Michelle Ye Wears Boyfriend’s Diamond Ring, but Doesn’t Believe in Marriage

Dating for three years, Michelle Ye (葉璇) is used to being spoiled by her boyfriend, Mr. Xiao Mo (小默先生) and believes that a pricier gift equals greater love. As a fashion stylist, Mr. Mo is known for his lavish taste. He loves giving expensive gifts, such as cars and diamonds, to show his love for Michelle.

On June 16, Michelle flashed a photo of Mr. Mo’s latest gift, a generously-sized diamond ring, on Weibo. She wrote, “I truly don’t understand why my refusal to accept expensive gifts was met with anger. Okay, don’t be upset, I’ve accepted it. Diamonds represent forever. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”

As Michelle wore the diamond ring on her ring finger, fans wondered if Mr. Mo had proposed to her and she had said yes? When the press reached out to her, Michelle said, “I probably wouldn’t ever get married in my lifetime. Being in love is great.” Since Michelle’s parents had divorced when she was a child, the 38-year-old may not believe in marriage.

Coincidentally, when Mr. Mo had given her a 2.14 carat ring for Valentine’s Day in 2016, many fans also wondered if he had proposed to her. But it turns out that Mr. Mo just loves to buy diamonds.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. So a pricier gift equals greater love eh? Sounds more like a shallow, materialistic gold digger to me. And yes, celebrity women making a salary can also be gold diggers. I doubt she can truly love a man for himself. Love for some women is what a man can offer them in terms of material possessions. No wonder there is so much contract marriages today. You help me to keep my image, I reward you with wealth unknown. Some women, and men are fickle gold diggers.

    1. @bubbletea
      Michelle is really something else. She owns a heap of gold but still manages to gold dig. I think she wants her lovers to really empty their bank accounts for her. When they run out of cash and cant afford to buy her anything expensive then she will probably criticise them for not loving her enough.

  2. If I have a boyfriend who loves to buy me diamonds, I ain’t complain. LOL.

    1. @mangotango and you should not. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they say. Nothing wrong with enjoying them. You
      should have a good guy who enjoys seeing you happy. Diamonds do make a girl smile. It is just that when a woman makes a bold statement like what Michelle said, it immediately scraems gold digger.

  3. I understand why she doesn’t want to marry given her significant savings over the yrs + bad childhood experience regarding marriage.

    Matrimony isn’t for everyone and sometimes it works better for those who fear commitment to never get married.

    As for his flashy gifts, well, as a girl I can tell you that it’s always welcome lol! And so many men in this day and age don’t put in effort into doing or giving things to their partners out of love. Of course if he compensates for that in other ways, like you know he’ll come thru for you if you need a liver or something, then that’s fine too. To each their own.

  4. Look at me! Look at me! Attention seeker..much?

    Sometimes, when people are so blatant about their material possessions. It may to cover up or to hide what they are lacking.

    IMO less is more. Subtlety and humility shows more class and character.

  5. I don’t think Michelle Ye is a gold-digger, per se. She’s a successful woman in her own right and earns her own money. I didn’t interpret her previous post about “Those who love you would be willing to spend money for you” as love = money. I think what she meant was that someone who loves would be willing to spend money on you without being asked or told. She’s capable of purchasing all these things herself, but the fact that her boyfriend is willing to buy her things to make her happy without fussing about money or being told and asked is what. This is different from a situation where partners are on opposite ends of the financial spectrum.

    1. @huynh, very well said. Maybe Michelle is not a gold digger, or maybe she is. Just because a celebrity, or any woman for that matter, is making a salary, it does not necessarily mean she may not be willing to save her money and get what she can out of a man. It happens all the time. It is not always different from a situation where partners are on opposite ends of the financial spectrum

  6. LOL at her humble brag. “I don’t like lavish gifts, but since you insist…” as if it were forced upon her and she had absolutely no desire to accept. Oh, Michelle, who are you trying to kid?

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