Louisa Mak Downgrades Her TVB Contract

In recent years, TVB fa dans have been leaving the nest one by one. Since Nancy Wu ( 胡定欣) wants to become a singer and Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) is just waiting for her contract to end to retire, the company had its sights set on making Louisa Mak (麥明詩)  the “number one sister.” Yet, the latest news indicates that Louisa plans to switch career paths after being in the industry for only four years.

To pursue freedom, the heavily promoted Louisa gave up her full-time artiste contract that many people yearn for and changed to a yearly per-series contract, also known as a “green leaf contract.” Born into a well-off family, the 27-year-old Louisa doesn’t mind the huge drop in income and reportedly started working as a consultant in a lawyer’s office to show off her strengths!

She Gave Up Her Smooth-Sailing Acting Career

Known for being a straight-A student and a Cambridge law graduate, Louisa successfully won the crown at the 2015 Miss Hong Kong pageant for her academic achievements. After signing a contract with TVB, her career was on the rise. She filmed several dramas and took on hosting gigs, including the talk show Young and Restless <後生仔傾吓偈>, which she co-hosts withCrystal Fung (馮盈盈). The program’s bold and honest conversations drew in a large audience of young viewers.

Since then, the two beauty queens have frequently been compared by netizens. Since Crystal often receives attention for her sexy image and eyebrow-raising statements, Louisa also posts her sexy photos on social media to compete with Crystal. While the public was waiting to see who would come out on top, Louisa suddenly went missing in action. The last time she was seen on screen was for the Young and Restless Canadian special.

Louisa also expressed on social media that she has been down in the dumps lately and took a month off work to go diving in Okinawa to cheer herself up. She was also absent from the TVB Anniversary Gala show this year.

She Didn’t Want to Let her Studious Efforts go to Waste

It is known that TVB approached Louisa for a contract renewal when her contract was about to expire, but she has been trying to delay it by saying she’s busy. The truth is she is thinking about her next move! Until recently, she finally decided that her youth is limited, and she didn’t want to waste her years of hard-work spent studying law. Also, she obtained her license to practice law in the United States last year.

To pave the road for her future, she decided to become a consultant at a law firm! Even though TVB proposed a favorable renewal contract for her, Louisa refused to renew and only signed a contract that allows her to film one show per year.

When reporters reached out to her on this matter, she acknowledged she signed the “green leaf contract.” Although her income had been greatly reduced, she said arrogantly, “I don’t only look at money, this change is so that I’d have more flexibility with my schedule. I want to have more private time. In short, I am not a law intern! I won’t comment much on other matters; right now I’m taking a break and resting at home! I’ll go back and shoot a show from time to time.”

Source: Oncc

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Thank goodness! She’s one of, if not, the most annoying Miss HKs ever! Can’t act, but pretends she’s this righteous girl who is always on a high horse.

  2. I think she’s a very rational woman, and this is a good choice. What’s someone with an Oxford degree doing getting paid measly salary by TVB? If I were her, I’d quit too.

  3. Louisa Mak is not pretty, but she is a smart girl. I could see it in her program “Young and Restless” She is definitely smarter than Crystal Fung in hosting. However, she cannot act in dramas while Crystal acts pretty well for a newbie.

    Louisa definitely has to take a big drop in money if she signs TVB on a “Green Leaf Contract”. However, I think she knows that she is not pretty vs. TVB actresses and can’t act, she will not have much security working in TVB. If she works as a law consultant or lawyer, her income will be less but secure. Moreover, it is under her control. If she works hard, she will easily get what she wants due to her name and fame. Perhaps she does not want to waste her efforts in studying law school. Louisa is a girl with brain. She knows what she can get best.

  4. I have a question. Perhaps the people in New York State can help me. Bar Examinations require law students to complete their articling programs. However, I don’t think Louisa Mak had done any articling programs after she finished her law degree in Cambridge, UK. How did she qualify for the Bar Examination in Albany, New York? I understand that a law student in North America (US and Canada) will be able to get his/her licence to practice law after he/she has passed the Bar Exam. It looks like that Louisa Mak has got her licence from the New York State to practise law there without doing any articling program. Moreover, a law degree (LL.B) in UK is a 4-year undergraduate program while a law degree (J.D.) in the States is a 3-year post-graduate program after a 4-year undergraduate program. A law degree overseas is not equivalent to a law degree in Canada. Therefore, people have completed a law degree in other than North America will be required to do extra studies and to pass the Bar Examination before they can get their licences to practise law in Canada.

  5. This girl is living the life but to be fair she earned it. She’s smart so taking the detour to be Miss HK and signing with TVB gives her reputation and experiences an ordinary law student would never get.
    I wish I could just take one month vacation in Japan lol

  6. a good decision made by her! she’s a smart girl with a law degree from cambridge so of course tvb is not the place to stay. especially when her looks and acting skills are not as good as others. although i do like her hosting – especially in young & restless, she’d be much better off in the law industry than talking about young adult issues. but honestly, i could tell this was going to happen when i saw she had gotten her US license earlier in the year. anyways, best of luck to her.

  7. Good choice for her and good for the viewers too. Honestly, watching her on screen was quite tormenting the fact that she could only study hard.

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