Luk Wing Complains of “Daring” Scenes in “AI Romantic”

Although AI Romantic <智能愛人> has already aired earlier in the year through online platforms, the drama will finally make its official Hong Kong television debut next week. Ali Lee (李佳芯), Crystal Fung (馮盈盈), and Luk Wing (陸永) chatted about their memorable scenes.

Typically, dramas that have first aired online and then subsequently aired on television will suffer in ratings. When asked about whether they are nervous or feel pressured about the diminished ratings, both Luk Wing and Crystal expressed their confidence in Ali’s acting chops and ability to bring in viewers.

Luk Wing added, “Everyone is just watching Ali anyway! I try not to let people know I even took part [in the drama]. My two daughters don’t even know I have a role in it. I’ll consider letting them know once it’s aired.”

When reporters pointed out that this was his first lead role and questioned why he wanted to keep it low profile, Luk Wing replied, “So what if I am male lead? I am almost 40 years old and am a veteran supporting actor. I don’t pine after these meaningless titles!”

Despite his humble perspective, Luk Wing has romantic storylines with two beautiful c0-stars in AI Romantic. Luk Wing responded, “I didn’t film the drama just for that! I had to earn money! The kissing scenes that you see in the drama…are basically just CPR and not a lot of romantic kissing.”

Instead, it seems that the two female leads may have more daring scenes with each other than they do with Luk Wing. Crystal shared, “I forced Ali’s hand on my chest, so she could feel that I had a heartbeat. I was actually worried she wouldn’t be able to feel my heartbeat, and whether she felt awkward. I felt bad that she had to touch me like that.”

To this, Luk Wing added, “I first watched Mayanne Mak (麥美恩) touch Ali’s chest. Then I had to watch Ali touch Crystal’s chest. These touching and daring scenes between them don’t involve me at all!”


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  1. I am unironically skipping this drama despite starring Ali to save myself from second hand embarrassment. The story sounds very cringey and the rest of the casts seem pretty meh too.

  2. I actually like this drama better than the other two with Ali that came out this year. I was disappointed with Death by Zero and I couldn’t get into the other one. Maybe I’m just tired of the cringey English one liner from Moses “ so what ? Of course”.
    And the story is not too far fetch since country like Japan is already investing in AI to take care of the elderly. I thought that all the casts were really good in this drama, except for maybe Crystal and her boss.

  3. I thought it would be cringey at first too based on the trailers but Ali does a very good job, plus the story is refreshing. But I agree the whole story line with Crystal’s boss was the weakest part of the drama.

  4. Ali! I’ll watch her in anything and everything!
    Have you guys heard? There’s rumours she’ll be in the next forensic hero

  5. I’ve really enjoyed this! I thought it was a ridiculous storyline but once you get into it, it’s really engaging. Luk Wing with his nerdy dopey look was hilarious. I found Crystal annoying. I also thought Luk Wing’s sister’s acting was very exaggerated.

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