Nicholas Tse is Secretly Dating Zhou Xun?

Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋) and Zhou Xun (周迅) have allegedly hooked up after meeting last year at an underground rock music party. Zhou Xun has since moved to the same residential building as Nicholas and while many of their close friends know about their relationship, they have reportedly kept it under wraps for fear of agitating Nicholas’ ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung (张栢芝).

Nicholas and Zhou Xun actually met in 2000 while filming’s advertisement in China. At that time, Nicholas was still dating singing Faye Wong (王菲) while Zhou Xun was seeing Pu Shu (朴树). Fast forward to 2013, Nicholas has ended his marriage with Cecilia while Zhou Xun just got out of a romance with Wang Shuo. Sharing their common love for underground rock and roll, their romance progressed briskly.

To close their physical distance, Zhou Xun, who possesses a Hong Kong identity card, allegedly moved to the same apartment as Nicholas. On June 23, Zhou Xun was photographed coming out of the Parkside building at Pacific Place. Boasting of its amenities as well as its extremely tight security, Parkside seemed to be the ideal place for the couple’s rendezvous.

Love Sacrifices

In order to arrange her schedule to suit Nicholas, Zhou Xun rejected many film offers in China but rather chose to guest star in a supporting role in the upcoming movie Overheard 3 <窃听风云3> due to its Hong Kong filming location. Knowing that Nicholas will performing in Jackie Chan’s (成龙) Superstars Concert in Hangzhou Huanglong Center this September, Zhou Xun also agreed to take part. The concert is to commemorate Jackie’s lifetime achievement of having made 100 films.

Friends Know About the Relationship

According to reports, Cecilia Cheung always harbored thoughts of reconciling her broken marriage with Nicholas. In order not to upset Cecilia, Nicholas and Zhou Xun could only date secretly. However, close friends already know about the relationship. Allegedly, Nicholas has already introduced Zhou Xun to two of his good friends, Eason Chan (陈奕迅) and Stephen Fung (冯德伦). In Nicholas’ absence, Zhou Xun has also brought friends to attend Eason’s concert and shared many humorous moments with him backstage.

At the same time, Zhou Xun’s good friend, Chen Kun (陈坤) is also well aware of the pair’s romance. It is said that Chen Kun often accompanied Zhou Xun to Hong Kong to visit Nicholas, resulting in the paparazzi mistakenly linking both Chen Kun and Zhou Xun together romantically. Although both Chen Kun and Nicholas seemed aloof and are often picking on each other onscreen in Super Boys <快乐男声>, the former did admit that they were merely getting along like siblings.

Despite all the efforts to keep their relationship hush, Cecilia eventually came to know of it. This allegedly prompted her decision to move Canada with their two sons and get back at Nicholas.

Past Romances

Perhaps love is indeed destined. When Nicholas romanced Faye Wong, little did he know that years later, he would be dating the ex-girlfriend of Faye’s current husband, Li Ya Peng (李亞鵬). While Nicholas started his marriage life with Cecilia, Zhou Xun went on a dating spree. Her former boyfriends include Tachi Lee (李大齐) and Dou Peng (窦鹏), who also happened to the cousin of Faye’s ex-husband, Dou Wei (窦唯).

Zhou Xun and Nicholas’ Responses

Nicholas’ father, Patrick Tse (谢贤), who is currently in the United States, said he is unaware of his son currently dating and has not met Zhou Xun yet.  Patrick also denied that Cecilia left for Canada out of jealousy of Nicholas’ rumored romance.

Zhou Xun is currently working in Hong Kong. Her representative denied that Zhou Xun is romantically involved with Nicholas, “The two of them are definitely not dating.” It was discovered that the residential building that Zhou Xun is staying at in Hong Kong is arranged by her production crew and she did not personally rent the property.

Nicholas’ manager, Mani Fok (霍汶希) said that Nicholas has remained single since his divorce in 2011. Mani added that Nicholas agreed to Cecilia’s decision to move to Canada and he will visit their two sons when he has free time.

Cecilia’s representative said curtly, “There’s no need to comment on false news.”


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  1. I find Zhou Xun looks very serious and severe. She comes across as uptight and aloof. If they are dating, doubt they will last long.

    1. This is ultimate fantasy.. lover’s swap….lol.!!!!hihihihihihi

  2. well IF this is true (is she older than he is again??) then he got lucky because she is a superior actor and has artistic pedigree and respect which he absolutely does not so his parents will be happy for him – I don’t know if this is going to hurt his ex wife more or less than if he just hooked up with a PYT. It’s hard to imagine that Nicolas Tse is a catch as far as Cheung Pak Chi is concerned. I don’t understand how they are broken up after creating two children. It’s odd.

    1. She is older than him but she definitely doesn’t look it imo.

      Plus she doesn’t seem to be interested in settling down so she’s probably ok with a fling.

    2. she is turning 39 this year. just googled her on wikipedia. looks like nick likes to date older women. interesting. and i think a few of zhou xun pics at certain angles look a bit like cecelia too.

  3. Haiz… why does Nic get attracted to another lady who coincidentally also has a naked photo scandal with her ex? But at least she’s a better actress.
    Anyway, just hope this is just gossip and not real. Pity CC and their kids if this is true 🙁

  4. If this is true, congrats to Nic. Hope he is able to move on and hope cecelia is also able to move on.

  5. i doubt about the above news. anyhow fingers cross and hope that nicholas tse and cecilia cheung will reconcile

    1. Both of their dating lives are colourful and interconnected.

  6. They don’t match. Zhou Xun looks cute for her age but I do ‘t see her and Nicholas getting together.

  7. Nah, they don’t match. Most mainland female superstars prefer to marry their fellow mainlanders (eg. Faye Wong, Zhou Wei)…even Zhang Ziyi has given up trying to trap Israeli billionaries and is rumored to be dating a mainland tv host (?) currently. Zhou Xun will also probably end up marrying a fellow mainland artiste or businessman. I don’t see her hooking up with a HK actor like Nick Tse. A brief fling, maybe.

    1. “even Zhang Ziyi has given up trying to trap Israeli billionaries”

      Oh, really? What is the name the the Israeli bilionaries? She has given up because the bilionaries knew she was a gold digger?

      1. You don’t know about her billionaire ex-bf? His name is Vivi Nevo and there were scandalous photos of them making out on a private beach taken by the paparazzi. Yup, many people were calling Ziyi a gold digger when she was with Nevo. She also had a fling like Lee Ka Shing’s son, if I’m not mistaken. He was totally infatuated with her.

      2. Oh, I see. I’m sorry, but I don’t know about this as I don’t really follow Zhang Ziyi’s news. I just googled Vivi Nevo and remember he was the one that had rumor with Kate Moss as well, right?

      3. hi qwerty, 🙂

        I think she was engaged to this Vivi Nevo but never officially got married and yup, he was involved with Kate Moss for a bit and I think Blake Lively. Though I think it was just a one off incident that they were caught together.

      4. Does anyone know why they broke up? Not trying to be a busybody, though.

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