request more scenes from the director, to which Francis joked, “I wouldn’t mind, as long as I get to wear one with you.”

Although Charmaine was announced to take part in the web drama sequel of Line Walker, which will be TVB’s co-production with Mainland China’s Penguin Pictures, recent developments are claiming that the actress dropped out due to her decision to not extend her TVB contract.

Charmaine denied the reports. However, she did not confirm if she would take part in the sequel either. She simply said, “Let’s take things one at a time. Finish this movie first.”

Source: IHKTV, On.cc, Singtao

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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      1. @krolxl I’m tired of Charmaine as well, this will be her third tvb movie after triumph in the sky and the cuckoo movie adaptations, is she that popular?

    1. @sherla1019 & @bamitskitty: I think it’s a combination of too much botox and excessive (artificial) tanning. He really looks plastic and expressionless. He used to be really good-looking until he was obsessed with all these procedures. Sigh…what a waste !!

  1. Looking forward to it. Maybe this will her first movie that’s actually not half bad.

    I also look forward to her scenes with Nick. I’m still so bummed that they didn’t film a series together.

  2. I’m hella confused as to what’s going on! So there’s a film, a web series, and a tv drama verson of Line Walker 2? O_o

    1. @melodylai I don’t understand why Line Walker needs a series, movie and web series. Yeah, Line Walker was one of the better dramas of 2014, but it doesn’t need a movie and web series follow-up.

      1. @bamitskitty TVB is doing the same thing to Line Walker that they did to Laughing Gor (endless sequels and movies), so I wouldn’t be surprised if there truly is going to be another ‘adaptation’ (or two, or three) somewhere along the line, since TVB isn’t going to stop until they milk the franchise dry. 

        Oh, looks like Wong Jing is involved with this movie – no wonder Charmaine said that this would be her ‘sexiest appearance’ yet…Mr. Category III King probably loaded the movie with tons of gratuitous sex and/or other provocative scenes.  Ah well…I didn’t like the original series anyway, so definitely no intention of watching this.

  3. As much as I like the leads, I am tired of seeing the same faces in every HK movie.

    1. @anon: yeah agree. I like them as they are accomplished actors…but seriously quite OD on Louis, Nick, Francis and Charmaine. We need some new blood in the HK movie industry !!

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