Married for 9 Years, Gigi Lai Explains that True Love Can Be Very Simple

After getting married with businessman Patrick Ma (馬廷強), Gigi Lai (黎姿) retired from acting in 2009. The last decade has yielded to many new beginnings for Gigi, who became a mother of three daughters and the CEO of CosMax, Miricor Enterprises Holdings Limited when her beauty company went public. But Gigi’s best joy comes from her husband, who has supported her through her endeavors and showed that the most precious kind of love can be very simple.

Celebrating her nine-year wedding anniversary, Gigi wrote on her Facebook account, “Thanks to my dearest husband, who made a promise nine years ago to give me joy for the rest of my life and to establish our beautiful and warm family. Today if you were to ask me, ‘What is love?’ I would said it is depending and accompanying each other every day; a warm greeting; and smiling while growing wrinkly and getting white hair. He is willing to grow old with me and cherish me just like a child.”

Gigi has been growing old gracefully, thanks to the healthy lifestyle she leads which balances career and family life. While Gigi and Patrick maintain a low-profile, Gigi is often all smiles whenever she talks about her marriage and their daughters.


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  1. She had him when she needed him. Right timing. Forget about looks. Its the sort of perfect synergy often written about; rich guy marries beautiful girl and are happy.

    1. @funnlim
      These rich guys usually don’t have the looks. People would be first to complain and not ‘forget about looks’ if rich guy married plain girl.

      1. @msxie0714
        Well said and you know the saying guys like “se” which is beauty and women like “cai” which can mean talent or wealth depending on which character it is.

        You really wonder if he went bankrupt if Gigi would stay with him or not? Or of Gigi turned ugly, would he stay with her? That would be a true test to their love.

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