Michael Tse:”I Have Good Chemistry With Bosco Wong!”

Michael Tse (謝天華) experienced great popularity from his “Laughing Gor” character in TVB series, E.U. <學警狙擊> In the currently aired Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>, Laughing Gor was the only returning character in the sequel. The other characters and story from E.U. were omitted. Asked whether the change in casting impacted his performance, Michael said no and found the new partnerships refreshing.

Michael Tse and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) shared numerous scenes together in Lives of Omission. Regarding their onscreen time, Michael said, “You can not use a ruler to measure the amount of screen time. Although it was my first time collaborating with Bosco, we surprisingly got along well together. Before getting into position for filming, we will discuss how to film the scenes and how to achieve a more ‘chok’ effect. Sharing our ideas, we immediately understand each other. It is very difficult to find such an onscreen partner!”

Discussing Male Topics Together

During filming breaks, Michael and Bosco will chat about various topics. Michael laughed, “There is not a large gap between our ages. When we are together, we will talk about cars and male topics.” (What did Michael think of younger actor, Bosco?) “Each actor needs to improve. I have to as well. It is a growth process for everyone.”

Did Not Feel Pressure

TVB will soon start shooting a new Laughing Gor movie. Asked whether Michael faced greater pressure each time, he said he did not feel anxious. “I am simple. I will focus only on doing my part well.  This already enjoyable and makes me happy.”

Normally the series’ ratings fell upon the shoulders of the lead actor. However, Michael stated, “This is a view from the past. Now the audience is smarter and can differentiate.”

Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: Hopefully we get to see the good chemistry between Michael and Bosco in Lives of Omission. Laughing at an earlier comment that the series should go “Brokeback Infernal Affairs.”  It would be daring….

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  1. “When we are together, we will talk about cars and male topics.”

    And what are the “male topics” Michael? Hahahh..

      1. mainland plastic barbies, hk actresses pinnochio noses, etc

      2. @Vivien,

        LOL, love your comment. So true esp the Mainland Plastic boobs. But I think Bosco might not into unless Myolie stay off guard lol. Michael might into plastic boobies though.

      3. @Veejay

        ROFL but ya mainland plastic dolls are interest of many HK men nowadays 😛 HK women must be irritated ROFL

      4. @HTS

        Sex with each others partners or curiousity for brokeback sex? ROFL

      5. @Fox

        Tavia must be pressured because Ron choose plastic barbie Viann Zhang over her ROFL but Tavia’s plastic is badly done I almost vomit at the pinnochio nose nowadays

      6. @Vivien,
        I guess if they do talk about sex, maybe just general things about it since one is married and the other is dating. Gosh, your comment is hilarious!! Tavia’s pinnochio nose scares me as well but I can’t believe that she thinks that is attractive and sacrifices her money and health for it.

    1. There are other male topics such as men’s fashion. Michael tells Bosco about his affinity for deep V-neck shirts and Bosco introduces him to loud patterned pants.

      They can also share acting methods such as how Bosco finds it’s more effective when he practices his lines in the nude.

    2. They might be talking about chok. Or maybe getting curious about brokeback thing.

    3. Michael has wife. Can teach Bosco how to do wit Myolie

  2. Michael Tse has indeed aged a lot. That’s why if you were to tell me Andy Lau didn’t do any botox I would never believe. Bosco has quite a great potential, he’s very natural in his acting & if TVB is to groom him further & promote him, he’ll be successful.

    1. agree, Bosco has great potential. but that was only up to a few years ago. Compared him with Raymond, Ron and Sammul. Bosco acting showed greater potential.
      the only one probably that has the good acting is kenneth ma.

      but tvb’ got raymond wong and ruco chan now, bosco will have a lot more competition!

      not to mention the growing newbies too… Vincent Wong and Him Law.

      1. Since TVB got Ruco and Raymond now I guess they’ll stop promoting Bosco. Ruco is a better actor and look more sophisticated. I read in some rumours that Bosco’s being frozen now because he don’t want to sign another 8 years in TVB. They will also cut his screentime in TITS2. If you look at it besides this series he don’t have another series anymore right?

    2. If I remember correctly, Andy Lau has already admitted that he actually uses/used botox. I wish that other celebs would as well.

      1. Andy Lau’s acting isn’t that remarkable and is getting boring so he must maintain his idol image. Hidden Carol already broke many of his fans hearts so better not to make them sad seeing his face getting old and wrinkled.

      2. I think Andy’s acting is good… He is a bit old to be just an “idol” and I don’t think he wants to be one anymore. Plus, he doesn’t even need to be in the business anymore since he has a lots and lots of money. He still stays in the circle because of his passion for singing and acting.

    1. When Michael Laughing Tse don’t want to be Laughing Gor anymore.

      1. not until the cow is totally drained of milk la…

      2. As if he can choose to tell his boss (TVB) what he does and doesn’t want.

    2. There’s still another movie after this. Some people said TVB might nominate Laughing for award too.

    3. When there’s no longer any market for him — but by the looks of Omission’s response, the market is there and HUGE.

      1. ROFL of course since TVB overhyping him ever since Laughing become a success in EU. Live of Omission look like it’s tailor made to make Laughing popular again and milk money until dry.

      2. So? The fact remains that TVB appears to have done things right. If a big percentage of the audience is buying it, who’s complaining, save for those few naysayers which will always be around?

    4. TVB is out of ideas so they have to keep on milking the cow of milk until it is dry…

  3. Lol! I agree Michael and Bosco has a good chemistry onscreen. I’m enjoying their scenes together.

    1. They have good chemistry but it’s a pity that Bosco is an actor with a rude attitude

      1. I think it is mainly that picture because in other pictures he doesn’t look quite that old…

      2. I know but isn’t as bad as the one shown above. At least he is aging naturally instead of injecting all of that botox and other bad things just to make himself look artificially young.

  4. Went to a promotion function of this series and Bosco is such an arrogant & impolite guy. When I asked him for a photo in the carpark, he treated me like a fly and dun even say sorry to me when denying. If he was busy I can understand but no. He was free.

    Micheal, Kate & LF are the other artists I met tis time. All 3 are more friendly to ppl, even not their fans. Such as Micheal. He replied LF fans in good manner. Like him a lot.

    1. Maybe Bosco thinks highly of himself.. such a rude person indeed.

    2. are you sure? i think all 4 are very very friendly.

      1. @valerie – and how are you sure? Fox was there and was the one treated badly by Bosco. I’m sure after reading this fans will think less of him. I hate rude and arrogant man.

      2. Uhm I used to like Bosco. If not I didnt required to take pix wit him. Such as TY. I dun plan to get close to her. But his attitude disappointed me.At least he can say sorry if he dun want. But no. He moved his hands like I’m a fly. That made me mad.

      3. @Fox

        No need to like a bad man. Now join me to anti-him. He has always look like a bad guy to me.

      4. Vivien, u seem to be extremely want to seduce me to your team. Any discount to membership of bosco anti team? Kidding, lol.

      5. I almost like Bosco because I like his acting in GUF and Lives of Omission now but Fox story stopped me. I feel sorry for Myo because she has an arrogant boyfriend. She should think twice and look for better man out there, I’m sure a lot of nicer men than Bosco is out there for her 🙂

      6. I can help you praise Raymond and you can help me bash Bosco ROFL 😀

      7. @Fox

        I can help you praise Raymond and you can help me bash Bosco ROFL

      8. @Fox

        After being treated like a dirt you must hate him to the core. Channel that hate onto something so that you don’t feel burden inside. Join anti-Bosco team ROFL

      9. lol….you expect all Bosco fans to stop liking him because of one bad experience you had?

        I’m not a Bosco fan but I’m not surprised with what you said about him either. Then again, you and the rest of us are nobody’s to them celebs anyway so don’t get too worked up about it. You know some fans are just so annoying and persistent and always want to take photos with you and you’re in a bad mood, or don’t have makeup on, or in a hurry.. who knows.

      10. @lara

        Bosco fans must be blinded because of his onscreen appearance. @lol up there is an example where she almost like Bosco because of his series. I feel sorry for @Fox painful experience.

      11. oh and don’t expect them to treat all fans like an angel … be realistic… they’re a celeb. they’re not obliged to fulfil every fan’s wish of taking a stupid photo or getting an autograph.

      12. but to be honest, Bosco’s onscreen performance is EWW to me….and his a crappy singer.

      13. @lara @Vivien – true, Bosco’s acting grown on me in GUF and Lives of Omission. I almost like him because of this onscreen presence but after reading Fox’s story he just sounds like a better actor version of Edison. I hate rude men and a star is supposed to treat fans nicely because without fans they will be nobody.

      14. @ Vivien

        “I can help you praise Raymond and you can help me bash Bosco ROFL “

        You are already praising Raymond all along. This is such an effortless deal on your part. 😛

      15. @Kidd

        Maybe I don’t need Fox help too. Thanks to Fox many ppl already hate Bosco now because he treated Fox like a fly. Can see from the comments 😀

      16. @Kidd

        It will be effortless to Fox too. She already hates Bosco deeply and with her debating skills she will make a good Bosco basher.

      17. @Kidd

        Now since you know Fox story of rude Bosco you can join my side too. Don’t support a baddie

      18. First of all, make clear that I dun need anyone to help me to praise anyone. Lol, do it if like and don’t do it if dun like. Up to your own opinion.

        Second, I dun expect anything tat Bosco fans will stop loving him. Also up to your own opinion. It’s my own experience with Bosco and I’m posting in here for a topic to discuss.

        Third, I totally will respect his own wish if he dun wanna take pix with me. Just because he didn’t say sorry to me and only moved hands as a gesture to tell me to go, it made me angry. He took pix with some HK fans before my turn so I dun think he dun have the mood to take pix this day. Just because I’m not a person he knew or I’m not a HK fan, I guess. It’s alright. He dun want, I dun want. Next time I won’t never ask Bosco for a pic. I’d rather run to ppl like Michael and Kate, who are more friendly than Bosco.

        And in the last, maybe I’m treated so well by some artists before him, I expect the at least politeness from Bosco. I said, if he just said “sorry, I dun want”, the story will be different.

        BTW, for wat Myolie saw in Bosco, only she can have the best answer. He can be super nice to the one he loved.

        Well, my hatred to Bosco is more of “ignore him next time” than :P.

      19. @ Vivien

        “Now since you know Fox story of rude Bosco you can join my side too. Don’t support a baddie”

        Sorry, Vivien. I won’t. I like him because of his charisma and acting. So, I’ll still continue to watch his series and all. 🙂

        Will you start liking Kate now that Fox said she’s nice to fans and non-fans? 😛

      20. Yes Vivien, do you start to like Kate and Micheal? They are very nice :P.

    3. he always look like arrogant and baddie man. No wonder many said his acting in LOO is good because he’s being a baddie.

      1. @Fox

        Join my team now. You see for yourself that he’s not a good man.

    4. Thanks Fox for revealing Bosco’s arrogance and rudeness. He’s so unlikeable! What does Myolie sees in him?

      1. Myolie is a foolish woman for in love with an unlikeable man.

      2. @Vivien – Yes I don’t know what Myolie sees in this man who’s impolite and arrogant to a helpless girl like Fox

    5. I met him (and Kevin <3, Ron and Moses) at City Square Mall in Singapore for a fan signing event just a few months ago. He was friendly and chatty. The talkative one out of the 4 and cracked jokes with the crowd.

      P.S. I wasnt part of the ones Q-ing up for signatures because I didnt buy a ticket to their concert so I stood at the second floor looking downwards at the stage. My friend who bought a ticket tgt with her friend to watch the concert said all 4 were very warm and friendly when they got their signatures.

      1. @vvvisitor – Well it’s a signing event so of course he had to be friendly but it’s a fact that he was rude and arrogant to Fox outside of these kind of signing events. This is a bad image of a star. I hate impolite men. Myolie should’ve find a nicer man.

      2. @vvisitor

        Signing events dont count! Why don’t you try meet Bosco at the carpark and see he deny you waving his hand like you’re a fly!

      3. I don’t think it is fair to judge Bosco based on just one incident. It’s not like that is how he always is since none us really know him personally… What if Fox just caught him in a bad mood?? When a person is in a bad mood versus a good mood, things can be really different… I just want to be fair…

      4. I think it’s fair to judge him only based on Fox experience,because if you are a celebrity and someone ask for your signature,taking pictures while you are in bad mood,at least you can say sorry that you can’t take picture at that time,not just wave the ppl like a fly.Ppl like Fox has feeling too…

        As for me,I already doesn’t like Bosco for long time now because of his singing and sometime watching his acting also feel annoying to me.

        My most favourite actors/singers are Lam Fung and Chilam.It doesn’t mean I don’t like others(except for Bosco),I like Kevin,Steven and so on…but not as fanatic as I have my own collection(DVD of their series and movies with English sub coz don’t understand Chinese) of LF and Chilam.I also download their songs(LF and Chilam really have nice voice).
        As for others,I just watch their series online,free at MySoju.

      5. My experience, my day ^^. I hope that different days, he is different. Maybe that.

      6. @HetieShou – you’re not in Fox’s place so you may not understand the hurting and damaging experience she feels from the rudeness a star who wave his hand telling her to go without saying sorry. Fox also has added that he took pics with some HK fans before her so he’s obviously only took pics with certain fans! It’s evidently not bad mood day. So the conclusion is Bosco has bad manners. Who is he to deny people like a fly. Bad Bosco.

      7. @Raylan

        I don’t care about his singing but I found his acting is pretty good recently and ALMOST liking him until I read Fox’s bloody encounter. A good star won’t do what he did to Fox and will always spend time to take pics with all the fans and will say sorry politely when don’t want. I don’t think he’s a perfect match for Myolie who is a decent lady.

      8. I like Bosco because of his acting and charisma. So, I will continue to do so. 🙂

        Not to say I don’t understand’s Fox hurt. I’ve also been hurt by artists’ conduct too and was also annoyed at one time when I saw them. But, it will pass. I still like to watch him act and praise him if he has good acting.

        Fans just need to be careful not to put too much emotion and attachment to an artist. Remember, you might like them and want to be close to them, but, they don’t know you.

      9. @Kidd: I said again, I dun hope he to be too nice or friendly, but at least a “sorry, I can’t”. It isn’t the first time an artist denied to take pic with me, but they often said sorry to me 😛 . So Bosco made me mad because of that more than the picture itself.

      10. @lol,
        I know that I am not in Fox’s place, but I am good at imagining being in someone else’s place. I would be offended as well BUT I would not always hold that one incident against him all the time… Also, she only met him once. What if she met him again and he was all nice and sweet?? How would she then judge him? Would she then say that he was being fake?? If you met them several times and they were always like that then I can understand.
        I also want to say that I am not a big fan of Bosco and am not trying to defend him, but I just want to be fair… ALso, if you like him then you will give him the benefit of the doubt, but if you naturally hated him already then you will say that he was a bad guy based on Fox’s incident…

      11. I also want to add that you should put too much emotional attachment to any artist since you may get disappointed if you ever meet them. They also don’t know any of their fans personally so they have to cautious as well. I can understand Fox’s hurt, but that should all pass with time and who knows… What if you do get to meet him again in the future and he is really nice to you. Would your perceptions of him change then? OR would you still hold that one incident against him even after a long time…

        Do you like them for their talent or does the type of person that they are off screen matter to you as well??? It just depends on how much you like someone I guess…

      12. @lol,
        You already have a dislike for Bosco so Fox’s incident just fueled that… How do you know for sure Myolie is a decent lady?? I am sure that if Bosco was THAT bad, Myolie would not be with him….

      13. @ HTS: I understand you wanna be fair, but I don’t need anyone to hate with me or doubt for me. I’m the one who is treated like this, so I can feel and decide the best wat to do in the future. I don’t care for wat, where, when it’s different because the impression is on me from this meeting.

        I hope you understand that dun drag me in and tell me to give him second chance. It’s very simple: He ignored me, I’ll ignore him. That’s fair. It isn’t my business if someone hate him or protect him after reading my post.

      14. @HTS has a point. Too much emotional attachment. The thing with @Fox is that they tend to base their personal experience to determine whether or not they like a certain artist or not. @Fox is one of those fans that chase after celebs, taking photos, getting autographs, wait at the gates to get a glimpse of them …. Not every fan is like that. Most of us just sit at home, go to forums and fan sites, read their news and comment. It will be once in a blue moon that we encounter a real life experience with a celeb.

        Bosco was not the first and only celeb that @fox had a bad encounter with that resulted in them being placed in her black list. If the celeb was nice to @Fox, she will talk good about him/her. If the celeb was bad to her, then she will talk bad about him/her. But like @HTS said, that’s just a random encounter, I think it would be too easy to base ur preferences on just one encounter. What happens if Bosco was super nice to you next time, would you change your views about him? Possibly. It seems a small thing can influence your views so easily.

        And LOL at some of the commentators here. After hearing @Fox’s one time encounter with Bosco, some wrote “i can’t believe he did that. I’m so disappointed. I used to like him but not anymore. I don’t know what Myolie sees in him. Myolie is a stupid silly woman for going out with him. She can do so much better. Bosco is dumb, he depends on his fans for support. Bad person. No ethics.” ….. and that’s coming from a 3rd, 4th, 5th person who didn’t EXPERIENCE anything but just basing their comments from just one person from their one sole encounter. Too easy!

        Look I’m sure if go to diff forums, you’ll hear other ppl having good encounters with Bosco or even another artist. Eg. “Kate Tsui was sooooo niceee to mee and even other ppl’s fans. Therefore I like her.” WTF. I dunno about you, but I base my liking not on OTHER people’s encounter, but base on whether or not I’m attracted to their appearance, acting, talent. If they attract me to the screen then I’ll watch them. If they don’t, I don’t really care what nice things they do in real life that will not easily change my perception of them.

        Of course @Fox experience this herself so she can say whether or not she likes a certain artist. If Raymond Lam did that to her one day when his in a bad mood, I don’t know how she will feel. Will she cry and be devastated? Will she immediately un-fan him? Or will she give herself excuses and continue to like him because she’s willing to forgive someone she really likes? That we will just have to wait.

        As for the other people in this forum who commented on @Fox’s encounter and then giving those biased comments like: “I don’t know what Myolie sees in this man who’s impolite and arrogant, therefore I’m disappointed and not really like him anymore” shows that they are EASILY influenced by another’s one-time experience. Too funny.

        Don’t take it to heart. I’m just saying be a bit more realistic. 10% of negative encounters is not the entire representation of an artist. So what. Can’t expect everyone to like them. There’s always gonna be negative comments. Just read it like a rumor and then let it go.

        To sign off, I am not a Bosco Fan.

      15. @lara: anyone treated me like that, I’ll avoid and ignore this person next time. No different.

        For LF, I met him several times, not 1 time. All the time he treats me well, even in the airport where there is no reporters at all. So too bad, I haven’t experienced such thing with LF.

        To imagine, if one day he treats me like Bosco, I won’t cry for sure, lol. No need to cry for this. I’ll ignore him immediately. I’m a fan, I have the right to like anyone I want. He is an artist, his responsibility is to treat fans well. (Again, I don’t mind it’s fake or not or his real personality is what, he treats me well, that’s enough to me.)

        Of course, I dun need a celeb to treat me like a princess (if can, of course good). I just wanna to see them nice and polite. I said, I’m mad at Bosco because he didn’t say sorry to me and waved hand as a gesture to tell me to go out more than he denied to take pic with me. Sorry is the least polite manner.

      16. @lara:

        “I dunno about you, but I base my liking not on OTHER people’s encounter, but base on whether or not I’m attracted to their appearance, acting, talent.”

        Well, I think it’s anyone’s perogative to dislike or be neutral towards Bosco after hearing about Fox’s first hand encounter with him. If you are trying to say we are being shallow to have an adverse reaction towards Bosco due to a one-off incident then so be it, I’m not a saint anyway. But, overall in general, I think there should be some kind of respect here, I don’t fancy how neutral and anti-neutral towards Bosco camps are trying to pull each other to their side, if I may speak, I think it’s ugly. Please respect that everyone has their own views.

        (Disclaimer: I did thought that Bosco was being rude to shake @Fox off like a fly when they were alone in the carpark but now that @Fox clarified that they weren’t alone and Bosco took with some other fans, then okay, I’m giving Bosco the benefit of the doubt that he was rushing off and didn’t have time after snapping with his seasoned fans to attend to @Fox

        My misunderstanding with @Kidd was also because I misunderstood that she wanted to see concrete evidence when in fact she just wanted to knew what happened since we talked like we were there)

        In that case then yes, I’m indeed a shallow person cause I like artistes that have a good, tomboyish and fun-loving personality like Christine Ng, Kate Tsui and Sharon Chan (I am a Kate Tsui fan myself but I have never ever dissuade anti-Kate Tsui fans from disliking her) and I admit I like them more for their personality than their acting skills (cause it’s true that their acting skills are far from exceptional)

        But, anyway, just want to point out that liking them for their appearance is kind of being superficial, no? If you are talking about only liking them for their acting skills and talent, then are you trying to say those record companies and TVB are wrong to spend millions of dollars to repackage their artists and telling their artistes to behave themselves? There must be a very good reason for them to do so right? Because it’s a fact that people like the overall package of their idols, regardless of their inner personality, appearance, acting skills, taken and whatsoever. If you think personality counts for nothing, then why do you think Amigo Chui lost his TVB job as a host after people learnt about him beating up his then-girlfriend and drink driving and why do you think Edison hit a career low after the sex photos came out?

        Anyway, I don’t expect you to change your way of thinking cause as I said everyone is entitled to their own comments, you have yours, I have mine. Just thought that it would be good not to blast each other’s camps for what they believe in.

    6. “All 3 are more friendly to ppl, even not their fans. Such as Micheal. He replied LF fans in good manner. Like him a lot.”

      This reminds me of Kenneth Ma. I read in baidu of someone’s encounter with Kenneth. On the set, he saw some Raymond’s fans looking for Raymond and he went to call Raymond for the fans.

      Nice guy.

      1. Yes Kenneth is a lot nicer than rude Bosco. If only Myo had considered a nice guy like Kenneth instead of impolite Bosco. Myolie is an educated girl and I’m sure she can do better than a rude, arrogant impolite man! I’m disappointed because I like Myolie a lot.

      2. That shows Myolie Wu is more stupid than I thought. Many nicer men such as Ruco, Kenneth, Raymond, Ron in front of her and she choose the badass of them all which is Bosco! Imagine how Fox felt when Bosco denied her like a fly at the carpark!

      3. Well, Myolie knows Bosco better than any of us do so we should not say that Bosco is a bad guy based on just one incident. I heard that Myolie’s dad says Bosco is a good guy. Therefore, I don’t think Myolie made a bad choice at all…

      4. Micheal is quite nice. When I saw him, he went out with his wife. Then he told his wife to go first, he himself went out of the barrier to talk with LF fans. He replied everyone in nice way to all the questions dun relate to him, with a smile. Then ppl said they wanted to take pix with him, he smiled and said yes to all the requests.

        Reminds me of Raymond Wong whom I met last year. He said only 4 ppl can take pix with him. My friend queued to wait. But when her turn came, he said because there were 2 girls who took pix with him before my friend, he wouldn’t take pix with her (he took pix with a girl, then another girl, then 2 girls in a turn, made all 4 to him). I felt it’s ridiculous.

      5. @HetieShou you don’t expect Myolie’s dad to talk bad about Bosco in public don’t you? What about his tendency to be naked at home? Now his action of taking pics with only a number of fans and waved the others away?

      6. @Fox,

        I find it weird that Raymond Wong said he would only take pics with four people. What kinda rule is that? I’m confused.

      7. I’m disappointed at Raymond Wong. That’s a ridiculous rule.

      8. I dunno why Raymond Wong gave out this rule. But he said that. Uhm, not many ppl were there. About 10-12 ppl only because Ron, Kate, LF’s fans, most of the left after the artists left. Raymond Wong was the last ppl who went out of HKC. He came to the group and said tat he would take pix with 4 ppl, then took pix with 4 girls. After tat, he left with his wife.

        It’s Miss HK last year.

      9. @Lol,
        ONce again, since you already have a dislike for Bosco, you will think everything about him is bad… But IF you liked him and was a fan of his, then you would defend him every way possible. Basically, the point is, your views are biased just like anyone else.
        I am neutral towards Bosco since I don’t like him that much nor do I hate him. Therefore, I try to judge him fairly just like with any artist. Even with artists that I don’t really like, I try to be fair but I do admit that of course if I don’t like them, I will be more bias towards them…

      10. @Vivien –

        That shows Myolie Wu is more stupid than I thought.

        She’s stupid because she’s not dating a nice guy? Are you kidding me? Nice is one quality a girl should look for but not all. Bosco may have other qualities that make him the best pick for Myolie. Geez.

        I definitely agree Kenneth is a very nice guy and would love Myolie and him to start dating. They were on this game show and I think Myolie decided to call him for him to guess who it was. I thought it was really cute.

        Anyway – Bosco may be a jerk based on that one incident but life isn’t about just 1 incident. I personally have my doubts on this guy as well. His whole nudity with windows wide open was kinda freakish for me.

    7. THanks for sharing your experiences Fox, however, I don’t think that you should base it on just one encounter and then judge Bosco by it. I have read many many stories about fans meeting celebs and have heard from different people completely different stories about the same celeb. Like with Jessica and Louis, some said that they were mean and unfriendly. Then others would say that they are nice and really friendly. Maybe you caught Bosco in a bad mood since who is nice all the time??? I bet if you met him when he was in a good mood, you would probably think differently…

      1. Well, I faced this and you are telling me not to judge him because of this? I have feeling and mood as well. However, I said, I won’t get close to him next time. He dun want, I dun want.

      2. @HetieShou – I think it’s you who shouldn’t be so quick to defend him since you are not the one being waved like a fly and Fox is the one who experienced the bloody encounter.

      3. I know that and I do understand Fox’s feelings and would be hurt as well. However, it will all pass and I would not take it to heart. I would just avoid him next time, that’s all.. No need to dwell over it and go around saying that Bosco is a horrible person…If you want to judge him, then go ahead since it’s not like he would care at all…

        Sorry but using the words “bloody encounter” is really over doing it… You also did not experience it as well but you make it sound like Bosco tried to hit Fox or something… Since you already dislike him, this will just make you dislike him more.. Let it be then…. I have heard other stories about fans and Bosco and none of them were that bad…But whatever. This incident has passed so just let it pass….

      4. @ HTS: What are you saying? When I go around and say Bosco is a horrid person? I’m doing the thing you said you will do if you are in my shoes: avoid him next time. If you missed my posts then dun go around and say such thing like this.

        You is you and I’m me. We’ll have different feeling, thinking and way to treat stuffs. Please don’t teach me to do this and that. It’s totally unnecessary.

  5. @ lol

    Ha ? It sounds like you are the one who was treated like that by Bosco

      1. I think you also trying to fuel the fact that Bosco is a bad guy since you already have a dislike of him…

  6. Please don’t forget they are actors & actress? Which means acting are their skills. Some people don’t mind showing you his/her true character whereas some people would be superficial. Therefore you shouldn’t take it so hard on Bosco, but sincerely thanks for sharing it with us. At least now we know Bosco is like that, I mean ill-mannered. Agree with Fox that though Bosco maybe a rude person that does not mean that his love for Myolie is not good enough. Some people are very sickening but they’ll treat the person they love very nice….

    1. I agree with you @bloom …. because whatever d-head Bosco is, its got nothing to do with Myolie. He may be super sweet to her for all we know. And girls like bad boys. The badder they are, the more attractive they become. You can’t say because he was ill-mannered, therefore he isn’t entitled to a gf, friends, family etc… it just doesn’t make sense. Stop making it sound like Bosco is the devil and Myolie is an angel. I’m sure she has her flaws… she’s not 100% perfect so I don’t see why she deserves a 100% perfect guy.

      1. No one is 100% perfect…. Everyone has flaws…

  7. @Fox, wow didn’t expect that from Bosco, er he’s not like a megastar or anything, not that megastars should be rude either..sorry you had to experience that especially from someone like Bosco haha I actually thought he was a nice person looking at his online persona but guess reality is different..thanks for sharing though!

  8. Im a guy and im not bosco’s fan either. But actors are human too and just because he didnt want to take a picture doesnt mean he is bad or rude because he didnt say anything rude either. As for why Myolie likes him, well everyone has a different taste. And in love, does only anyone who is good gets to love? Everyone has a bad side and has done something bad. Can you say that you have never done anything bad before Fox??

    1. I agree. Just because of something minor like that one cannot go to the conclusion that Bosco is a bad guy. Don’t judge people and be a hater.

      1. Fox actually didn’t go to the conclusion that Bosco is a bad guy. She just does not like the way Bosco treated her which she found rude.

      2. Thank Kidd.

        Again, Bosco isn’t a bad guy to me. However, I won’t never get close to him when I see him again, that’s all.

    2. I can say I have never done anything that intentionally harm other ppl.

      I don’t go to a conclusion that Bosco is a bad guy and Myolie shouldn’t love him. I have no right to force her or tell her what to do. In fact, I support Boscolie’s love and think they are a good couple.

      I think the action of Bosco to move hand as a gesture to tell me go away without saying a word is a rude and impolite action. I don’t mind him to not take picture with me, but I don’t like his gesture to do like I said when I politely requested him. No, he doesn’t become a bad guy to me, but he ignores me, I ignore him, it’s fair enough.

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