Louisa Mak Responds to Dating Rumors With Pilot

Louisa Mak‘s (麥明詩) dating life has always been a hot topic ever since she entered singlehood following her split with Joseph Lam (林作) in 2016. Though she was previously busy filming projects, Louisa may now have more time to start a new relationship after switching to a per-series contract with TVB and beginning her career at McKinsey & Company as a business consultant. There are even rumors that the Miss Hong Kong 2015 winner has found love with a handsome pilot, Keith.

Keith recently guest-starred on an episode of Young and Restless <#後生仔傾吓偈> to talk about working as a pilot and shared that he got laid off alongside over 5,000 colleagues by Cathay Pacific Airways due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the 30-year-old is not in a financial pickle after working as a pilot for the past four years and earning a monthly salary of more than six figures.

Aside from talking about the airline industry, host Luk Ho Ming (陸浩明) exposed that Keith is Louisa’s rumored boyfriend. Pressed about his alleged romance with Louisa, Keith nervously disclosed that they met at a cycling event through mutual friends and complimented her for being kind and smart. Afterward, Ho Ming disclosed that Louisa once mentioned that she met a very nice man with a great career, and he believes that she was referring to Keith. To Keith’s response, he modestly said he is not worthy of Louisa. Everybody else on the show begged to differ and pointed out that a pilot and a Miss Hong Kong winner would be an excellent match.

Viewers immediately assumed the dating rumors are true and began congratulating Louisa on finding her true love. However, Louisa responded on Instagram, “No need to congratulate. We are just friends. Thank you for your concern.” Despite Louisa’s denial, all eyes are still on her love life since her only public relationship after stepping foot into the entertainment industry was with Joseph.

Joseph Attacks Louisa to Defend New Girlfriend

Joseph, who ditched the law field for the insurance industry, is now in a high-profile relationship with Hiromi Wada (裕美). In August, he attended the Miss Hong Kong 2020 pageant with Hiromi as audience members while Louisa was there as a judge. After the event, tabloids compared Louisa and Hiromi, calling the latter plain looking. Joseph angrily defended Hiromi online, saying that she is more beautiful than Louisa and has a better body. In response to his attack, Louisa just told the press to refer his matters back to him.

Source: Topick

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Dang $300k USD a year as a pilot? That’s good pay without having any additional degrees.

    Also, the way Louisa’s ex burned her is so crass and rude. They will never be able to reconcile after that.

    1. @coralie Joseph could have just said “My current girlfriend is best and that’s why I chose her for this specific moment.” That would have complimented Louisa too. He’s just vulgar, outlandish, and not very successful to have such a big ego.

  2. What a lying POS. Judging by his uniform, he’s likely a second officer, a first officer at most depending on how Cathay pacific operates.

    On average a second officer makes 538K HKD and a first officer makes 825K HKD. That’s only a little over 100K USD per year. You need to make this much just to survive in HK.

    You need to have decades of experience to be making over 200K USD per year to equate to his monthly 6 HKD figure salary when he’s mentioned that he only has 4 years.

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