Melissa Ng Spotted Shopping for Baby Clothes

By on March 12, 2009 in Celebrity Babies, NEWS

Since giving birth in 2008, Melissa Ng Mei Hang has disappeared from the screen to concentrate on raising her daughter. Married to the wealthy businessman, Wong Wah Lun, Melissa lives a luxurious life. Yesterday, she was spotted riding a Mercedes Benz valued at 760k (HKD), which can seat up to seven people.

Melissa was spotted shopping at Comme Ca Kids, a children’s clothing store situated in Central district at 4 PM. Her daughter, Maegan, is now 6 months old.

Melissa was by herself and wore a black jacket and tight jeans. She walked quickly between the store shelves. The store clerk wrapped up a black shirt for Melissa while she looked at children’s shoes and other clothes. Finally, Melissa paid for a white shirt.

At this time, Melissa discovered the presence of reporters and quickly walked away. When asked if she was shopping for her infant daughter, Melissa smiled and hurriedly boarded her car.


Jayne: Melissa has always kept such a low profile. Miss her presence at TVB. Would love to see pics of her baby girl!

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