Maggie Q and Luke Hemsworth Headline Horror-Thriller “Death of Me”

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Maggie Q and Luke Hemsworth Headline Horror-Thriller “Death of Me”

Maggie Q and Luke Hemsworth will be starring in the upcoming American horror-thriller, Death of Me, directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. The recent release of the movie’s trailer shows the two portraying a couple, Christine and Neil, who embark on a vacation to the coast of Thailand. During their stay, their worlds are turned upside down as they work to unravel a mysterious murder.

One day, the couple wakes up hungover and incapable of remembering the previous night’s events. They learn through Neil’s camera that he has murdered Christine. Frightened and confused as to how she’s still standing in front of Neil, Christine breaks down after learning of her death. With only 24 hours before the next ferry arrives and a terrible typhoon incoming, Christine and Neil try to piece together the events that occurred the night before but are challenged by mystery and dark magic.

Maggie Q’s Amazing Physique

Aside from the trailer’s suspenseful elements, many fans are captivated by the 41-year-old actress’s incredible physique. The star often reveals her toned figure in the swimsuit pictures that she shares online to promote her clothing brand, “Qeep Up,” which she founded last year. As an avid supporter of marine life, Qeep Up’s apparel uses recycled materials from marine waste, and even the packaging is made of biodegradable plastic. The company donates part of the profits to marine conservation.

“Death of Me” Trailer:

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    1. m0m0 says:

      duh…maggie q was a super model in asia. how often do you see super models blow up in size??

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    2. sherla1019 says:

      Maggie Q okay in acting ………..but to dam skinny she’ll look beta if she gain 10-15lbs gives her a little more frame and curves

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    3. vbabe8 says:

      Congratulations to Maggie Q, good to see local girl doing really well in films and also in her brand Qeep Up. It’s been awhile since seeing her on the big screen but I’m sure she’ll do well with her latest “Death of Me” debut and with Luke Hemsworth. She has to keep up her model figure since when you’re up there on that big screen, you tend to look heavy, they say it puts 10 pounds if not more on you, so just as well she keeps tabs on her weight and nutrition. Wishing her all the very best on her latest film as well as her latest venture in her brand clothing, sure she’ll do really well, hang in there, Aloha ahui hou, be safe, good luck.

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      • mi520 replied:

        @vbabe8 if this site had a like feature, I would definitely like your comment haha luv Maggie~

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