Netizens Accuse Wu JinYan of Excessively Imitating Angelababy

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Netizens Accuse Wu JinYan of Excessively Imitating Angelababy

Following Mainland actress Wu Jinyan’s (吳謹言) rise to fame with the palace drama Story of Yanxi Palace  <延禧攻略>, she received all kinds of work – from film to television and endorsements. However, the bigger the 28-year-old got, the more negative news surrounded her. Aside from being called a diva, the actress was also accused of having poor acting skills. As a result, some viewers reduced their affection for her.

The latest negativity she received is regarding her image. After gaining prominence, Jinyan became more involved with fashion – often gracing magazine covers, attending Fashion Weeks, and attending various brand-related activities. Her styling and makeup noticeably became more and more refined and fashionable than before.

However, some netizens pointed out recently that Jinyan is getting overboard with her “imitation” of Angelababy (楊穎). Causing a hot discussion online, the netizens compiled comparison photos of the two stars to show their hairstyles, makeup, outfits, and even poses were very similar.

Although it is common for celebrities to wear the same outfits, it is rare to sport the same hairstyle, styling, and posture as each other. Thus, Angelababy’s fans and many netizens think that Jinyan is a copycat.

Yet, some people defended Jinyan, as the stylists are the ones who determine the artiste’s makeup and clothing. Not to mention, their makeup and clothing will follow the current trend as they’re both female celebrities. Also, they argued that all actresses have the same poses, and said if Jinyan is copying Angelababy, then there are a bunch of people who imitate the celebrity.

Despite both stars having small faces, big eyes, and slim figures, they have different vibes. Since Angelababy debuted as a model, she had more drastic changes in her fashion style, and the ability to work with different looks. In contrast, Jinyan gained prominence as an actress and is known for her girl-next-door image. Regardless, both actresses have their advantages and characteristics and are considered goddesses in the minds of their fans.

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  1. normabella says:

    I get sick of people badmouthing Angelababy, I do not think she had plastic surgery! I have photos where my face changed significantly, so stop it already. And leave Wu Jin alone, heck it’s an honor if someone copy’s you! I copied my sister all the time. People are so evil, and it’s true the tongue is the evilest part of the body, and some of you people are straight evil. I think it is jealousy, if God did not give you beauty, just get over it!

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    • littlefish replied:

      @normabella lol, I don’t think you should care about these so called evidence of copying, because they are celebrity, and fashions aren’t that unique these days, same with photo shoot poses! They have so many outfits and so many pictures taken, there are bound to be some look similar/the same. The same reasons why everyone should ignore the “couple” video showing the boy and the girl wear the same items

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