Louis Koo’s School Becomes Abandoned

Known for his charitable acts, Louis Koo (古天樂) has built a total of 135 schools in China over a period of 12 years. Even with the pandemic last year, Louis donated over 2 million yuan towards the cause. However, a mainland Chinese netizen recently shared that one primary school building in Zunyi city of Guizhou province, which Louis had financed with CNY 180,000 ten years ago, has been abandoned and is now left dilapidated.

Netizen Share School Ground Photos

Apparently, the school has already been discontinued for three to four years. From pictures shared by the netizen, the school’s name which included Louis’ Chinese name, could still be clearly seen. Dirt-stained walls and an outgrowth of weeds now occupy the vacant school grounds, although the entire school structure still looks strong and stable.

The said netizen recalled how locals had avidly sent their children to the school when it was constructed in partnership with the local district government, with many heaping praise on Louis for his charitable effort. However, ever since the rural villagers starting moving to the city as part of massive rural-urban migration and also partly due to a new school being built close by, Louis’ school in Zunyi sadly became vacant.

Source: East Week

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. No shame in that. He helped built a school when a school was needed. School being abandoned simply means these families have now been able to move to a better environment. So he was still able to help when people needed it. Good on him!

    1. @abcd
      Exactly and it reminds me of all those Olympics stadiums built to host the games to only be abandoned after the games are over.

      1. Of course not all them are not in use but a lot of them are abandoned. The Olympic stadium in Seoul is still used a lot.

  2. I guess it’s a good thing that people moved into the city but kind of sad this building is left abandoned. Hopefully in the future it can be repurposed.

  3. 2 million yuan is like $310,000 USD. That is not a small amount but is that really all it takes to build 135 schools?

    1. @ohmygoshy Louis donated HK$2 million in the past year to build six schools, not 135.

      “ 單是去年疫情期間,他已捐出200多萬元在內地興建六所學校”

  4. not a shame or waste or effort at all. he built it when it was in need and now that it is no longer needed, it can rest in peace and has served its purpose.

  5. It had served its purpose and helped many kids… the building may be empty now. But China is progressing very quickly, who knows when tides may change and people may return to the area.

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