Nicholas Tse Praises Ex-Wife Cecilia Cheung as a Good Mother

Since their divorce in 2011, Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) and Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) each debunked the many rumors surrounding their break up and both stated they have no plans to get back together. Although no longer romantically linked, the two continue to share mutual respect and maintain a good partnership over raising their two young sons, Lucas (謝振軒) and Quintus (謝振南).

Over the past two years, Cecilia’s parenting skills were often scrutinized. Some criticized her decision to take Lucas out of school to go on oversea trips and leaving the boys with friends when she was out of town.

Despite these questionable parenting choices, Nicholas recently defended Cecilia and praised that she is a good mother to their sons. “I am a pretty strict father, and Cecilia shares my parenting views. She has taught them very well. Both of my sons are very polite, and will do as they are told. They are also not annoyingly chatty. Cecilia contributed to a great extent as their mother.”

When asked if he would consider getting married again, Nicholas shares that his career and his two sons are currently his first priorities. “If you ask me [if I am dating anyone] right now, the answer is definitely no. I am a very boring person… everyone will surely find out if I do have a new partner. I will let my love life take its natural course! It is not something that can be forced.”

Reflecting on his career and the ups and downs he had faced since entering the entertainment industry in 1997, Nicholas now takes a more mature perspective and encourages others to appreciate the simple things in life. “Everyone should live in the present. Many of us from big cities think too much before pursuing what we love. Sometimes living simply is already good enough. We should have meals with our families whenever there is time. We will be happier when we stop thinking so much.”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. It’s good when a man can compliment/appreciate/speak well of the mother of his children.

  2. He should be very careful before giving praises because it might come back to haunt him when he is unhappy with the way his wife is with the children.

  3. she is a good mother but a bad wife for tse. i proud of of tse and condemn cecelia but i love her.

  4. Both Lucas and Quintas are still very young and can be ‘controlled’. But we know a solid foundation in family love, how to be caring, kind, sincere, respectful and honest must be taught to children from young. As they grow and mix around friends in school, they will recall these basic and simple lessons and even if they rebel for a while, they’ll still have these lessons to guide them by a little. I’ve no doubt Cecilia will try her best but let’s give it another 10yrs and we’ll see how good a job she has done.

    I still don’t like her idea of taking the boys out of school whenever SHE wants to go on vacation or leaving them with her best friend. Grandma Deborah and grandpa Patrick should chip in more time besides just get-togethers on birthdays, etc, cause the boys needs more bonding as they’re growing up. Nic should make time on a permanent basis to have the boys all to himself for at least a week once every 3months (whenever he’s not filming) and dropping in to see them as much as he can when he

    1. Curious why people would think that the burden of parenting falls on the mother and why can’t the father sacrifice his career and take care of the children instead?

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