Nancy Wu Doesn’t Want Boyfriend To Propose On One Knee

Nancy Wu (胡定欣) was momentarily stunned when Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) went down on one knee to propose to her. While the act was just for the sake of promoting their comedy series Short End of the Stick <公公出宮>, Nancy said she would rather not have her boyfriend propose to her while kneeling, saying, “There is gold under a man’s knee!”

Yesterday, the cast of the TVB period comedy drama Short End of the Stick toured the streets of Central to promote their show. To celebrate International Women’s Day, the cast passed flowers to female passerbys.

While promoting their show to a crowd of fans, Wayne suddenly knelt down on one knee in front of Nancy and presented her with a bouquet of flowers. Though it was just an act, Nancy said Wayne’s spontaneity shocked and overwhelmed her, leaving her momentarily stunned.

Nancy, who is dating music producer Terry Chan (陳明道), said she would not expect Terry to go down on one knee if he proposes to her. “I’ll say yes before his knee hits the floor!”

Nonetheless, Nancy admitted that she is traditional at heart, and would expect to see at least a bouquet of flowers and a ring if the big day comes.

Meanwhile, Wayne shared that his 18-year-old son plans to continue his education in the United States. Asking if his son would follow his footsteps and study drama, Wayne said, “No. He loves earning money so he’s more interested in studying economics and finance.” How would Wayne feel if his son started dating a “blonde-haired” woman? Wayne said, “I hope so! My family clan has never had a westerner as our in-laws, but I think my son is rather traditional.” The reporters then joked that it could be possible that his son would return to Hong Kong with a child. Wayne laughed, “My wife said the sooner she has grandchildren, the better.”

Unlike Wayne, who “proposed” to Nancy, Raymond Cho (曹永廉) bowed to Rosina Lam (林夏薇) and presented her flowers like he would to a grave. He joked, “The Qingming Festival is almost here. At least I didn’t give her incense!” Rosina laughed along and said she’s not offended, adding that she’s used to Raymond’s ridiculous behavior.

Rosina was then asked if her husband has ever given her flowers. She smiled and revealed that her husband would always give her flowers on special days. The interior of her home is filled with vases of different roses.


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  1. Wah Wayne son is 18 already?! Good to know Wayne is supportive in what his son want to do. Being in the entertainment business can be stressful if people compare him with Wayne.

  2. Wow Short End of The Stick casts are literally doing what feels like promo every week! No wonder they’re getting good ratings lol they’re really promoting hard hahaha!

    After this drama, ‘The Last Healer In Forbidden City’ is going to FINALLY AIR! I miss watching palace dramas, they always get me so invested in the story. With Tavia and Roger as leads it’s going to be so good… hopefully.

  3. IMHO, Raymond is the worst of the lot. He makes me cringe each time i see him. The romance betw him and LXW is highly improbable and should be left out. Wayne is inconsistent. Sometimes he’s normal man and sometimes sissified eunuch. The most consistent is Power, thumbs up for him. The script writers have a rather warped sense of humour if they think that committing murder and disposing of a corpse is funny. Also is it funny to frame a scholar with a pervert tag so that wayne and the little boy can go watch a movie? So juvenile and unbelievable, given that wayne’s character is somewhat serious and sensible throughout. The speaking in rhyming words is getting tiresome too (like GOR’s 神同步, the script writers love to do a “cute” thing to death).Anyways I suppose viewers enjoy such silly stuff hence the ratings are decent. I hv to admit I’m watching this too since not much brain power is required to figure out the plot and the villains are actually rather funny than sinister. Still i hope that it’ll end soon, it’s getting rather draggy.

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