Moses Chan is a Happy Middle-Aged Man

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Moses Chan is a Happy Middle-Aged Man

Moses Chan (陳豪) was recently invited to star in an episode of the variety show, Happy Middle Age <快樂中年>. Currently 47 years old, Moses is unlike many men who experience the “mid-life crisis” in their middle-aged years. He feels happy and content with where he is in life and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

When interviewed about appearing on the show, Moses laughed and said, “I’m quite the perfect person to seek out for this show. To be honest, this is right up my alley. Getting to be my age and having such a great wife, three wonderful children, a great career, and having my dream come true of opening my own coffee shop is a blessing. To me, living to this age and being happy is that simple.”

Moses and his wife, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), have always expressed their desire to have a large family. True to their words, the couple welcomed three children in four years. On whether they plan to have more children, Moses sweetly said, “Actually, I already have two sons and a daughter. We are blessed with what we have. My wife and I both love children. I can’t say whether or not we will try to have more children. I don’t want to restrict my options yet, so my answer is ‘I don’t know’!”

On the work front, Moses has reduced his appearances on screen, as his true passion lies with coffee. He is continuing to develop his coffee business. He revealed that his new coffee shop will be opening soon. Aimee is also heavily involved in the process and is responsible for store design. Moses said, “The coffee shop will be open in about three more months. It’s located in Tsim Sha Tsui. We’re definitely planning our business with the possibility of expansion in mind. But we’re taking things one step at a time.”

In 2011, Moses opened a coffee shop in Malaysia, but he withdrew out his share in one year because of differences with his partner. Shortly after, Moses established coffee brand, Blooms, which is a coffee roaster, café, wholesaler and retailer.

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