Mandy Wong Ready to Get Married

TVB actress Mandy Wong (黃智雯) is now looking forward to the next chapter of her life: getting married! Seeing her close friend Myolie Wu (胡杏兒有) happily enjoying family life, Mandy wants to get married too. “I’m truly envious! Myolie has a great husband, and two adorable boys!”

Mandy and her boyfriend, jewelry company executive Anthony Chim (詹天文), have been in a stable relationship for eight years and she recently moved into Anthony’s HK$20-million-dollar home. Seeing each other as lifelong partners, they are prepared to walk down the aisle together any time.

“My relationship with my boyfriend is very stable, and we really trust each other. He gives me a lot of space and doesn’t ask me about work,” the 37-year-old actress said. Due to work, Mandy confessed that she doesn’t see Anthony often, but they cherish their time together. While Mandy believes in fate, she explains that the key to their relationship is having good communication, chemistry and trust.

Building Her Career at TVB

After graduating from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Mandy worked as a flight attendant. It was her mother who persuaded her to compete in Miss Hong Kong 2007 despite Mandy’s initial reluctance. “Before becoming an artiste, I was opposed to entering Miss Hong Kong. First, I never thought I have anything to do with pageants, and second, I don’t understand why you have to wear a swimming suit to answer questions. However, my mom knew that I love acting and thought the pageant was a way in.”

After playing supporting roles for four years, Mandy won the Most Improved Female Artiste Award for her role in L’Escargot <缺宅男女>, yet some fans pointed out that other artistes’ careers grew faster. Offering her own opinion, Mandy said, “Some people think I walk slower compared to others, but that’s my pace. I’m focused on being myself, and I’m not going to compare with others.”

In 2018, Mandy won My Favorite TVB actress for her role in Threesome <三個女人一個「因」> and was a favorite in the TVB Queen race, but she eventually lost to Ali Lee (李佳芯). Mandy recalled, “Of course, I wanted to have a triple win. It would be awesome!  In the end, it doesn’t matter that [the award] wasn’t mine. There were many friends and fans there to support me that night, and I was just afraid I would let them down.”

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  1. her career has been pretty successful given that there are so many people who sign onto tvb via pagaent and artist training program, how many of them could you name? many are unknown despite being in the industry for years. she’s pretty lucky to have made a name for herself and leading dramas. no slow riser at all.

    1. @m0m0 yeah she is definitely lucky. Her looks are so-so and she’s just lucky that TVB is lacking artists that the audience is familiar with. Compared to her friend Selena, she’s lucky to rise so fast.

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