Love = Money? Michelle Ye’s Boyfriend Gives Her a Car

When Michelle Ye (葉璇) and her boyfriend Mr. Xiao Mo (小默先生) first confirmed their relationship, the public wasn’t exactly pleased. With their common public displays of affection, netizens found the couple grating, with comments saying that Michelle is trying too hard to be in love. With several failed relationship, Michelle is determined to tell people that she’s found the right one.

And she did. It’s been nearly three years since their relationship have gone public. Michelle and Mr. Xiao Mo are still as close as ever, if not even closer.

On May 30, Michelle once again shared with her fans and the online citizens about happy she is to be in love. According to the actress, her boyfriend gifted her a luxury car with the license plate 520, meaning “I love you.”

Michelle wrote, “It really is a gift from the heavens. Even the car’s license plate is 520! Thank you. When someone takes the time to spend his hard-earned money on you, that means he really loves you, and you must cherish it. If he doesn’t spend a penny on you, or would only be willing to spend money after you tell him, then the essence of that relationship is only charity. There is no love.”

Michelle did not share the name of the car, but when a netizen asked her the question, she answered, “The world’s best car!”

The actress also added, “Those who don’t want to spend money on you are also [people] who don’t want to love you. Those who love you would be willing to spend money for you. A love that is equal is a love that is worthy of praise. A parasite would only get casted aside. To be independent and earn money for yourself is the foundation. When someone gives you worthy gifts and you have no power to return the favor, then that isn’t exactly love. That’s called being kept as a mistress (包養).”


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  1. Sounds like a guy who cannot afford to buy her gifts but love her enough to the point of willing to give up his life for her would also be labelled as a piece of trash by her “standards”, huh?

  2. What car? Is she an audi? Maserati? Jaguar? Or maybe a hOnda? Mind you Honda is a good car.

  3. lol…This woman is getting funnier and funnier everytime she mentions of this PERFECT MAN. She shares a little too much and too showy. I especially didn’t like the way she called out to those exes of his a few years back like she’s the winner and they are the losers.

  4. I feel Michelle has seriously misinterpreted the meaning of love. Based on her description of love ‘luxurious Gifts’ being exchanged constantly means true love. She does not consider that maybe in some situations gifts may mean other unethical motives. Also based on her understanding of love, does someone who would rather save hard for the couples future rather than buy expensive temporary gifts mean that there is no love for the other half?…

    1. @jimmyszeto I think there is a bit of truth to her statement (there’s much to be said about a man who isn’t willing to spend a dime on you), but agree that money should not be used as the MAIN barometer or criterion for love.

      1. I agree with you completely, sugarcane. Also it says something about the woman who can’t understand how hard their partner works and who don’t truly love their partner, if you don’t need a car, receiving a car from him using his hard earn money just show how shallow of a person you are! And the way she says it, while there is some truth in it, her whole viewpoint is so entitled and spoil! Never like her and she hasn’t improved in my mind for the past 15yrs!

      2. @littlefish
        oooh. She loves the stupid chinese cryptic numbers message. Michelle sounds like a young teenager on facebook experiencing love for the first time. At a fine age of 38…

      3. @littlefish
        I have to thank Michelle though. She made me realise that her relationship is true love and my long term marriage has been a charity all along…

  5. Damn..Michelle has made me realise that my many years of marriage has been a charity all along….

  6. I think her comments have revealed her values already. I always feel that couples who always reveal how much they are in love with each other are actually internally insecure.

  7. I don’t think it was that touching…if it’s somebody who can’t afford you something but makes a saving goal to get you that something then I can see why it’s so touching. But if it’s a person who buys you something so expensive but will never likely go poor anyway doesn’t sound much like love.

  8. Thought they broke up a while ago and she deleted all their photos together on her weibo account? Guess they got back together …

    Yes, sounds like she’s sending a message to a cheapo ex-boyfriend

    1. @myxx they got back together because she realised how much expensive gifts she gets from him xD and it gives her a reason to rub it in her ex’s face!

      1. @littlefish
        Considering the guy is emptying his bank account to buy Michelle something she can buy with her pocket change, she should be telling him to make better plans with his money instead.

  9. I’ve always liked Michelle ever since her TVB days, but I don’t think I’ll biasly like her anymore. Haha. Her beliefs and mind frame isn’t too admirable.

    “To be independent and earn money for yourself is the foundation. When someone gives you worthy gifts and you have no power to return the favor, then that isn’t exactly love. That’s called being kept as a mistress (包養).”

    Come, again, Michelle? Some women will never make as much as their husbands, but they’re not mistresses. A lot of rich men have wives that are homemakers. They’re surely not mistresses. Her words are so judgey and salty as if she’s trying to rub it in someone’s face that she’s better than them for making more money and being ambitious as a working woman. Why do we gotta tear each other up as women and all for a man too?!

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