Netizens Praise Dilireba’s Pre-Debut Pictures

By on August 28, 2019 in NEWS

Netizens Praise Dilireba’s Pre-Debut Pictures

After joining the entertainment circle, Dilireba Dilmurat (迪丽热巴) quickly gained popularity thanks to her good looks. A goddess in many people’s minds, the 27-year-old is constantly filming dramas, participating in variety shows, and endorsing fashion brands. There is a saying that popular people will naturally be pretty because they have more money to invest in themselves. However, Dilireba, a Xinjiang native of Uyghur descent, was born with sharp features and has always been pretty.

Recently, pre-debut photos of Dilireba sans makeup have been circulating on Weibo. In them, she exudes a strong youthful vibe and a girl-next-door look in the photos. Although her fashion style was lacking, her beauty was present even before she entered the industry. These several photos of Dilireba prove that she is pure and natural. Netizens praised her beauty and some even said she looked better back then.

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  1. linda8765 says:

    I always thought her nose was done, but I guess it’s actually natural.

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