Mat Yeung’s Mom Buys Golden Jewelry for Lisa Chong

In a steady relationship with Lisa Chong (莊思明) for over two years, Mat Yeung (楊明) may be getting ready to wed her. Often flaunting their relationship online and in public, Mat recently visited his girlfriend’s mom and dad, who is the Malaysian Datuk and business tycoon, Chong Bo (莊寶), to receive their blessings. Although the 37-year-old actor’s career is on the rise as of late, he is also dabbling in the business sector to give Lisa a comfortable life in the future. After all, her family’s net worth sits at about 1 billion HKD. 

After meeting 2010 Miss Hong Kong second runner-up Lisa on the set of TVB sitcom Come Home Love <愛.回家> in 2016, Mat turned over a new leaf once they started dating. He worked hard in his career, earning the Most Improved Actor award at the 2017 TVB Awards Ceremony, getting promoted to leading actor. However, his aspiration to make more money meant investing in a glasses business, starting a trendy apparel company in Malaysia, and just a month ago, investing another million yuan to open a soup shop with friends.

Earlier, Mat was spotted with Lisa looking at retail space to prepare for the opening of another shop for his soup business. Reportedly, the soup company already earned money within the first month of opening and had earned back the expenditures in just a few months. Therefore, Mat quickly opened a second store, and it proved to be very successful. The ambitious him, along with his business partner intends to continue expanding the business, with the goal to expand it to a chain operation. At that point, he will definitely become the “soup king.” 

With business and his acting career exceeding his expectations, close sources reveal the couple will announce good news within this month. Perhaps, that is why Mat secretly accompanied his mom into a jewelry store, where they spent 22,000 on a 12 gold pigs necklace and a pair of phoenix bracelets.

Source: Eastweek

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