Moka Accused of Filming Obscene Video; Aaron Kwok Supports His GF

By on December 7, 2015 in NEWS

Moka Accused of Filming Obscene Video; Aaron Kwok Supports His GF

Gossip is endless for Aaron Kwok’s (郭富城) new flame, Moka (方媛). Recently, an obscene video of a nearly naked woman tied in ropes and being whipped has been circulating online, and rumor says the woman in question is Moka.

In the video, a nearly naked young woman with golden hair is tied down with a black rope. She also has a small tattoo above her right ankle. Someone off camera is whipping her, and the woman giggles, “Not my bottom!”

The video has come into scrutiny, as it was claimed by rumors that the woman in the video is the 27-year-old Moka, Aaron Kwok’s new girlfriend. However, many netizens came to the pseudo-model’s defense, arguing that Moka does not look or sound like the woman in the video. Moka also does not have a tattoo above her ankle. Netizens are saying that someone is trying to defame her.

On early Saturday morning, Moka counterattacked all rumors and speculations with an official statement released on Weibo. In her first point, she explained that she had once released the password of her Weibo account to a staff member she used to work with, hence why her Weibo was linked to a sponsor’s account. Moka has already deleted the related public messages, and the staff member also apologized to her.

In her second point, Moka admitted that she has deleted some personal photos and messages she uploaded in the past, before she met Aaron. She explained that she did not want her past to receive any more unnecessary attention.

In her third point, she referred to Aaron Kwok as “Mr. Kwok”, and stressed that she was single when she first met him. No third party was involved. “I’m very thankful of Mr. Kwok for taking care of me and providing me with happiness,” said Moka. “I’m also thankful of Mr. Kwok for supporting and trusting me during these difficult couple of days.”

In her last point, Moka said she is very disappointed at hearing about the many unfounded claims that have been directed towards her, and asked everyone to respect the truth. Aaron reblogged Moka’s full statement to his Weibo a few hours later.

50-year-old Aaron Kwok and 27-year-old Moka confirmed their relationship in a simple Weibo statement that Aaron released last week. Since then, Moka has been bombarded with negative rumors, and her controversial past was also uncovered.

Aaron is extremely confused at why the media and certain fans are making his relationship into “a big deal”, and said, “I’ve never revealed my relationship to the public like this before, and it was done out of sincerity.” He asked the media to protect his personal life and respect his work. “Please stop the hurt,” he said.


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  • 9 comments to Moka Accused of Filming Obscene Video; Aaron Kwok Supports His GF

    1. says:

      Why would Moka release her weibo password to a staff member she worked with. That is a very delicate and important personal password. Is she that naïve or stupid, maybe trusting?. Why would she remove messages and photos to avoid bringing shame to Aaron, unless these messages and photos were of the unsavory kind. She calls him Mr Kwok?. Mr Kock, Kwok sounds right, lol.

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    2. hannah says:

      hmmm Sound suspicious.. lol

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    3. nomad822 says:

      It’s HER past, which HE accepts.

      Whether true or not … why should we care?

      I am impressed by how supportive he is of this new relationship/gf.

      Login or Register before you can reply to nomad822
    4. mulder99 says:

      Good luck to both of them.

      Just a note ,celebrities have assistants who monitor their social media accounts and it’s not unusual for them to access and upload info on them.

      Celebrities don’t have the time to actively monitor them.
      They may have Weibo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more to update.

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    5. elizabeth says:

      I really don’t get the mentality of fans who attack whoever is dating their idol. It really is none of our business what her past is. Everyone deserves a second chance. They are the two people that have to be together and if he can accept her past and she can accept his, then congrats to both of them.

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    6. says:

      This woman should go and find another man cause I see a George Clooney pattern here. If Aaron does eventually marry, he will do so with a highly educated woman from a rich, respected family. I certainly do not have idols.
      I am just amaze Moka is trying now to make her past go away and the fans can’t see through her lying excuses.

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    7. dramadrama says:

      Ok, points noted. So is the person in the obscene video is her or not???

      Aaron is no Mr Saint. Whoever he date regardless of background should not be a hinder for their relationship. But if taking on scene video and seen by public, it will definitely strains on any relationships……

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      • alien replied:

        @dramadrama if I’m not wrong, I don’t think the woman in the video was her. I didn’t watch the full original video but instead the one on a report. If I’m not wrong the news report claimed that the woman in the video wasn’t her. Although browsing through numorous picture of her, I just can’t seem to recognise her face. Hence,I can’t comment much but it’s most likely not her…

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        • dramadrama replied:

          @alien Haha. I have doubts cos that girl explain so many things, except that the person in the video is not her…..

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