Miss Hong Kong 2011 Contestants in Guangzhou

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The fourteen contestants of the 2011 Miss Hong Kong Pageant filmed a special with Alan Tam’s (譚詠麟) godson, Gregory Wong (王宗堯) in Guangzhou, China. Gregory complimented contestant #5, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), for her confidence and was optimistic about her chances in the pageant due to her resemblance in Fala Chen (陳法拉). After finding out that Gregory had praised her, Rebecca noted that her friend had also commented that her side profile resembled Fala Chen. Rebecca noted that it was an honor to resemble  Fala.

When reporters asked Gregory whether he will line up to to become contestant #3, Whitney Hui’s (許亦妮) “Nth Boyfriend,” Gregory laughed, “Yes, I can line up, however I may have to wait until my thirties or even my fifties!” Regarding Gregory’s interest to line-up to pursue her, Whitney stated, “I believe in destiny and clearly whether there is destiny or not.”

Source: Orientaldaily

Jayne: Whitney Hui and Rebecca Zhu continue to hold the media’s interest as the top two favorites in the 2011 Miss Hong Kong pageant.

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  • 9 comments to Miss Hong Kong 2011 Contestants in Guangzhou

    1. Vivien says:

      MHK this year overshadowed by Shirley-Greg and Nic-Ceci!

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    2. Larry 3 says:

      Miss HK news… no interest until next year or so…

      Mr HK show is coming and really interesting guest star performances…

      Login or Register before you can reply to Larry 3
    3. Selena says:

      Who is Gregory Wong?

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      • Sky replied:

        Maybe an actor?

        Login or Register before you can reply to Sky
      • khoobunny replied:

        I learned of Gregory Wong after watching Who’s the Hero (ATV series). He was really charming in the series. Glad to be seeing more of him.

        Login or Register before you can reply to khoobunny
    4. Lori says:

      Those two aren’t even that pretty , don’t get even why media still are interested in them -_- i personally like #13 Gemma Choi

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    5. Antonio says:

      #13 Gemma Choi is ugly. short and ugly.
      I think these two are pretty. I can understand why the media is interested in them-they are the prettiest of the contestants.

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    6. Aly says:

      I agree these 2 are the top contenders! I think no. 6&7 look okay too! I have a feeling Rebecca Zhu might win because she has the overall package and not as much negative publicity as Whitney Hui.

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      • Chriselle replied:

        I still support Whitney although I agree that Rebecca seems to have better packaging and she has been humble and gracious in her replies. Hopefully, her heavy accent won’t hinder her from answering the interview questions on the night of the final.

        I also think that either Whitney or Rebecca will snatch Miss Photogenic. I like Whitney’s features more although some were saying that Rebecca resembles Fala Chen, which I agree and that’s an added plus to be associated with a rising actress. 😀

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