Miss Hong Kong 2010 Results Flamed as Unfair and Pre-Fixed

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On August 1stToby Chan Ting Yan was crowned the winner of the Miss Hong Kong 2010 Pageant and won the Miss International Goodwill and Tourism Ambassador Awards as well. Sammi Cheung Sau Man and Lisa Chong Si Ming were named the First and Second Runner-Ups respectively.Crystal Lee Shuet Ying won the Miss Photogenic Award and Ria Tong Bo Chun received the Fashion Eyes Award.

The pageant results were an upset, as the winners were dark horse candidates while none of the early favored contestants were placed. The audience protested that Toby and Lisa’s victories were unfair and fixed early in advance.

Toby Chan is rumored to be dating the heir of Hong Tai Travel, one of the sponsors of the pageant. Throughout the contest, Toby did not receive much press coverage and her victory on Sunday night came as a surprise. Netizens criticized Toby’s smile as unattractive. Toby said that she was confident about her victory, “I agree with Eric Tsang Chi Wai’s assessment: my performance was well-rounded and remained strong throughout the evening.” (But there are outcries that your three awards were due to Hong Tai Travel’s support?) “That’s inaccurate. There are many sponsors of theMiss Hong Kong Pageant other than Hong Tai. The results were based on multiple judges’ input. I am not worried over claims that the results were fixed.”

When Lisa Chong was announced as the Second Runner-up, booing sounds were heard from the live audience attending the event. TVB received eleven complaints regarding Lisa, claiming that her win was due to elder sister, model Chong Si Man’s connections. Lisa responded, “I was prepared for this type of complaints. Actually, eleven complaints are not that many!”

Throughout the pageant, Elle Lee Man Xuan, was speculated to win the Miss Hong Kong 2010 crown due to her wealthy background. Noted for her voluptuous figure, Phoebe Pang Wai Chung was another favorite that did not make the top eight finalists.
The Master of Ceremonies (MCs) for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2010 included Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Nat Chan Bak Cheung, Johnson Lee Sze Jit, Louis Yuen Siu Cheung, and Wong Cho Lam. Guest performers included Raymond Lam Fung, Kate Tsui Chi San, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Raymond Wong Ho Yin, Mandy Cho Man Lei, Tracy Ip Chui Chui, and other past Miss Hong Kong winners. Lynn Hung, Fala Chen, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, and Annie Liu Hsin Yu comprised the celebrity judging panel.

Compiled from the Sun, Takungpao, Wenweipo

Jayne: It was revealed that eleven people protested against Lisa Chong’s placement. I don’t find Lisa’s features to be that outstanding. Wonder how many complaints were filed against Toby Chan? Toby has very pretty eyes, but her smile shows too much gums (from some angles). Her figure is very nice but she still comes across as a “plain vanilla” type of Miss Hong Kong. I thought last year’s winner, Sandy Lau, was also a little plain.

Crystal Lee’s make-up was done beautifully that night, adding a spark to her eyes that gave her a lead in snagging the Miss Photogenic Award. I think she is more outstanding that Lisa Chong.

Instead of competing in Miss Hong Kong, the truly gorgeous girls now become models, since success comes faster and bigger. Hong Kong is a little obsessed with big boobs and many “hot” models seem to get silicone implants nowadays.

22 comments to Miss Hong Kong 2010 Results Flamed as Unfair and Pre-Fixed

  1. Aly says:

    Very surprised with the results as well, but I did expect Toby to be in the top 5 as she seemed very well-rounded and intelligent during the pre-show programs. Actually, of the 3 winners, I like Sammi Cheung the most. She was unnoticed during most of the competition, but I thought she was quite cute in her responses. Sometimes the less pressure you have, the more natural and good your performance is. No. 5 Lisa defintely had preparations in her Q&A segment. No.11 Elle was a favorite, but I think it may have been her Q&A segment that lowered her points. It’s her Cantonese and the way she reacted to Eric’s comments.
    I was very surprised no.3 and 4 made to top 8 as I think they are 2 of the weakest in terms of facial features. But good for them. No. 2, 8, and 10 were 3 of my favorite contestants. I think no. 8 Phoebe will defintely get a contract with TVB. I’m happy for No. 9 for her Miss Photogenic award. She was my pick for Miss International Goodwill. I knew she was going to win something with such a friendly smile. I really wish she would have won 1st runner-up and Sammi 2nd runner-up.

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    • royolsdo replied:

      Has Background – wealth or influential Connection =10 points;Master/degree = 2 points;actress look alike = 3 points, able and willing ie lick feet = 8 points, beauty 2 points; = who really is winner?

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  2. Trang says:

    It was never my intention to be rude or offensive but I really want to say my two cents lol.

    The Western countries (including the U.S.) tend to be more open minded when it comes to what is considered beautiful. What I mean by that is that they accept plastic surgeries in beauty competitions. Whereas some Eastern countries strictly prohibit plastic surgeries when it comes to beauty pageants. So I guess it’s kind of hard to find a true/natural beauty with intelligence; therefore, we see so many “modified” contestants that it’s hard for us to accept any other kind of beauty. That brings me to a few questions. For example, is someone only beautiful if he/she is all natural? And how far would you go to be considered beautiful? I’ve seen some before and after pictures of celebrities (especially Korean ones) and I’m beyond shocked at the number of plastic surgeries. There are times, I have trouble telling one celebrity from another because they look the same after so many plastic procedures.

    With that said, I have to agree with Jayne that none of the winners are considered beauties. No offense, but after all this is a “physical” beauty pageant, shouldn’t they at least be beautiful? I don’t want some idiot to win the title but at the same time the word “beauty” is attached to the competition so I was expecting more…

    In my opinion, I haven’t seen any Miss Hong Kong winners that I’m blown away by their beauty. Maybe back in the old days; however, those days were plagued by bad hair and terrible makeup. Nowadays, the techniques have improved; however, the girls…slightly getting worse and worse.

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  3. Funn Lim says:

    I never follow Miss HK but when I switched on the TV it was on so I watched for the first time since forever. More out of curiosity since one or 2 or even 3 of them may be “terrorising” the telly soon so I wanna know what hit me.

    First of, I must say the swimwear segment is more toned down than what I can remember even if they’re still essentially lots of skin. The evening gowns are god awful for all. The Q&A segment was the funniest due to the 3 comediens, especially the great Wong Cho Nam who should have won the Miss HK title because I find him prettiest of the lot. I am sure the Q&A is fixed but since some looked flustered, I suspect Eric Tsang went all out for certain contestants. It was awkward but most managed it well, even if it was fixed and rehearsed, at least some can act very well.

    Now the quality of the girls. First of all I actually thought the tallest one will get into final 4? 5? She didn’t. Then I thought the shortest one will win the title but ended up someone else did. Looks wise, I find the make up excellent eventhough most of the girls look more like those Taiwanese idol drama actress, heavily made up, probably some had their noses done. But at least some are rather cute looking and some even pretty. I too was complaining how come the 3rd placed got into top 4 BUT when she won, I sorta understood why. She was rather gracious in the way she spoke. Most may be pretty but can you be classy? I find her rather classy in the way she handled certain impromptu moments, lavishing praises on fellow contestants. After a while I thought she looked the oldest, her awful hair didn’t help but she isn’t that bad looking.

    2nd place looks like our own Malaysian girl, what is her name, now acting in HK, except uglier version. The winner, yes I agree, she must spend some money to fix her teeth and gum because that kinda distracted me. I didn’t find her as eloquent, nor frankly do I find her pretty except I do think she is tall and fair.

    I did not know who was supposed to win, etc. When I saw the final 2, they reminded me of Twins. One like Ah Sa, the taller but less prettier but cuter whilst the other Ah Kiu, smaller, prettier but serious looking. Sorta funny.

    I really don’t care who wins because none of them will make any impact in Miss Universe or Miss World. If by any indication of pass winners, I dare say we shall be seeing no. 3 and no. 2 and even no. 4 on screen soon. No. 1 has to wait 1 year to fulfill her duties. I just pray they can bloody act!

    I was a little surprise the tallest one didn’t even get into the top 4 or whatever. I find her rather classy even if those tears about how much she will miss so and so was getting on my nerves. Just save the tears, smile more and for god’s sake, hold it in.

    Miss HK is nothing more than an attempt to cash in on skin and more skin but also in discovering the next TVB queen so to speak. Like I have always said, scrap it and bring in Star Search!

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  4. smellypops says:

    None of the 3 winners would have been my pick! I reckon number 9 Crystal Li should have won, she was most outstanding in looks and performance on the night. Even her answer was good. She was just another contestant that missed out on a Miss HK tittle by rigged results. Just like in 2003 when Selena Li missed out on the tittle due to rigged results. I don’t think I can ever makes sense of the result from 2003. Selena was so jipped off!!!

    I just hope Crystal will join TVB and make a name for herself, if that is what she desires!!!

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  5. Jayne says:

    Smellypops, I’m sure TVB with sign Crystal and cast her. Whoever wins Miss Photogenic will usually be signed. Wirh Crystal’s petite frame, I think she would look great in ancient dramas. Her looks reminds me of Noel Leung Siu Bing.

    I’m pretty sure Phoebe Pang will be signed too.

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  6. Moontialia says:

    compare to the old MIss HongKong,,, now aday is getting worst,,, Toby Chan is is is is UGLY,, not attractive at all,, her smile is so fake,,, not so attractive

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  7. Smellypops says:

    Jayne – Yeah, lets hope so. Lets hope Crystal will join TVB, coz I wouldn’t mind seeing her in some drama series. Even with the rigged results, I’m glad they gave her the Miss Photogenic award. I guess they couldn’t ignore her popularity from internet voting results. It seems to me they are awarding the winner to people with contacts or of wealthy backgrounds to keep them happy and I’d assume there will be some kind or financial benefit. Whereas the Miss Photogenic is awarded to the contestant that should win but couldn’t be crowned. What a joke!!!

    Haha!!Nice pick up there, didn’t realise it before but now that you mention it I can see the resemblance between the two!

    Yep, agree with you there too. Phoebe Pang has the potential to survive in the entertainment industry and I think TVB can see that too and will cash in on it.

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  8. Suki says:

    I don’t believe that people who have had plastic surgery should be considered beautiful. Instead they are anything but that. Likewise, you wouldn’t call someone who cheats in an exam intelligent now would you?
    I think it’s pure vanity, when people get plastic surgery done unless it’s for some emergency reasons. Thank god, Hong Kong prohibits plastic surgeries in their beauty pageant, cos what would be the point? Every asian girl would want big eyes, small face and a large bust.
    I’ve heard some rumors that HK’s hottest rising star, Angelababy has had some work done. Is this true?

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  9. j00ky says:

    they just get worse every year…

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  10. colly says:

    i was actually quite happy with the results. I thought the winner looked a bit like Vivian Chow and her answer was pretty good. She gave an outstanding performance on the night and the results were not really that shocking. yes numbr 9 was pretty and was very good at answering too. but she have made it to the top 3.

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  11. Star says:

    I’ve finally watched the MHK pageant yesterday night… and I thought Toby Chan WASN’T that outstanding.. I mean there were ones that were better then her. The ones that I thought was pretty and did good on the answering part didn’t even make it to the finals. I liked #11.. lol so funny on the answering part.. I can tell her IQ is high.. and she looks good too.. I feel sad for #1 Alice Wong.. But usually contestant #1 dont win.

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  12. Jayne says:

    Suki, I thought TVB allows plastic surgey in the Miss HK pageant. In this year’s pageant, it looks like Suyen Cheung had plastic surgery on her face and chest.

    Aimee Chan was rumored to have gotten chest implants. Tracy Ip was rumored to have gotten some work done on her face before participating in Miss HK and she got more surgery after winning the contest.

    Angelababy repeatedly denied getting plastic surgery, but the photos seem very obvious that she had work done.

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  13. May Lim says:

    I missed it when it was aired. Thank God, otherwise I would have wasted a few hours watching some not good-looking girls being crowned. Gosh, they look too plain to be Miss Hong Kong finalists … Absolutely low standard.. What happened to all the real beauties?

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  14. jen says:

    The results with 2010 Miss HK was totally ridculous.

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  15. Kidd says:

    I just watch Mr.HK yesterday and Toby made an appearance. She did resemble Vivien. Too bad her mouth made her less pretty.

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  16. HeTieShou says:

    THe quality for the Ms. HK contestants have really gone downhill.. I used to really enjoy watching them but stopped long ago because it just gets worse and worse… I have noticed that you don’t need to win in order to get famous and be successful. It actually seems to be the other way around at times. It seems that the ones that don’t win seem to actually get famous and become memorable, while the winners(not all the time, but in a lot of cases that I have noticed) slowly become forgotten like faded stars. Basically, I don’t feel that winning the title of Ms. HK means even half as much as it used to mean…I feel that is sad…

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  17. HeTieShou says:

    Back then the Ms. Hk pageant definately did NOT allow plastic being done at all. I don’t know if the rules have changed or not, but I think it would make more sense to not allow plastic surgery. I believe that if you are not a natural beauty, then winning the title would not mean anything because anyone that has money can get plastic surgery done and become artificially “beautiful”. If that is the case, then anyone with money has a chance of getting plastic surgery done and having a chance to join the pageant.

    I don’t know if you remember back in 1987 when another contestant rumoured that Chingmy Yao had some plastic surgery done to her chin. After that rumour came out, Chingmy felt embarassed so had to withdraw from the competition even though she was a favorite for the crown. She could have been one of the top 3 if she did not withdraw from the pageant. However, that was back then so I am not sure about now since times are different now.

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  18. Jane says:

    No offense, but the girl to the right is SO ugly !!! How in the world can she make it to top 3??? Did she suck her way up there??? Looks like a mean, biatch. So fobbish looking. Not even pretty. What is wrong with the judges from TVB??? If TVB wants to make money they better start opening their eyes wider. They should stop with all those connections with people from rich backgrounds or others. Just wrong. Let me be the judge !!! I’ll def help them make some extra dough. TVB series and movies suck nowadays. What happen to all the good story lines. editing sucks as well in some drama.
    OMG !!!! What on earth were they thinking. I’m sure there’s more pretty girls in HK. THey need to find them in streets…etc…
    However when i was in HK i never encounter a pretty girl or guy.

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  19. Belle says:

    Omg this year’s winners are the worst!!

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  20. Belle says:

    Omg this year’s winners are the worst!! Hk women’s standards are dropping.

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  21. loungegirl says:

    That ‘Lisa’ girl on the right looks like a drag queen!!! Ugliest bunch I’ve seen so far.

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