Louis Koo to Run in Charity Event Despite Leg Injury

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In 2010, Louis Koo (古天樂) suffered a leg injury while performing a stunt for movie A Chinese Ghost Story <倩女幽魂>. The recovery from this injury was quite tedious and required long term therapy.  Then in 2011, Louis fell down at home which caused a severe cruciate ligament tear in his leg.  Although almost fully recovered currently, his physical ability is put to test again!  Filming new 3D movie, Inferno <救火> with Sean Lau (劉青雲), Louis will be performing a lot of his own stunts in fire and diving scenes. 

Louis Attends Charity Run Despite Leg Injury

Attending a promotional event for UNICEF Charity Run 2012 with Gigi Leung (梁詠琪), Louis Koo hoped to attract more participants to actively support the charity run held in November. In the upcoming months, Louis Koo will be filming Inferno in Thailand.  Due to the heated weather and dangerous stunts to be performed, Louis predicts that he will be darker and thinner from the movie.  However, he still wishes to be able to participate in the charity run with his parents. 

At the event, Louis jokingly said, “I heard of a family that brought their maid to the charity run.  I hope to join the run with my parents.  My leg is almost fully recovered from the injury.  The doctor said that I can run slowly, as long as I don’t jump high.  If I run with my parents, I will have to carry their water.  I will truly be their maid!  But I have to film Inferno in Thailand.  We will see if I can make it back to Hong Kong for the charity.” 

Regarding the dangerous stunts, Louis disclosed that he will be performing most of them himself.  He assured that he will purchase sufficient insurance. But the most important aspect is the safety precautions.  With the temperature in Thailand hitting 40 degrees Celsius, Louis compared it to being in a sauna for three months.  He anticipates that he will lose a lot of weight.  His costar, Sean Lau, has already shed several pounds.  

Gigi Leung to Start a Family 

With Gigi Leung busy promoting her new music album, she still hopes to join the charity run.  Her new music album has secured second place in sales charts in Taiwan.  She modestly claimed the success as being at the right place at the right time.  Gigi hopes to eventually be number one in the sales charts.  However, Gigi is happy with the current results.  Should she retire from the music industry now, it will be a perfect ending.  

As she has been busy, Gigi felt that she neglected her husband, Sergio. After the promotion for her album is over, she will focus on family.  When asked if they will actively try for a baby, Gigi coyly responded “We will decide after the promotional tour.”     

Source: Sing Tao 

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    I live louis very much….. smart manly macho.professional.can act in comedy, thriller or dramas…… one of a rare gem for hk movie industry…..
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