Miriam Yeung Openly Lectured by Johnnie To

Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) was openly lectured by director Johnnie To (杜琪峯) on the set of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2 <單身男女2>, thus marring their first collaboration. On the other hand, Johnnie appeared to give preferential treatment to lead star Gao Yuanyuan (高圓圓)instead.

After winning the Best Actress award at the 32nd Annual Hong Kong Film Awards for her performance in director Pang Ho Cheung’s (彭浩翔) Love in the Buff  <春嬌與志明>, Miriam expressed interest in working with director Johnnie To. After agreeing to filming Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2, Miriam said, “It would be an accomplishment if I’m not scolded by him [Johnnie To]!”

While Miriam and Johnnie initially got along well, things took a turn for the worse when Johnnie criticized Miriam openly, that she was playing herself rather than fully immersing in the role. Their friction escalated last week when the cast and crew were at Sheung Wan for filming. In the scene, Miriam was required to drive a white Ferrari to a residential building and then go up to an apartment. While waiting for her turn, Miriam was noticeably quiet and void of expression while listening to Johnnie’s directions. When filming began, Johnnie suddenly shouted stop and stormed to Miriam to give her an earful.

While Johnnie was lecturing, Miriam tried on several occasions to defend herself, but she eventually did not manage to say anything. Only after a crew member stepped in to ease the atmosphere did Johnnie walk away, leaving the disgruntled Miriam behind. Although filming went on smoothly for the rest of the night, Miriam was unhappy and even when she saw good friend, Louis Koo (古天樂), she did not strike up a conversation with him.

It was alleged that Miriam was also unhappy that Johnnie plays favoritism with the other lead actress, Gao Yuanyuan . One day, Miriam and Yuanyuan had to film a scene at Happy Valley together. Arriving early, Miriam was briefed by a production worker, while Yuanyuan was personally briefed by the director. Throughout the day, Johnnie did not interact with Miriam at all.

Source: East Week via ihktv.com

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Of course………if you were the director, wouldn’t you piss all over the ugly and unfeminine female lead while giving all the preferential treatment to the pretty and feminine one?……….at least it gives him a chance to bed the decent-looking one first…….No one in their right mind would treat Miriam as a woman….she acts and behaves like an idiotic beetch………

    1. what has Miriam done to you to deserve such brutal remark?

    2. Wow, you are so mean and rude. What did Miriam ever do to you that made you say those things?? Oh wait, I think knowing how shallow you are, you still remember that one photo of her without make up so are attacking her now…

    3. “..she acts and behaves like an idiotic beetch………” Well dont you yourself reflect your own words lol. If not, you sure sound like one.

    4. yuaida: wow you talked like that Gao Yuanyuan is that pretty or something lol.

      1. The fact is….Gao Yuan Yuan IS that pretty. But Yuaida is still a douche for calling out on Miriam like that though.

      2. Gao Yuanyuan IS NOT that pretty and yes yuaida was a bit rude calling that singer like that.

    5. Never like this Miriam.

      She can’t act. Even in the Buff movie, she can’t act. She is just portraying being herself. Wonder how in the world she can win the best actress award. It just show that the award is rigged, as is hunched all along.

      Actually, the Buff director is the one who is good, he managed to amplify her natural emotions for scenes which she would normally do. Eg, she must have liked a younger guy before, so he get her to relive them. Should win best director, not best actress on this one LOL.

      Not all singers can be actress. Go back to singing and stay there.

      Just because you won award does not mean you can worked with top notched directors, you know. Ever heard of fluke shot, or just got lucky???

      Madam, your luck ran out ardy. LOL

    6. As always, yuaida acts and behaves like an idiotic beetcharse. Keep up the good work beetch!

    7. Best comment ever! Cant stand that idiot, just watch Anna In Kungfu Land and you’ll understand!

    8. ”Feminine in deed, Miriam is a smart Woman,a talented Singer and actress full of potential but married and being a mother of a chid which could perhaps be discriminated coz of these and whereas Gao Yuan Yuan has the feminine factor, etc etc and has a hot chilli vegetable dress that dazzle fans, so Johnny is Johnnie, a man whom desire and appreciate salty and spice veg?”

  2. if johnny to dont like her,why did he cast her? i think there is something wrong in the communications between the two.i dont believe she is a diva. maybe she thought she deserves more respect and recognition from the director after she won the movie queen title.

    1. I think she deserves more respect as an actress in general.

      Regardless of what award she won or how high up she is, even a lowly actress deserves some form of respect from the director.

      I have always found it rude that some directors think their god and can treat the actors however they feel fit.

      1. Agreed. Miriam is not a newcomer, she’s not a diva. Directors think they’re so kewl and all that they could lambast anyone they want? I’m not a big fan of Miriam but come on, show some class and decency towards someone who is working for you!

  3. Ouch.. poor Miriam. Hope it’ll be over soon so she doesn’t have to deal with him again!

  4. i feel bad for Miriam, and though i agreed with To sir that Miriam mostly played herself onscreen, still there is no need to give her that kind of treatment. To sir really went overboard this time. if he doesn’t like her acting, then he can criticize her harshly in the private of two people, no need to make her loose face that way. and he should pay more attention to Miriam not ignored her like that.

      1. well she is paid a ton of money for this movie, thats why he’s furious she’s not doing a gd job. waste of money.

  5. So Miriam’s acting range is rather limited; boy wasn’t that shocking? LOL!

    Look, like most HK celebs, her career spans across music, movies, TV, modeling and is considered as the jack of all trades but master in none of them. This must become more glaring when she is juxtaposed next to a formally trained actress like Gao Yuan Yuan.

    Johnnie To has been around and he should have known better before casting.

    1. Gao Yuan Yuan I don’t think was really formally trained. She was cast as a model after someone found her walking on the streets and thought that she was pretty. But aside from that I think she is a pretty decent actress compared to other people that started the same way she did. Its just her roles in movies aren’t really that interesting compared to her series.

      1. Really?? I thought she at least went to university and all. Maybe she did not go to a performing arts university. I heard that that was how Alyssa Jia entered the circle, but not sure if that was how GYY entered.

      2. She did graduate from university majoring in PR/performing arts.

        Being formally trained does not guarantee entry into the business. For her, she opted to start in doing commercials.

      3. I was a fan of hers for a while when she was still a TV series actress. I don’t follow much of her movies now since movies tend to cast pretty girls in pretty vase roles. Which by the way she was in acted as one in Rob-B-Hood.
        So yea I remember that bit of info about her and I think she got her degree in Public Relations, not so sure about performing arts though. But you gotta admit that she acted very well in The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber as her first leading role. Way better than some newbies in TVB.
        Also, is it just me or the character development in Asian dramas kind of lacking recently. When I switched to American dramas the pacing and characters (female & male) are great like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Law and Order SVU

  6. whoa – whoever put this gossip out there – not a good idea for Miriam – To Kei Fung sounds really old schol and this would be considered a breach of integrity to whine to the outside world when the director has not actually wronged her yet – Chinese parents don’t allow sibling rivalry or being called on comparisons to indicate preferential treatment between their children so it is NONE of anyone’s business and not cause for complaining if he handles someone else differently. I doubt that Miriam would correct her acting style if she was treated in a doting fashion by the director.

  7. I have nothing against Miriam Yeung but to be honest she is definitely not a fantastic actress. Moreover Johnny To is a director with high caliber obviously he has high expectation of his casts.
    That explains the open lecture.

  8. Not a surprise, I don’t think she act in any movie. She just being herself in each of them.

  9. I too, don’t think she can act. I could never understand how in the world did she won the best actress award?!

  10. To openly criticize a woman in publc is certainly no gentlemanly gesture and I would just ignore him so that matters don’t get worse.He’s the boss after all. Either that or leave the cast, I think.

  11. Maybe the media exaggerated it. boiled news. Anyway I agree with majority here that Miriam acting is nothing to shout about. She is normal looking but she still managed to snag a decent looking and younger than her husband so she isn’t too bad after all.

    1. Wow… you seem to imply that Miriam should thank her lucky stars having a decent looking younger man as a husband because she is ONLY normal-looking. o_O Couples get together NOT only because of their looks… Perhaps there’s something else called inner beauty?

    2. There is definitely more to a person rather than looks. When a couple falls in love and gets married, it is definitely much much more than just physical attraction. If it is only physical attraction, then it definitely will not last. In fact I have seen many relationships where one looks way better than the other, but the one that is better looking seems to love the one that is not as good looking. Strange but love is irrational and works in really mysterious ways that none of us will ever understand. Personality and many other things matter more than looks.

    1. She actually is pretty famous but if you only watch TVB dramas only then you will not know her.

      1. Yup – GYY is famous! She’s always named as the beauty by many men .. I also agree she’s got this subtle beauty.

      2. GYY sort of looks like a younger version of Yammie Lam. When I first saw GYY, I noticed that she really reminded me of Yammie when she was young.

      3. Hahaha, watching TVB dramas only can make you think the earth is still flat! LOL!!

  12. I wonder if Miriam and Sammi Cheng are secretly related – they both have the same nose and I think they’re both Chiuchow. That is SOME nose.

  13. It may also be why Andy Lau gets matched with Sammi Cheng – matching noses

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