Mandy Wong Plays Seductress in New Drama with Kenneth Ma

Mandy Wong (黃智雯) will be filming a TVB period drama with Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Niki Chow (周麗淇) that takes place in the early Republic Era of China. Filming will start in April and the cast and crew of the series will be heading to Foshan in June to shoot outdoors scenes. Mandy has already been busy preparing for her role as a seductive lady in the series.

To better understand her character, Mandy watched several Cantonese films revolving around the tragic lives of young female servants. Although she will develop a crush on a character named Luk Wing in the series, she did not reveal who portrays him. “It’ll be a secret for now!” When asked how large the seduction scale will be, Mandy replied, “Television-sized. My character will seduce men in a reserved way.” She is unafraid of sparking romantic rumors with Kenneth, since they have collaborated in the past.

Furthermore, Mandy realized she needs to keep her body fit for the series. Her earlier vacation to South Korea with good friends, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Nancy Wu (胡定欣), led to a slight weight gain. Mandy exclaimed, “I ate more food during the trip than usual and gained a few pounds.”

Speaking of TVB’s new dating show, To Woo a Dame <搵個好男人>, Mandy said she does not mind taking part for work purposes. Asked if her boyfriend minds her participation, she replied, “It’s just work, and I can treat it as an opportunity to make new friends.” Mandy sees the show to be entertaining and hilarious, full of men with various talents. “The contestant who did the Latin dance was pretty interesting as he sang and danced,” she said.

When it comes to dancing for her own boyfriend, Mandy added that she is willing to do a jazz dance for him as long as the result is good. She exclaimed, “I’m fine with wearing a revealing top along with a pair of fishnet stockings.”


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  1. to woo a dame that tv show is so weird
    they just ask some of the female actors
    to come ask those strangers how they are interested
    in those people that is jus weird

      1. post a link, so all of those who want to see it can.

  2. With that smile in the poster, she looks even more like Nnadia Chan

    1. Even thou i don’t like either of them, i guess this one is tiny bit prettier than the other one? haha LOL….

      1. I don’t like either of them either. Kenneth Ma kind of has a hum sump look.

    2. Thought she resembled Nadia Chan back when she was a MHK contestant.

  3. Sort of surprised that the article didn’t mention it, but this series will actually be the ‘remake’ of The Misadventures of Zoo from 1981 (the one with Adam Cheng, Louise Lee, Lydia Shum, etc.). I’m assuming that Kenneth will be playing Adam’s character and Niki will play Louise’s character? This was actually a pretty popular series back in the day, so not sure how successful the ‘remake’ will be….hope they don’t completely butcher it…

  4. Hopefully Poon Ka Tak wont screw this series up badly unlike other producers. Lately TVB needs better story line.

      1. Poon Ka Tak is pretty good in producing THC and HC2.

    1. Looks like we’ll have to see, since the original producer back in 1981 was Wong Tin Lam — he was one of the best producers TVB ever had and is pretty much irreplaceable (though I will also say that most of the producers back in the 80s were good). Not sure how faithful the remake will be to the original script / series though….

  5. I like Mandy. She’s so sultry and so naturally seductive.

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